1. What is common to Khan Academy, FIRST, Public.Resource.

org, Shweeb and African Institute for Mathematical Studies? 2. What is Stuxnet? 3. Google's free classified listings service, which allows anyone to post and tag information for Google searchers to find, is called..? 4. Name the simple service started by Marco Arment, the erstwhile CTO at Tumblr, which allows one to save articles from a browser to read later on another computer, mobile phone or iPad. 5. Which cyber giant is to buy Netezza, a data wa rehouse company, for $1.7 billion in cash? 6. Before launching its new Bing Rewards programme, Microsoft had two search loyalty programs that have been retired. Name them. 7. Twitter's first ever celebrity Twitter auction, to generate funds for building a home and school for special needs kids in Haiti, is called«? 8. Name Amercia's youngest billionaire who has decided to give a $100 million grant aimed at improving public education in Newark in New Jersey through a new foundation called Startup: Education. 9. Which embattled Indian tech company is to delist from the NYSE in October because it is not able to comply with a requirement to file its delayed financial results by an October 15 deadline? 10. Name the leader of eBay's vast online auction business wh o is to quit for personal reasons. Answers 1. They are the winners of the much -publicised Google Project 10Ö100 contest. 2. It is the first discovered worm, specifically written to attack SCADA systems, that spies on and reprograms industrial systems. 3. Google Base. 4. Instapaper. 5. IBM. 6. SearchPerks and Cashback. 7. TwitChange. 8. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. 9. Satyam Computer Services. 10. Lorrie Norrington. 1. Cisco's upcoming, first -of-its-kind mobile collaboration business tablet is called«? 2. Name the first commercially available computer with touch screen technology. 3. The legendary computer installed in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania, to help calculate ballistic trajectories was called«? 4. The unlicens ed wireless spectrum that sits between broadcast TV channels is called«? 5. Name the technology that the mobile browser Layar employs. 6. Which tech giant is said to have rejected Steve Wozniak's computer, which later became the path breaking Apple I? 7. Which game did Guinness Book of World Records dub as ³The Godfather of gaming´? 8. Who has launched a site called www.yaybuttons.com to take on Microsoft Kinect? 9. Yahoo's project to revamp its mail service is codenamed«? 10. Whose microprocessor architec ture has names such as Heka, Thuban and Deneb? Answers 1. Cius. 2. HP 150. 3. Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC). 4. White Space. 5. Augmented Reality technology. 6. HP. 7. Super Mario Bros. 8. Sony for its PlayStation Move controller. 9. Minty. 10. AMD. 1. The first non -Finnish CEO to head Nokia, appointed recently, is«? 2. Who is a µGooglegänger'? 3. According to a global study done by Panda Security, which are the top two sites for phishers, accounting for 44 per cent of all the malicious Web sites discovered?

4. One more on Nokia. Can you recall the digital -map supplier that the cell -phone maker bought for $8.1 billion in 2007? 5. Google's new resource for parents to help them keep their kids safe while surfing the Ne t is called«? 6. Name the former Sun CEO who is now in charge of a health start -up called µPicture of Health'. 7. Asus' Eee PC 4G is considered the first«? 8. According to Google, globally everyone using which of its new feature would save more than 3.5 bi llion seconds a day, i.e. 11 hours saved every second? 9. In the context of Android OS, Froyo is a portmanteau word made up of«? 10. µCharlie' was Apple's internal codename for«? Answers 1. Stephen Elop. 2. A person with your name who shows up when you google yourself. 3. eBay (23 per cent) and Western Union (21 per cent). 4. Navteq. 5. Family Safety Center. 6. Jonathan Schwartz. 7. Netbook. 8. Google Instant. 9. Frozen Yogurt. 10. iPhone 3G S. 1. Simple one to begin with. How much did I ntel shell out for McAfee? 2. Facebook's new location -based platform is called«? 3. Munjal Shah is the co -founder and CEO of which start -up snapped up by Google recently? 4. Name the entertainer who detonated an armoured truck to smithereens in the Nevada desert to promote Zynga's µMafia Wars: Las Vegas'. 5. Name Microsoft's handmade glider which was the tech -giant's entry in the annual Flugtag competition organised by Red Bull. 6. Name the e-reader technology that is based in part on the motion of a butter fly's wings and who is behind the venture? 7. If its iPad for Apple, for whom will it be Optimus? 8. Which was the first version of Internet Explorer to be directly included with Windows? 9. Who tops McAfee's annual list of most dangerous celebrity to sear ch for in cyberspace? 10. Continuing with the above question, what is the most dangerous Web search term in the context of India? Answers 1. $7.68 billion. 2. Facebook Places. 3. Like.com 4. Snoop Dog. 5. Microsoft Windows Project Phoenix. 6. Mirasol from Qualcomm. 7. LG. 8. Internet Explorer 3.0. 9. Cameron Diaz. 10. Waptrick. 1. What does T9, the patented predictive text technology for mobile phones, stand for? 2. Name Google's new YouTube initiative that highlights some of the hotte st searches on Google in the US. 3. Which tech pioneer is behind the firm Interval Licensing which recently sued giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL and others over patent claims? 4. Name the Indian founder and his service, which µwas suppos ed to help deliver news to users based on their µsocial graph,´ that has been taken over by Google. 5. Firefox Tab Candy, an µexperimental way to organize, control and massage your Firefox tabs', has been rechristened as«.? 6. Which Indian company has laun ched what it claims to be the world's slimmest 8GB USB flash drive that measures just 2.3mm thin? 7. In the context of the Indian Army, what is F -INSAS?

8. Name the Tata company in Pune engaged in research and development in the field of high -performance computing. 9. Who has launched India's first Hindi QWERTY keypad phone µY -45'? 10. If Amazon has Kindle, which Indian company has µWink'? Answers 1. Text on 9 keys 2. Google Beat. 3. Paul Allen, co -founder of Microsoft. 4. Rohit Khare and µAngstro'. 5. Firefox Panorama. 6. Moser Baer. 7. It is a new tech -rich programme to modernise the infantry which will commence in 2012. F -INSAS stands for µFuturistic Infantry Soldier As a System'. 8. Computational Research Laboratories. 9. Wynncom. 10. EC Media . Dustin Moskovitz and Sean Parker, co -founders of Facebook, have contributed $1,70,000 to a campaign to legalise which µdrug' in California? 2. What did Google's first -ever animated video doodle celebrate recently? 3. Name the in -game advertising unit that Microsoft took over in a pricey acquisition back in 2006 but which it is now going to hive off? 4. Similarly, Google is going to pull the plug on its first attempt to create a search -by-voice application. Name it. 5. The µRevue' unveiled recently is the first to have anticipated software offering and who makes µRevue'? 6. Name the Twitter co -founder who recently stepped down as its CEO. 7. Lowell McAdam is the COO of« 8. What is µNatty Narwhal'? 9. Which very popular Internet radio service, which has now been discontinued for users in India, was founded by Tim Westergren? 10. Which company's name is a Hawaiian word meaning smart or intelligent? Answers 1. Marijuana or Pot. 2. The 70th birthday of John Lennon. 3. Massive. 4. GOOG-411. 5. It is the first set-top box to have Google TV software and is made by Logitech. 6. Evan Williams. 7. Verizon. 8. The next release of Ubuntu i.e. v11.04. 9. Pandora. 10. Akamai. 1. Which foundation's credo is µA passion for the Web. An even greater p assion for humanity' and who is the brainchild behind it? 2. Jim Balsillie is the co -CEO of«? 3. If it's Nook for Barnes & Noble, then Kobo is for«? 4. The only dual -core 1GHz ARM processor that is in production today is the«? 5. What is PlayBook? 6. Vancouver-based Bluewater Productions is to bring out a comic book on which Net celebrity? 7. What can Apple Peel 520, made by China -based device creator Yosion Technology, do to an iPod Touch? 8. Name the owner of Segway who died recently after riding one of the scooters off a cliff and into a river. 9. According to the IDC Q2 2010 report for mobile handsets in India, of the top five, the top two are Nokia and Samsung. Name the other three. 10. To celebrate which famous TV family's golden jubilee did Go ogle have a tribute doodle on September 30?

Answers 1. World Wide Web Foundation started by Tim Berners -Lee. 2. Research In Motion. 3. Borders. 4. Nvidia's Tegra 2. 5. The upcoming 7 -inch tablet from RIM. 6. Mark Zuckerberg. 7. Convert it to function li ke an iPhone. 8. Jimi Heselden. 9. G'Five, Micromax and Spice. 10. The Flintstones.

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