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WELDER|LESHIN a IRTORNEYS AP LAW mes ae Ai 209 Via Electronic Filing Hon. Ken Paxton Attorney General of Texas Office of the Attomey General P.O, Box 12548 Austin, Texas 78711-2548 Re: Request for Adomey General Decision pursuant o § 552.301 ofthe Texas Goveramen: Code (the “Code") in connection with Public Information Requests tothe Port of Corpus Csi Authority rom Mr, Roper TenNapel, ‘Mr. Timm Acosta, and Me, John Donovan Dear General Paxton: Welder Leshin LLP represents the Port of Corpus Christi Authority of Nueces County, ‘Texas (PCA), a governmental body and political subdivision ofthe State of Texas operating under Chapters 60 and 62 ofthe Texas Water Code, On March 18, 2019, PCCA received e-mails from Mr. Roger TenNapel and Mr. Tim Acosta. Mr. TenNapel requested all supporting documents listed in the Agenda Memerandum for Item 10a as noted in the posted public agenda forthe Port ‘Commission meeting scheiuled for March 19, 2019, while Mr. Acosta requested eopy of the proposed lease agreement with Lone Star Ports, LLC, fr a marine terminal on Harbor Island (the “March 18 Requests”). Item 10a ofthe Agenda forthe March 19, 2019 Port Commission m pertains to approval of a lease agreement with Lone Star Ports, LLC, for land on Harbor sland ‘elated to marine terminal end associated facilities. On March 29, 2019, PCCA received an e-mail from Mr. John Donovan (collectively referred to herein with Mfr. TenNapel and Mr. Acosta asthe Requestor"), Mr. Donovan requested the map of projet location, lease summary, and lea pertaining tothe 50-year lease fr the PCCA property on Harbor Island (he “March 29 Request ‘The items requested by the Requestors were intentionally omitted ftom the published Agenda Packet although they were provided tothe Port Commissioners) because the items are confidential and because the items would put PCCA at an unfair competitive disadvantage if published. In the judgment of PCA, the information requested (collectively, the “Withheld Information”) is excepted from disclosure under Government Code Sections 552.103 (governing litigation) and $52,104 (governing competition). Accordingly, PCCA has directed us fo submit this request for an attorney general decision conceming whether the Withheld Information falls April 1, 2019 Page 2 within the above-referenced exception. We submit this letter, on behalf of PCCA, on the 10 business day aller PCCA’s receipt of the March 18 Requests and on the 1 business day after PCCA’s receipt ofthe March 29 Request, pursuant to Sections $52,222 and $52,301 of the Code, PCCA intends to comply with the requirements of Section $52.301(e) of the Code ‘applicable to this ruling request within the time limit prescribed by that section. If you have any ‘questions concerning this request prior to such supplemental correspondence, please contact me at 361-561-8029, Respectfully submitted, WELDER LESHIN LLP =) By: vee Dane Braun ECMimp 322185 ec: Via U.S. Mail & EMail Mr. Tim Acosta Corpus Christi Callt-Times 820 North Lower Broadway Street, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 Via U.S. Mail & EMail Mr. Roger TenNapel Flint Hills Resources ‘8606 1H 37 Corpus Christi, Texas 78409 Via U.S. Mail & E-Mail Mr. John Donovan Port Aransas Conservancy P.O. Box 422 Port Aransas, Texas 78373