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In Opposition to a New Payroll Tax and Paid Leave Entitlement Program

April 1, 2019

Dear Senators and Members of Congress,

Everyone wants workers to be able to take time off from work when they need it.

Thanks to an improving economy, employers are increasingly offering paid leave benefits to
employees, including hourly workers. This is great news, and a trend that we want to continue.
However, imposing a payroll tax on workers and creating a one-size-fits-all government entitlement
program would be the wrong way to expand access to paid leave benefits. 

 new payroll tax would leave all workers with less money in every paycheck. This would
particularly burden lower-income workers, making it harder for them to make ends meet
and save for retirement and other critical needs.
 igher payroll taxes reduce employment opportunities.
 one-size-fits-all federal benefit will discourage companies from offering their own paid
leave benefits. Some employees would end up with less flexibility and worse paid leave
benefits as a result. 
 aid leave entitlement programs tend to benefit those with higher incomes and burden
those with lower incomes. Research has found this to be the case with paid leave
programs enacted in California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Canada, Norway, the United
Kingdom, Sweden, Iceland, and Belgium. This isn’t fair.

We the undersigned, representing millions of American workers, oppose a new payroll tax and
federal paid leave entitlement program because we want to preserve opportunity, flexibility, and


Carrie Lukas Heather Higgins Tammy Bruce

President Chief Executive Officer President
Independent Women’s Forum Independent Women’s Voice Independent Women’s Voice

Grover Norquist Ramesh Ponnuru Tim Chapman

President Visiting Fellow Executive Director
Americans for Tax Reform American Enterprise Institute Heritage Action for America

4 Weems Lane, #312 • Winchester, VA 22601 | | 202-857-3293

Lisa B. Nelson Penny Nance Karen Kerrigan
Chief Executive Officer CEO and President President & CEO
American Legislative Exchange Concerned Women for America Small Business &
Council Entrepreneurship Council
Rebekah Bydlak
Frayda Levin Executive Director Andrew F. Quinlan
Former Small Business Owner Coalition to Reduce Spending President
Center for Freedom and Prosperity
Jason Pye Matthew Kandrach
Vice President of Legislative Affairs President David Williams
FreedomWorks Consumer Action for a Strong President
Economy Taxpayers Protection Alliance
Christina Sandefur
Executive Vice President Pete Sapp Phil Kerpen
Goldwater Institute President President
National Taxpayers Union American Commitment
Jenny Beth Martin
Honorary Chairman Ryan Ellis Kat Murti
Tea Party Patriots Action President Executive Director
Center for a Free Economy Feminists for Liberty
Bob Carlstrom
President James L. Martin Tom Giovanetti
The Carlstrom Group, LLC Founder/Chairman President
60 Plus Association Institute for Policy Innovation
Katie McAuliffe
Executive Director  Saulius “Saul” Anuzis Maureen Blum
Digital Liberty President President
60 Plus Association Strategic Coalitions & Initiatives
Elizabeth Nolan Brown
President Rick Manning Jeffrey Mazzella
Feminists for Liberty President President
Americans for Limited Center for Individual Freedom
Cliff Maloney Government
President Janet Morana
Young Americans for Liberty Andrew Langer Executive Director
President Priests for Life
Becki Gray Institute for Liberty
Senior Vice President
John Locke Foundation

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