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Q. Where is the origin of this world, the point from where variety of things have come into

Q. Who has created this order and how it has been created?

Q. From where and how, this order is being operated?

Q. What is the Intention and Essence behind this Orderly World?

Q. Is this world an Orderly world?

Q. Is there any order in this world?


 Within the unlimited, deep and silent Universe, infinite number of four armed galaxies,
are spinning spirally on self axis.
 Within every huge arm of galaxy, infinite number of solar systems is moving in an orderly
 Within every solar system, around a sun, all the nine planets and infinite number of
meteoroids are self spinning, rotating around the sun in an orderly path.
 In every 24 hours, Earth spins on its axis and the moon completes a rotation around the
planet Earth, in an orderly path.
 Seasons change in a cyclic pattern. From Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn, Autumn
to Winter, Winter again to Spring in a definite pattern.
 The Sun rises everyday from the east and sets in the west. This cycle is repeated every
 Every living and non-living entity, which takes birth(integrate) in this world of life form
somewhere and after completing the life cycle, again returns back somewhere through a
process of death(disintegration).
 Movement is a sign of life. Material world around us, which is fundamentally made up of
particles, is expressing life through movements, in the form of a wave. These waves are
known as electromagnetic waves. Every wave is simply an orderly pattern of self vibration
and path of moving particles.
 Within an atom, four sub-atomic particles remain integrated in an order. Electron moves
around its nucleus in an orderly path.
 Only a human can give birth to another human being, dog to dog, all species reproducing
the species similar like themselves, reflects a strong, order behind.

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 Human beings, in a day, from morning to night, follows a life cycle, starting from rising
up, going to work, returning from work and sleep again to start next day again, reflects
an order behind.
 There is an order behind walking as well. At first, one leg, starts rising from the surface of
the earth, reaching a peak height and then returns back to earth. Repeating the same
cycle with both the legs create the phenomenon of walking.
 Similarly, talking, eating, drinking, listening, thinking, sensing, defecating, urinating, all
reflects some order behind.
 Passing through a gate, writing, watching TV etc… All reflects some order behind.
 Fetal movement inside a mother’s womb, heart pumping movements, lungs’ breathing
movements, menstrual cycle, stomach movements, and intestinal movements - all reflect
order behind.
 Every country is regulated by a government i.e. a governing system which has its own law
and order.
 In chemistry, Mendeleyev table expresses the position of an atom according to the
character of an atom - reflecting an order.
 We breath in with the expansion of chest, and breathe out with the contraction of chest.
All animals and plants go on continuously repeating this sign of life in an orderly way.
 Heart relaxes and contracts rhythmically and continuously.
 From heart, arteries carry the fresh oxygenated blood with essential food and oxygen
away from the heart, and deoxygenated blood again returns back to heart through veins.
This transportation order, continues to provide bio energy to cells.


The Triorigin theory provides us the possibility to deal these fundamental questions with logical

Philosophical speculation:

Behind every creation and behind every function in this Real World, there is presence of some
unseen scientic order which creates, operates, regulates and harmonizes the existing
creations and all functions.


Ans- Triorigin Order is the Fundamental order operating this universe. It can be understood
by following concepts:

 In the universe, there exist some fundamental forces that are manifested in various
forms. We, for example, can observe not only a force that pulls things but also power that
pushes them away. Besides, we have a neutral force that neither attracts nor expels
 As there is also an ascending force and a descending one, so there is a power that
maintains the present state rather than moving upwards or downwards. While one type
of power moves forward and the other moves backward, there is the third power holds
things in place moving in neither direction.
 One power integrates things and another disintegrates them, and still other just connects
all being.

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 While there are heating power and a cooling one, there is also a force that neither heats
things up nor cools them down.
 A humid power damps things, while a dry power, on the contrary, dehydrates them. The
third power neither wets nor dries things out.
 One forces pleases our feelings and another hurts them, but the third force makes us
free from such feelings leaving us with no definite frame of mind.
 The first and the second power are used to construct or deconstruct things, respectively,
but the third leaves them just as they are. One power produces new things; another
destroys or makes them ragged. Meanwhile, the third power purifies or restores them.
 One power simplifies things and another makes them complicated or pushes them into
disorder. There, however, also exists the third power that restores order.


The main idea is that all the phenomena and influences we witness either in our lives or in
natural surroundings are determined by four fundamental forces. These four forces are called
TRIORIGIN FORCES named as Neuto, Hetero, Homo and Neutro. These fundamental forces
became fundamental order named Triorigin Model.


When these fundamental forces work together as inseparable one unit, it is TRIORIGIN MODEL

Hetero is the fundamental power that produces changes, while Homo force is the fundamental
power that keeps things unchangeable, Neutro combines both with perfect harmony, thereby
helping all existences to realize themselves during evolution. The Neutro force appears as a
fresh force born from the combination of the two forces, Hetero and Homo.

These powers join as one unit to exercise influence over both the physical and the metaphysical
worlds. They exert influence over space, time and all being without exception.

Based on the basic model of Triorigin, one stage develops into the next stage. The mode of the
Triorigin Model is recapitulated and developed until the final stage of the Triorigin Model
structure where the new order and mode of existences is constructed.

The Triorigin Model is all composed of the four-dimensional level in total. It begins from the zero
dimension (point) of Neuto and experiences the one-dimension (line) of Hetero, the two-
dimension (plane) of Home, and the three-dimension (solid) of Neutro and finally the dynamic
dimension of change with four-dimension (again Neutro).

The order of the Triorigin Sequence also begins with the zero dimension and already completes
the basic order of the Triorigin Model in the one-dimension. As it goes further into the two-
dimension, it moves to the final stage of the three-dimension.

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The order of the Triorigin Sequence, in short, constitutes the order systems of the four-
dimension that include the beginning of the zero-dimension.

The expansion and the generation of the existing beings are composed of a unit of the Triorigin
Sequence that is composed of the four-dimension.

It means that the second process of all the existing beings

is the recapitulation of the basic order of the Triorigin Model.

 Modern science has come to the conclusion that four fundamental forces exist in the
universe we live in. They are gravitation, the strong force, the electromagnetic force and
the weak force. These are the four fundamental forces of nature limited by the mode of
the Triorigin Model.
 Entire Universe, including Time, Space, Particles, Atoms, Stars, Galaxy, Solar system,
Earth, Moon, Water, Fire, Soil, Rock, Air, Living creatures, Bacteria, Animal, Plants, Fungus
and finally Human Being etc. They all exist in the form of Triorigin Model Order basically.
 These forces Hetero, Homo and Neutro has strong power, so no other forces can stand
against them, They are omni present and help each other, but sometimes restrain one
another by their natural counteraction.
 These forces have originated form the zero world of Neuto. When they meet together,
they demonstrate their power and drive the existing phenomena as the TRIORIGIN


Triorigin Theory is the result of Prof. Park Jae Woo’s restless research, studies and meditations in
all the fundamental fields of human knowledge, from natural to human sciences, from medicine
to metaphysics and theology.
Prof. Park Jae Woo is valued all over the world as a most prominent scholar in the field of
medicine and acupuncture and He is also known as the inventor of many scientific theories,
therapies and techniques as Sujok, Sujok Ki, Zone Energy System, Six Ki Theory, Diamond Energy
System Theory, M Particle Theory, Triorigin Theory, Triorigin FengShui, Triorigin Direction
Therapy etc. Triorigin Theory is the fundamental base of all his researches and therapies.
He also developed Triorigin Smile Taiji, Triorigin Smile Gymnastic, Triorigin Smile Yoga, Triorigin
Twist Therapy, Triorigin Smile Meditation etc.


The Triorigin Theory by Professor Park Jae Woo is a deep phylosophical study of fundamental
laws of the real world that underlie its development toward perfection. He dwells on specific
features, characteristics and purpose of the powerful Homo, Hetero and Neutro forces,
determines the essence and direction of evolution, and also the role of humankind in this

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Touching upon complex world-view issues about the source of Triorigin Neuto and about the
mysterious zero world, Prof Park Jae Woo provides a vision to approach to the issue of life and
death, helping mankind to overcome the fear of the other world.
His ideas about the unique phenomenon of life, when the eternal, incomprehensible play of the
Triorigin forces embodies a strict and beautiful order, are substantiated by vast factual material
from various fields of science: physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, genetics, etc.


All these theories and discoveries came out from Prof Park Jae Woo’s unique intention and a
purpose to understand the fundamental laws of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual world
and the purpose to widespread this great understanding to the mankind.
Triorigin research is considered to be Prof. Park Jae Woo’s magnificent, gigantic, most
significant, most intelligible and fruitful attempt to unify the universe and to discover about the
meaning, the origin and the purpose of each existence in this world.

With the help of his simple, intelligent theories and innumerable evidences, Prof Park Jae Woo
tried to explain the subject in the most logical and systematical manner clearly showing the signs
that the Creator of this universe is with the strong intention to help the mankind to achieve
good health and harmonious development of soul, mind, body and life.
Understanding the Creator as Supreme Force who created this UNIVERSE is the way to grow and
become perfect.
Universal wisdom is endless deep and vast. Even if we compile all the wisdom of each in the
world and measured to compare with this Universe wisdom then it would be nothing. But
Triorigin vision helps to understand these universal laws and orders. Understanding the Triorigin
Model is the master key to all knowledge systems and phenomena of this existence world. By
understanding Triorigin Model order, we can always find the missing links in a system, thus
enhancing the quality of our knowledge in any field.
Actually Triorigin philosophy has the great merit of unifying the encyclopedia of all sciences
under a unique model order which is called TRIORIGIN MODEL ORDER.


From a tiny particle to the whole universe, all existences are being operated by some
fundamental order. Triorigin is the fundamental order and this fundamental order is consisted of
four fundamental forces NEUTO, HETERO, HOMO, NEUTRO.
Forces and orders of Triorigin are operated in every existence and phenomena in this world
without any exception. Their operation orders and methods are observed everywhere around
the environment including the human body.

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These Triorigin forces are fundamental so they are embodied at each stage of development,
being present in all objects and phenomena of the existing world. The three dimensions of space
(length, width and height), time triad (past, present and future), trinomial components of gene
code, triple embryonic structure (three germinal layers) etc. all are but the result from the action
of the universal Triorigin principle.


The Triorigin forces interact with each other and its application is seen to the world of Existence.
These four forces are inseparably bonded as one unit and working together to realize the will of
Existence Spirit. It has the intention to continue to manage this world in an orderly and
harmonious manner.
In the world of Triorigin, certain order of creation, rhythm and law are established. Since these
forces are fundamental, the principle of reciprocal actions directly affects other existing beings
as dominant and unchangeable.


The Existence Spirit that resides in the zero world is the source origin of the first ever appearing
fundamental forces. These forces are first to appear in succession at the time of beginning of
creation of this real world and ate therefore practically responsible for creating all varieties of
existences of this world.
Before this world, there existed only the Existence Spirit, pure and contained. This
unencumbered Existence Spirit exists in the zero world. As the soul of the existence world has
intention to create this world then this Existence Spirit in the zero world casts its shadow onto
the borderline of this world. As a result all forces start taking birth into this world.
The Triorigin forces have appeared first in this real world one after the other and govern,
manage, evolve and influence all other existences, principles and phenomena following them by
their mutual interaction.
Hetero appeared at first in this world, Homo followed Hetero. They became a pair to repeat their
struggle in the symmetrical formation and they grow and expand their power through mutual
empowerment. At some moment, some part between formed an asymmetrical harmony and
then the shadow of Neuto joined to mingle with them in a spiral whirl. All of a sudden, an
entirely new entity appeared in the mixture of Hetero, Homo and Neuto. This was the moment
of birth of Neutro the third fundamental force.
Hetero, Homo, Neutro and Neuto as a whole are called Triorigin in general.
Triorigin projects its absolute forces on this world, influencing thoroughly any of its existences.
And Triorigin exercises its forces to give orderliness to this world with the orders of Triorigin
Model and Triorigin Sequence.

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Smile and Triorigin is the essence behind the existence of the Whole World. Triorigin
Consciousness is ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS. The Supreme Force or Great Spirit which has
created this universe has pure aim to create harmonious existence which is also termed as
Existence Spirit. This Great Spirit is endowed with divine smile called Existence Spirit.
Existence Spirit’s Smile is the Origin Smile which is present in Absolute state, before the birth of
this present world, with the determined consciousness to create this perfectly harmonious Smile
World. Existence Spirit smile implies the celebration of success on the creation of this wonderful
world, the gratitude for this achievement, the self respect for this greateness, the glory of
harmonized beauty.*
Whenever human consciousness achieves Oneness with Origin Smile, he will receive and
understand HIS consciousness to the fullest. At this state he is capable to see and understand His
eternal wisdom and Universal Laws with which this world was created in orderly form and is
being continuously operated with smile.


The Triorigin forces are endowed with their unique characteristics and special energies from
birth. When the zero world creates the real world some special environment awakens to activate
all potential energies for the creation process.

 It has zero nature as one body wit Zero Neuto. But it is this world force. So there are two
kinds of the Neuto conception, namely independent Neuto and Neuto as part of Neutro.
 Neuto is the incarnation of Spirit Neuto.
 The potential characteristics of the zero world are directly connected with the
characteristics of Neuto. Neuto as one unit with the Triorigin forces joins the Triorigin
Model. There are two kinds of the Neuto conception, namely, independent Neuto and
Neuto as part of Neutro.
 Neuto is the fundamental existence contributing to the evolution of this existence world
by providing infinite energy and information to Triorigin forces through connecting to the
zero world. So that Triorigin forces could operate this world without shortage of energy
and necessary resources and without stopping for their operations.
 Even a single cell inside the human body is connected with the zero world. The Neuto has
relations with every speck of dust, any remote spot on Earth, all planets of the Solar
system and their satellites, all stars in the universe and their surroundings.
 The zero world, in terms of mathematics, may be both zero or infinity. Neuto is closely
related to all existing beings.
 The potential characteristics of the zero world are directly connected with the
characteristics of Neuto. Neuto as one unit with the Triorigin forces joines the Triorigin
Model. It is natural force without any intention. Often it is not noticed and it is discovered
later than other three forces.
 Neuto is located between the zero world, and this world, and stretches its territory to
encapsulate the both worlds. Neuto is the first existence that appeared in this world in
the form of a shadow. Neuto is the window to connect this world to the zero world, and
all energies and information delivered to this world through this Neuto channel.

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 It is because of Neuto involvement that there is empty space in the universe as well as in
the atom.
 It inherits Existence Spirit from Spirit Neuto, and it is the fundamental existence that
locates across the zero world into this world with zero nature.
 Accordingly, Neuto covers the entire sphere of both the zero and real world and prepares
the ground for future Neutro to realize the Existence Spirit when Neutro succeeds this
entire territory from Neuto. Now Neutro occupies the whole territory.
Therefore, even though Neuto is too limited to participate directly in this world business due to
its zero nature, it performs a much more fundamental role than practical participation in the
creation of this world.
Neuto keeps a transcendental position and leaves everything as it is and lets it flow naturally
without any artificial intervention. In the Neutro state, the door to the zero world is opened
because Neutro already contains Neuto within itself.
Neuto does not directly participate in the practical matters of this world. But it is one of the
components of Triorigin Model order itself. Since Triorigin Model as a fundamental order
regulates all matters to maintain this framework in this world, Neuto influences the entire real
world as a result.

 Hetero is based on the infinite world. Hetero is substantially the first force that jumped
out this world through the Neuto gate of zero world.
 Hetero is the fundamental force to bring all existing beings to the world. Hetero is great
majestic, lively cheerful force. Hetero likes bright side and avoids dark sides.
 Hetero is derived from Infinite world which always seeks to change things and bring them
to the infinite world. It can also create new things. Hetero never allows things to return to
the original point as Homo wanted.
 Hetero expands and amplifies things. Homo is reluctant to move, but Hetero is quick to
 It is vigorous force. Hetero quickly decides something without any thoughts and moves
promptly, Hetero appears suddenly without any notice but can also disappear quickly.
 Expansion separation, increasing numbers is Hetero phenomena. Hetero brings growth as
growth is accompanied by division and multiplication. Separation leads to independence.
Hetero avoids touching with other things.
 While the Homo force simplifies things but Hetero diversifies them by increasing their
number through multiplication.
 The return instinct of Homo is the contracting force that binds all to the Zero World.
Hetero is the expanding, separating, diversifying that brings all the things to the infinite
 Hetero brakes stability into imbalance. Pride, self respect, shining, positive, active,
attractive, power are the symbol of Hetero.
 Hetero is always running fast because of great ambition. Hetero stays with mental,
metaphysical world.
 Hetero is also pure mind because Hetero has come out to this world through Neuto Gate
do primitive nature was purified enough to follow the will of the Existence Spirit in order
to join in the construction of this world as long as there is some harmonious restriction of
Homo and guidance of Neutro.

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Hetero received all such many qualities from Existence Spirit to initiate and create this
wonderful smile world. When Hetero is guided by Neutro force it becomes so beautiful
wonderful great force.
Wonderful Hetero! you are the creation bearer. Thanks to Hetero force “you could escape
through the Zero World with an initiating power to create this world”.

 Homo is the reacting force to restrict Hetero’s activities. For this purpose Homo came out
t this world against its will.
 It there was no Homo restriction power involved, Hetero would enter into the Infinite
Neuto World momentarily as soon as it came into this world as a result this world would
not exist at all. Viewing form the position of Existence Spirit, Homo has come out to this
world in order to join in creating all the existence of the world.
 Homo charges every Hetero activity and this charging phenomenon contributes to form
this world. HOMO is also fundamental force for this world’s existence.
 Such a contracting power of Homo condenses the scattered water molecules into the
 HOMO power consolidates, unify, fuse, harden, condense, simplify, and combine things.
Homo instinctively brings all existing beings to the original state in the most appropriate
way considering the present situations. The heart pumps blood through the body, and
the blood returns again to the heart.
 Thanks to HOME FORCE for bestowing peaceful resting time on all existences.
 Homo Force results in circular and circulating movements. The Earth moves round the
sun in a circular orbit; the Earth returns to the original place after rotating the sun every
year. Likewise, the same season appears to us repeatedly. All living creatures unavoidably
face death and finish their lives as part of the returning phenomenon.
 It creates circulation and spin phenomenon, it creates the circulation of planets in Solar
system. It creates blood circulation system in the body. Similarity phenomena among
living creatures keep the sameness between existences.
 Slow down of the change indicates that Homo force is already engaged in every existence
to limit their changing speed. Baby is growing slowly, time is changing slowly, river is
flowing slowly, earth spins slowly, stars moving slowly, particles move with limited speed,
light moves in limited speed, sound moves slower than light speed. Thanks to HOMO
force, we can enjoy the beauty of stable Mountains and hills.

We praise HOMO in absolute contribution to this world. By assisting Neutro, HOMO is equally
participating as HETERO, in the construction and creation of this world.

 Neutro was born during the unification process of Hetero, Homo and Neuto. This
unification or mingling also symbolizes the unification between this world and the zero
world as well. Neutro has ability of Hetero, Homo and Neuto, and it has its own additional
instinct and ability, which have been newly created during their integration process.
 Neutro is an orderly force, a spontaneously guiding force to the further developed
harmonious state and a moral force, which is originated from the Existence Spirit.
 Neutro has harmonization instinct and creation instinct for the new harmonized entity.
Those instincts and abilities received from Hetero, Homo and Neuto are sublimated to a

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realistic level in order to use them in this world for the purpose in consonance with the
Existence Spirit. Neutro is a sincere force.
 Neutro makes tireless efforts to preserve the prosperity: of public existences, as the
worker ants, as Neutro, always devote themselves for the ant community spontaneously
and tirelessly. The Neutro force is characterized by a spirit of Help and Care with Love. It
has the spirit of Justice.
 Neutro comes out to be a Guiding Light for human beings and all living creatures on their
way forward towards happiness and well being in the course of their evolution.
 Neutro force by its own nature provides us smile and all sorts of Satisfaction. Neutro
ought to possess an enormous bravery and strength as well as the spirit of Protection
and Preservation of existences.
 Neutro has the omnipotence to cover, this world and the zero world as well and keeps the
transcendental nature and Existence Spirit within itself. This is the force with an infinite
variety of capability, instincts and harmonious power.
 Neutro is a connecting, adjusting and mediating force. Neutro is a friendly force without
enimity. It brings practical, productive and successful results. This is an equalizing and an
impartial force and has adaptability and flexibility.
 Neutro is a gradually progressing force with harmony, beauty and has rhythm and
regularity. Neutro is a continuation force and reconciliation force. It is an improving force
and salvation force.
 Neutro is a relief and rescue force. It is a solution, execution and administrative force
which follows natural laws. Neutro protects fairness and justice and provides orderly
 Neutro is an encouraging force, an efficient and economic force. Neutro provides peace,
comfort, satisfaction and promotes morality. Neutro is a guiding force helping to attain
the perfect state. Neutro is the force helping to realize the Existence Spirit.*

When harmonious creation of all forces were done, Existence Spirit of Zero world, after
confirming that perfect Neutro was created, HE smiled practically and whole world with smile
came into existence after this wonder. HIS smile implies the celebration of success on the
creation of this wonderful world, the gratitude for this achievement, the self respect for this
greatness, the glory for the harmonized beauty.

 There are two types of Neutro, Operating Neutro and Element Neutro. Operating Neutro
will be there always as a purpose for all the actions/things.
 While element Neutro may be there or may not be there. Operating Neutro is EXISTING
SPIRIT operating the whole Universe.
 Neutro as perfect force was created by integration of Neuto, Hetero and Homo. Through
Neuto, Existence Spirit joined Neutro and became Operating Neutro. Thus, Existence
Spirit was with Neuto, Hetero, Homo and Neutro.
 All existence are being managed, controlled and operated by this Operating Neutro.
Neutro was born during the unification process of Hetero, Homo and Neuto. This
unification or mingling also symbolizes the unification between this world and the zero
world as well.
 Behind Neutro is Existence Spirit. That is why Neutro has all the instincts and abilities of
Hetero, Homo and Neutro which is helping to operate this universe in orderly form.

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 Neutro force by its own nature provides us smile and all sorts of Satisfaction. Neutro
ought to pos n enormous bravery and strength as well as the spirit of Protection and
Preservation of existences.


It looks a quite surprising coincidence that all scientific facts which have been well studied and
proved as truths including natural phenomena and social phenomena are all showing exactly the
same order as that of the Triorigin Model.

As the Triorigin Model is the fundamental order as the first ever evident order in this world, all
existences and phenomena in this existence world are supposed to keep this Triorigin Model
order, and if this order is not maintained properly, they lose the stability of harmony and have to
leave this world to go to the zero world. There in the zero world, they have to be purified by the
spiritual Triorigin Model for a new start of their existences to this world.

All living creatures including the human being would suffer from mental and physical disorders
caused by the disharmony of this Triorigin Model order. And they are obliged to leave this world
for the zero world when they fail to keep this order. All existences in this world, therefore, keep
this Triorigin Model order, and they change and operate within the framework of the order.
Anything that is not harmonized by this order cannot stay in this world.


SIMILARITY is one of the most beautiful characteristic of HOMO fore and in human body hand
posses the most clear similarity to the human body. All the stages of the development of the
human body: the cellular, the embryonic, and the stage of perfect body is presented on the hand.
As a result number of correspondence systems appeared representing every stage of the body
- Round and Stem Correspondence Systems as Neuto
- Limbs Correspondence System as Hetero
- Hand and Feet Correspondence System as Homo
- Finger and Toes Correspondence Systems as Neutro
Su Jok Therapy as a philosophical system and healing method which is full of the Spirit of Love of
Our Creator for all beings in the cosmos, which gives it universal healing power. Through Sujok
with Triorigin background, Prof. Park Jae Woo showed this world a clear indication that the
Creator of the universe is strongly trying to inform human beings that is why Nature has made
the hand and foot most similar to the body which is easily available curing hardware systems.
They are caused to exist by the Creator's Will. Su Jok theories and techniques are well
understood within scientific and a teleological vision of the cosmos and life.

The human being, exist in an enormous universe, coexisting at the same time with other beings,
objects and events. The human body is a vital organism which is influenced by many factors and
is in an absolute causal relationship with all forces existing in the universe. All changes in the
human body occur in accordance with universal laws and principles under TRIORIGIN MODEL

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Therefore, the individual's health condition is not only determined by one's individual traits, but
is greatly influenced by all forces in the surrounding environment. It is nature's beauty that our
hand and foot are most similar to our body which are also carrying all universal information.


Since the Triorigin principle is fundamental, immutable and manifested in all, it provides the
basis of organization of man's physical body and the energy system both. When these four
energies are all involved, disease is expressed on body energy system and certain organ or some
parts of the body.

The Triorigin of Hetero, Homo and Neutro manifests itself in the real world and the human body
both in the integral relationship with each another.

The theory of Triorigin has contributed to our understanding of human health, the source of
activity and long life, time and space, evolutional trends in nature and society and also of the
fundamental laws underlying any subject, motion, complex mechanism of relationship between
all things and phenomena.


After recognizing the existence of Triorigin Neuto, Hetero, Homo and Neutro, a new awareness
reveals that this world is created and operated by the forces and orders of this Triorigin.

And it is realized that this Triorigin has created wonderful orders and it has the intention to
continue to manage this world in an orderly and harmonious manner.

After understanding that the forces and orders of Triorigin are operated in every existence and
phenomenon of this world without any exception, their operation orders and methods start to
be observed everywhere around the environment including the human body.


Triorigin consciousness contains all kinds of consciousness orders in this world, which was
created by Existence Spirit.

Triorigin consciousness system, operates all things which is called Absolute Consciousness.
Awareness of this Absolute Consciousness is the grand perfection state of the self, where His
Origin Smile is persistent. It is Heavenly Smile. Self awareness starts from the understanding
that the essence of the self lies in the soul and each soul is the part of Origin Smile (His

This is the original feature of the self. If the self reaches to the level of realization in which self
could show constant soul smile within His Origin Smile, it is the awareness state of original self
where the self can find himself /herself staying in the beautiful world, harmonious world, orderly
world, smile world and perfect world. This stage is Absolute awareness of the self.

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By introducing Triorigin Theory to this world, great Prof Park Jae Woo has given the most
precious gift to the mankind.

His continuously did tirelessly great efforts to expand our Triorigin consciousness to the highest
level to have the ability to appreciate NATURE'S design and to feel the bliss and celebration in all
creations in this universe.

The philosopher's mission is not only to understand the application of the Triorigin Model order
and Triorigin consciousness, but even to share and widespread this understanding in order to
realize a perfect Smile World and to feel the continuous bliss of being the citizen of SMILE

Smile thanks to Prof Park Jae Woo for bringing us gently to his deeper knowledge which he
received from the nature Supreme Force. We are learners, trying to understand Universal laws
through Triorigin Consciousness which is helping us to look at ourselves in relation to this
UNIVERSE, in relation to Infinite power, in relation to absolute joy and smile now.

Prof Park Jae Woo's smile work continues with smile spirit...
After he passed away in March 2010 in Moscow, his two sons, DR. PARK MINCHUL and DR. PARK
MINKYU, President of International Sujok Association successfully continues Prof. Park's
international Smile activities. They share their late father's Smile spirit, which is Neutro,
meaning Love, friendly, harmony, caring, smile, adaptability, flexibility and generosity. They are
blessed with TRIORIGIN SPIRIT and are highly dedicated to spread this wonderful knowledge to
every corner of this world. They are continuously working with smile and triorigin spirit to realize
their father's dream. Their work contributes in spreading this precious knowledge which is widely
increasing awareness, expansion of consciousness, tolerance, smile, health improvement and
spiritual development among the masses...

Bhupinder Kaur



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