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Prepared by and after recording Please return t ‘TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP 700 Louisiana Street, Suite 700 Houston, 1X 77002 SUBORDINATION AGREEMENT (Deed of Trust) KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That, land owner name and, f applicable, state and entiy type, 2s Grantor, has arenied to TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP, whose address is 700 Louisiana Street, Sute 700, Houston, TX 77002, ts succossors,affllates and assigns, 25 Grantee, a permanent easement by instrument dated <> and recorded in Book at Pages" of the records of | County, State of Nebraska, over under, actoss and through Grantor's real property as more particularly described in Exhibit “A” forthe purposes of construction, reconstruction, maintenance, operation, inspection, replacemert, repair and removal of a pipeline and relatod appurtenances; and ‘That, bank name, whnese address is bank address s the beneficiary of a <> <> <> , encumbering the tract of land also mora particulary described in the attached Exit Said <> being recorded on <> in Book at Pages. —_—>, ofthe official records of County, South Dakota, to secure the payment of certain indebtedness, 2s more fully set oUt n said < ~ pra multiple encumbrances reference to whichis horeby made forall purposes: and ‘That, TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP, desires that said Pipeline Easoment shall be superior to sald <> and the len created thereby, Now therefore, the undersigned, for and in consideration ofthe sum of Ten Dollars ($10.00), receipt of whichis hereby ‘cknowiedged, unconditionally subordinates its len on and all other rights and interest in tle tothe propery. The undersigned does hereby agree that the lien of sid <> shal be and is hereby made subordinate, subject to, and inferior to said Pipeline Easement and any extensions, renewals, and modifications thereof, andi the event ofthe sale of said lands by the trustee(s) under the power of sale in selé <>. tis hereby agreed that the easement ‘eated by said Pipeline Agreement shal inno way be aflcted by such sale ‘This Subordination Agreement shall be binding upon the successor and assighs ofthe undersigned suborsinating lien or interest holder. 20_. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this agreement is executed this_ day of. ‘Bank Name By: ‘® Signature & capacity > ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ‘State of, County &F Onthis__day of In ne year 20__, before me, the undersigned notary publi, personally appeared <5; known to me tobe te person whose namelsignature is subscribed to this instrument as > of Bank Name, and acknowledged inet he/she executed the seme for the purposes therein contained, In winess whereof, | hereunto set my hand and offical seal ‘Notary Publis <>