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KD veestanet February 25, 2019 TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP Keystone") is the owner and operator of the Key: Pipeline System. Keystone is planning far construction of the portion of the Keystone Pipeline Systom cated the Keystone X1 Pipeline project, a proposed 36-inch diameter crude O¥ Pipe! Oe trot bao hm Hardiaty, Alberta, and extends through Nebraska to Steele City, Nebraska (tne Project”). The Nebraska Public Service Commission selected the Project's route through Nebraska pursuant to the Major Oil Pipeline Siting Act (Nebraska Revised Statute § 57-1401 et seq) Public records indicate that you are the owner of real estate along the route (the “Property’). To construct the Project along the above-referenced rout is necessary lo acquire easement rights from you, as the owner of the Property. This letter Is Keystone’s offer to purchase the proposed permanent and temporary easements (the “Easement Area"), which are desoribed bod depicted in the encosad Easement and Rightof-Way Agreement (ihe “Easement Agreement” As consideration for granting these easements, we are offering you (if multiple owners, jointly and collectively) the total sum of Eighty Thousand Fifty Three Dollars and Eighty Three Cents ($80,053.83) as detailed in the enclosed documents. In addition to the paymant for the granting, of these easements, for the purpases of this letter only, we are also offering you a Construction Completion Agreement in the enclosed documents. Under this agreement, we will pay you a Construction Completon Bonus — at the rate of Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000) per mile of imear impact of the pipeline on your Property — within thirty (30) days of the in-service date of the Project in exchange for your cooperation if we need additicnal temporary wark space on your Property during construction of the Project. if you choose ic accept this offer, please either contact me at 402-492-7467 as soon as possible ‘or sign the enclosed documents (before a notary public as indicated) and return ta me in the ‘enclosed envelope. If you elect to contact me, a member of the land team will arrange for your ‘signature and Keystone’s payment to you Keystone requests that you respand to this offer before April 2, 2049. If Keystone has not fecetved a response from you before then, Keystone will treat the choice not to respond as a an Our strong preference is to reach voluntary agreement with you, and we hope to hear oe soon. We only utilize the statutory process of eminent domain as a last resort fet, we anticipate initiating eminent domain proceedings by early April to acquire right-of- ()) transcanada In buainers to deliver way for the above-referenced route if we nave not come to an agreement before then. ska Supreme Court a legal challenge to the order from the Nebraska Public Service Commission granting Keystone's application for the above- referenced route. It is not known when the case will be resolved. ifthe Nebraska Supreme Court issues a decision that impacts the considerations outiined in this letter, we will contact you to inform you how the decision impacts this proposal. Finally, there is currently pending in the Nebra: counsel. If you have not heard A member of my land team will follow-up with you or your jegal at 402.492 7467 or by e-mail from us or if you have questions, you are weicome to contact me at ‘Sincerely, SE oe Denisha Cummings US Land Manager — Keystone XL Pipeline Tel: 402.492.7467 Fax: 402.492.7490 Enclosures