Interpersonal Process Recording

NUR 1023L Prof: Louise Aurelien September 21, 2010 Marie Toussaint Palm Beach State College

comfortable. was a very friendly person and her hair was well groomed. N. a small pearl earring and a hospital pair of socks. She was alert. depression. N. and she was later diagnosed with pneumonia. It was very quiet. is 59 year old Caucasian female with a nice physical appearance. my patient was not able to get out of the room due to her breathing problem. and there were two beds and two small tables and also some chairs for the patients and patients¶ family 1 members to use. just compliments.G. She talked freely about her life as if she . I first met my patient one hour before the interaction in a room she shared with another lady in the eastside of the facility. 2010. in Wellington Florida on September 13. N. N. After she consented to be interviewed. ankle edema and decrease lung sound. the room was nice. There was no choice as to where this interaction took place. we sat ourselves around one of the tables which made it easier for my patient to accommodate her IV pole and other equipment she was using.G. The interview took place in the 3rd floor Eastside of the facility in room 340. a nonverbal communication that tells me that she cares for herself. She seemed like she was eager to talk. She had no complaints about her stay at hospital.IPR#1 Introduction This interview happened at Wellington Regional Medical Center.G. I felt that she was really happy and excited to be part of this interview. we scheduled it for the same day but late in the afternoon after supper ended at 5:30pm.G. but firm. My client. which showed me her social strength. She was admitted to the hospital on august the 28th 2010 for shortness of breath. looked relaxed and her voice sounded soft. As we started the interview. awake and oriented to person place and time. She has a history of severe back pain. ideal size for two people. The lights were off. was wearing a plain blue hospital gown.

She talked a lot about her son-in-law. also about her husband who got sick six months after the birth of her first child. My goal with this interaction was to get N. open was to find out how she felt being in the hospital. .IPR#1 2 had nothing to hide. Until today she is still caring for her husband.G. the non-verbal and verbal communication and also what . She seemed a bit unhappy. She had pride because she worked hard to raise her children on her own.

´ Raising her eyebrows. shaking head. ³That is hard to believe. 3 Nurse Verbatim ³This is a nice room. The room was appropriate for a face to face interview. Do you want to talk in your room or somewhere else?´ ³Oh yes.´ Alternate responses with rationale (what you could have said & why) ³I am happy to see you. ³Since august the 28th.´ ³Tell me more about why you chose this Regional hospital«´ ³I was at home working in Student Nurse¶s made eye contact and expresses interest.´ ³For how long have you been in here?´ Patient smiles.IPR#1 BODY OF INTERPERSONAL PROCESS RECORDING (IPR) Interpretation of Patient Non-verbal behaviors interaction with use of Verbatim of nurse and patient appropriate terminology Student nurse smiles. . It¶s about 3weeks and I am still here. I do like the setting it could be a perfect place for us to talk. I prefer to talk in here. Using silence The patient could talk more about her expectations. I don¶t think somewhere else would be appropriate.

No eyes contact. My doctor is always in a hurry. after I went to bed I felt difficulty breathing my daughter called 911. . Now it is such a dilemmas for me to go back home. I was supposed to go home instead I understand that I will be discharged to another hospital. Nobody ever came to my room to talk to me about my condition. I expressed my concerned by asking to describe her dilemmas. Patient seems to be very depressed.IPR#1 Nurse Verbatim Patient Verbatim the garden for the whole afternoon. This makes me really unhappy. facial expressions changed to sadness. .´ Non-verbal behaviors of nurse and patient Interpretation of interaction with use of appropriate terminology 4 Alternate responses with rationale (what you could have said & why) ³Why do you think it is such a dilemmas for you to go home´? Student nurse established good eyes contact and showed facial concern. I was sent to this hospital by my daughter request.

The other hospital is not going to cure me at this time. Student nurse gave compliments and encouragements to make her feel happy.´ Patient¶s face expresses impatience. I am ready to go home at this time. I do not have any problem with the other hospital. ³I can see you take good care of yourself«´ Patient could explain and open up about other things other than home. 5 Alternate responses with rationale (what you could have said & why) ³Tell me more. .IPR#1 Nurse Verbatim Patient Verbatim Non-verbal behaviors of nurse and patient Interpretation of interaction with use of appropriate terminology I expressed my concerned by asking her to describe her concern about her discharge.´ ³Your hair is so pretty« Did you get your hair done today? What about manicure and pedicure do you have it done in here?´ I silently reached out my hand and touched her hair. ³No. I will continue with whatever treatment at home. do you have problem regarding your discharge to the other hospital´? Student nurse¶s facial expressions show interest good eyes contact. I simply want to go home to my family.

I have my own beautician who came to do my hair in my house. I like her very much.IPR#1 Nurse Verbatim Patient Verbatim ³I need a haircut. My husband always asking to keep my hair short. my hair is too long. Non-verbal behaviors of nurse and patient Patient laughs as if I have said I joke. Interpretation of interaction with use of appropriate terminology 6 Alternate responses with rationale (what you could have said & why) . I don¶t have it done in here. she also does my nails.

her job. The patient talked not only about her staying in the hospital. I could tell that even though she looked satisfied with her stay in the hospital. but they already know her stories. it shows that she cares about herself and her health. to share her memories of a life. The non-verbal communication I got from the patient was her good personal appearance. I believe that I definitely need more practice in using the therapeutic communication. she also made eye contact the entire time. her family. especially on how to terminate an interview. 7 simplicity and a great sense of humor. specially her husband and whom she loves very much. she talked with good intonation. The only time her facial expression changed was when she talked about her husband sickness and her being away from home. her trouble with her husband. she seemed ready and anxious to go home. I did get good verbal communication from her. clarity. It was really hard to end the interview because I felt that she needed someone to talk to. Sitting with her and giving her that extra time to listen to her life stories and to make compliments about her hair. and maybe have no patience to hear it all again. but mostly about her achievements in life. and the joy of having grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I know she has her family to talk to.IPR#1 Summary I truly believe that I met my objectives during this interview and I got more than I expected. her skin was more therapeutic than anything else. I need to built my confidence and become more professional. .

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