Kellogg's QUALITY PROGRAM MANAGER - #24668 Battle Creek, MI 49017 DESCRIPTION: Kellogg Company has a new opportunity for

a Quality Program Manager in Battle Cr eek, MI. The Quality Program Manager develops, implements, and ensures the effec tiveness of quality, food safety, sanitation, pest control, and Good Manufacturi ng Practices programs at Kellogg owned and/ or contracted facilities with emphas is on compliance to standard . This role also focuses on closure of gaps as iden tified by facility audits, recognizes quality-related deficiencies in programs, products & services and designs, and implement projects and pro-active programs to address these issues. The Quality Program Manager assists Research and Techno logy with existing product improvements and relocations and provides guidance, a dvice, and interpretation to manufacturing and distribution facilities for quali ty programs and issues. This position reports directly to the Director of Qualit y. ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: 1. Leads and facilitates the follow up with Kellogg and Contract Manufacturing p lants to correct and strengthen audit gaps, incorporating third party audit defi ciencies. May attend audits at each Kellogg and Contract Manufacturing facility to observe the identifying of gaps in programs or processes. 2. Accountable for ensuring that all applicable laws and company policies for qu ality, sanitation, and food safety are met by the manufacturing or distribution facilities. 3. Monitors data for product quality ( B & C defects) and consumer complaints for p lants and DC s. Works with facilities to ensure that corrective action plans are i mplemented, and monitors progress against agreed upon goals and targets. 4. Updates the process related Quality Manuals to keep them current and calculat es and issues production formulas based on official formulae. 5. Participates in Corporate Food Reviews, and upgrades expertise in product eva luation and product images. Product quality issues are swiftly communicated to p roducing plants and issues are actively and jointly resolved. 6. Coordinates quality, food safety and sanitation issues within manufacturing p lants and distribution centers. Develops and monitors programs for Kellogg and c ontracted facilities in conjunction with food safety experts to ensure that all relevant food safety programs are functioning at peak levels. 7. Executes specific quality initiatives at Kellogg and contracted facilities wh ich support the Kellogg Company strategic quality plan. 8. Ensures compliance to current Quality & Food Safety standards in all the Kell ogg and Contract Manufacturing plants. REQUIREMENTS: -This position requires a Bachelor s degree in food science or equivalent and a mi nimum of 5-7 years experience in a food production environment OR Master s degree in Food Science or equivalent and 3-5 years experience in a food production envi ronment or a PhD in Food Science or equivalent and 1-3 years experience in a foo d production environment. -Knowledge of operations and good manufacturing practices is required. Good writ ten and oral communication skills, presentation skills, and working knowledge an d use of computers are essential. -Thorough understanding of sanitation practices and procedures and pest control is necessary. -Must have strong people skills and the ability to manage people, programs, and projects. This job involves considerable travel 40-60%, extended work schedules, and time commitments, tight time deadlines, and changing priorities. The incumbent must b e able to conduct inspections of food facilities, this includes climbing and wor

king within small areas, and working on weekends. Must be able to use influencin g skills to drive quality improvement initiatives with manufacturing and distrib ution facilities. This position requires regular attendance and punctuality in accordance with Com pany policies. Additionally, the ability to interact well with other employees a nd work overtime, as necessary, is required. All employees are responsible for i mplementing Kellogg EEO policy and Affirmative Action commitments. HOW TO APPLY: If you are interested in this position, please visit, cli ck on your area of Interest (QUALITY) and enter in job#24668 and review the job description for the Quality Program Manager in Battle Creek, MI and submit you a pplication online. Once you have submitted your online application, please send an email to and I would be happy to move you for ward in the hiring process. If you have any questions, please feel free to conta ct me at 866-203-8227 x5007

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