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This agreement made and entered into by and between:

Bulacan State University-College of Criminal Justice Education , an institution of higher

learning, with address at Mac Arthur Highway, City of Malolos, Bulacan, represented herein by
Dean Reynaldo S. Naguit Ph. D, Dean of College of Criminal Justice Education, hereinafter
referred to as the Higher Education Institution (HEI).


_____________________________, a student officially enrolled in Legal Management

Internship at Bulacan State University, with address at
______________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the Student
Intern (SI).


______________________________, authorized Officer of

_____________________________________, a corporation duly organized and existing by
virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines with address at
______________________________, hereinafter referred to as the Host Training Establishment



A. Goals and Development of specific skills

It is the desire of the parties herein involved to afford the student the required skill
necessary for the advancement of Legal management student.

B. Scope of the Agreement

To provide the student intern an opportunity to apply relevant knowledge and

skills acquired from formal education to actual work setting through employer based
training in a Host Training Establishment;

To provide the student intern an opportunity to learn technical and life skills,
practical knowledge, skills and competence;

To provide the student intern an opportunity to acquire professional work ethic in

the course of internship;

To enrich the degree program of the Higher Education Institution to respond to

the needs of the industry;

To strengthen academe-industry linkage through cooperation and participation in

the student internship program.

C. Key Contacts

The key contacts for parties involved are the following:

Name Contact Number

Host Training Institution ___________________ _________________
Parents/Guardian of Student Intern ___________________ _________________
SIPP Coordinator ___________________ _________________


The internship is for a period of three (300) hundred hours. It will start on _________________
up to ______________________.


A. Higher Education Institution:

1. Ensure the student will acquire actual and relevant competencies in accordance in their
respective areas of assignment;

2. Provide student a pre-internship orientation;

3. Screen and deployed student certified fit to undergo student internship to partner Host
Training Establishment;

4. Provide the student intern appropriate insurance coverage during the duration of the

5. Assign Student Internship Coordinator to oversee the implementation, monitoring,

evaluation and coordination with the student interns and the Host Training Establishment;

6. Issue final grade to student interns after completion of the internship.

B. Student Intern:

1. Sign and submit all the documents required for participation and completion of the
student internship program;

2. Comply with the provisions of the contract including the rules and regulations of the
Higher Education Institution, Host Training Establishment and Commission on Higher

3. Undergo orientation and medical examination;

4. Maintain confidentiality when required by the Host Training Institution.

C. Host Training Establishment:

1. Assign an employee to handle all aspect of the establishment’s participation in the

internship program;

2. Orient the student about safety precautions as well as policies and programs prevailing
in their workplace.

3. Develop the personality and professionalism and protect the student from physical and
moral danger;

4. Provide practical and supervised training in accordance with agreed internship plan
and schedule of activities;

5. Provide monitoring and evaluation reports and other information on student intern

6. Issue certificate of completion to the student two (2) weeks after the completion of the

The student intern place of assignment is as follows:

Department : _______________________________

Office : _______________________________

Assigned Mentor: ______________________________


The Host Training Establishment may provide the student intern during the period of internship
with the following compensation and benefits. It is understood that any amount specified across the
benefits, mentioned below, is construed to be the amount the Host Training Establishment have
committed to provide the student intern during the period of internship.

1. Allowance ___________
2. Duty Meals ___________
3. Uniform ___________
4. Insurance ___________


The student intern shall not, without prior written consent from Host Training
Establishment, disclose or divulge to other companies, entities or individuals, competitor or
otherwise or reproduce any confidential information and any other record or information relating
to the undertakings, businesses and operations of the Host Training Establishment or whether
or not these have yet to be implemented or undertaken in the future as long as the student
intern has actual or constructive knowledge of such undertakings, businesses and operations
during the period of internship or within a period of six (6) months from completion of the

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto sign this agreement this ____ day of
_______________ 2018.

Bulacan State University-College of Criminal Host Training Establishment

Justice Education by:

___________________________ ____________________________
Reynaldo Naguit, Ph. D. Printed Name and Signature
Dean College of Criminal Justice Education

Student Intern


___________________________ ____________________________

Republic of the Philippines }

______________________ } s.s.

BEFORE ME, personally appeared the following persons:

Name Competent Evidence of identity

___________________________ ________________

___________________________ ________________

___________________________ ________________

Known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed and signed the foregoing instrument
and acknowledged to me that the same is their voluntary act and deed and that they are authorized to sign
in a representative capacity, if signing as such.


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