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Crimes punishable under RA 9165

4. Manufacture of Dangerous Drugs

1. Importation of Dangerous and/or Controlled Precursors and
Drugs and/or Controlled Essential Chemicals
Precursors and Essential
Chemicals Acts:
 manufacture any of the DD & CPEC
import or bring into the
Philippines any dangerous drugs, -presence of any CPEC or laboratory
regardless of quantity and purity equipment is prima facie proof of
involved, including opium poppy or manufacture
any part thereof even for floral,
decorative or culinary purpose 5. Illegal Chemical Diversion of
import any controlled precursor or Controlled Precursors and Essential
essential chemical Chemicals
2. Sale, Trading, Administration,  illegally divert any CPEC UNLESS
Dispensation, Delivery, Distribution AUTHORIZED BY LAW
and Transportation of Dangerous
Drugs and/or Controlled Precursors 6. Manufacture or Delivery of
and Essential Chemicals Equipment, Instrument, Apparatus,
and Other Paraphernalia for
Acts: Dangerous Drugs and/or Controlled
 sell, trade, administer, dispense, Precursors and Essential Chemicals
deliver, give away to another,
distribute, dispatch in transit or Acts:
transport any dangerous drug or act  deliver, possess with intent to
as broker UNLESS AUTHORIZED BY deliver, manufacture with intent to
LAW deliver equipment, instrument,
apparatus and other paraphernalia
 sell, trade, administer…any knowing that it will be used to plant,
controlled precursor and essential propagate, cultivate, grow, harvest,
chemical or act as a broker UNLESS manufacture, etc. any CPEC
 if (equipment, etc) will be used to
3. Maintenance of a Den, Dive or inject, ingest, inhale or introduce into
Resort the body a DD

Acts 7. Possession of Dangerous Drugs

 maintain a den, dive or resort where
any DD is used in any form Acts:
maintain a den, dive or resort where  possession of any DD in the ff.
any CPEC is used or sold quantities: opium, morphine, heroin:
10g +;
*owner, employees and visitors( if cocaine or shabu 50g +;
have the knowledge of the den) are marijuana resin or resin oil 10g +;
penalized marijuana 500g +;
ecstasy etc 10g + research shall abide by the guidelines
set forth by the Board
8. Possession of Equipment,
Instrument, Apparatus and Other **The land, portions or greenhouses
Paraphernalia for Dangerous Drug used therefor shall be confiscated in
favor of the State, unless the owner
Acts: can prove lack of knowledge
 possess or have under his/her
control for smoking, consuming, 11.Maintenance and Keeping of
administering, injecting, ingesting, Original Records of Transactions on
introducing any DD into the body Dangerous Drugs and/or Controlled
Precursors and Essential Chemicals
**medical practitioners and various
professionals who are required to carry
them shall abide by the guidelines set  practitioner, manufacturer,
by the Board wholesaler, importer, distributor,
**possession of equipment=prima dealer, retailer
facie evidence that the possessor has
 violates/fails to comply with the
used a DD in violation of Sec 15
maintenance and keeping of original
9. Use of Dangerous Drug records of transactions on any DD
**additional penalty: revocation of
 a person apprehended/arrested, license to practice or of the business
who is found to be positive for use of 12.Unnecessary Prescription of
any DD, after confirmatory test Dangerous Drugs

**not applicable where the person Acts:

tested is also found to have in his/her  prescribe any DD to any person
possession same quantity of any DD; it whose physical/physiological condition
shall fall under Sec 11 (possession) does not require the use or in the
dosage prescribed
10.Cultivation or Culture of Plants
Classified as Dangerous Drugs or **additional penalty: revocation of
are Sources Thereof. license

Acts: 13.Unlawful Prescription of Dangerous

 any person, who shall plant, Drugs
cultivate or culture marijuana, opium
poppy or any other plant regardless of Acts:
quantity, which is classified as DD or
make or issue an prescription or any
source thereof
writing purporting to be a prescription
**Medical labs & research centers who
cultivate for medical experiments and
14.Planting Evidence
whatever quantity of DD and/or CPEC
Acts: in the person, house, effects or in
Planting: willful act by any person of the immediate vicinity of an
maliciously and surreptitiously innocent individual for the purpose
inserting, placing, adding or of implicating, incriminating or
attaching directly or indirectly, imputing the commission of any
through any over or covert act, violation