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Business Free Talk

Chapter 7 Business Contacts

Lesson 32 Client Reception

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Expressions Discussion Further Reading
Useful expressions under Discussion questions for you An article for you to read
this topic for your reference. to talk freely with your teacher. after class.

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Useful expressions about client reception.
You can refer to them to provoke your
thoughts in the Discussion part.

1 Expressions Glossary
(suggested time: 8min)
customer/client 客户 receive 接待
Clients are important for all businesses. In this slang 俚语 vague 含糊的,不清楚的
part, you are going to study and practice some porcelain 瓷器 practical 实用的
expressions and sentences about client reception. pick up 接(机) see off 送别
show sb. around 带某人四处参观

In Sentences
• When we have visitors at our company, our manager
will show them around.
• Remember to speak slowly and avoid using slang.
• I have a small gift for you. I brought you some oolong
tea* from Fujian Province in South China.
• First you need to pick up your client at the airport and
drive him to the hotel.
© 2017 Acadsoc Limited oolong tea: 乌龙茶
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Discussion questions about client reception.
Use your experience and imagination to talk
about them with your teacher.

2 Discussion Discuss these questions in detail with your
teacher. Give reasons and explanations for your
(suggested time: 15min)
opinion and speak as much as possible. You can
use words you learnt in Expressions to help you.
Q1. Does your company have visitors often? How about foreign
ones? Have you ever received any client to your company?

Q2. What should we pay attention to when talking with foreign

clients? How can we overcome the language barrier* and
make the communication clear and effective?

Q3. Do you think it's necessary to exchange gifts in business

cooperation? Why or why not? If you are to give a gift to a
foreign client, what gift would you choose? Why?

Q4. Case Analysis: Mr Wallace, a client from the US, is going to

visit your company for 3 days. How will you plan his schedule in China?
What can you do to make him feel at home? Draw up* a detailed plan.

© 2017 Acadsoc Limited barrier: 障碍 draw up: 制定,拟定
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Further Reading
An article about some gifts you should
never give to a client. You can read it after
class if you are interested.

3 Further Reading
(for AFTER-CLASS reading)

The 7 Worst Gifts You Can Give

To A Customer

If you hate your clients and want to make them feel

bad about you, give these gifts to them; if you love
your clients and want to make them feel good about
you, avoid giving these gifts to them!

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