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+ {ies a) The World Scene , From The Libertarian Point Of View arr es i Free Society Group of Chicago 1951 The World Scene From The Libertarian Point Of View Erratum ; ‘The last paragraph of G. P. Maximof's article, page 9, should be as follows: These facts leads to the conclusion that power in human society is jnevitable, as it can not be destroyed. The main task, it is said, is in the transfer of power to a class which would better express the interests of a majority of society. Free Society Group of Chicago 1951 oy Moke cheeks and money-orders payable to FREE SOCIETY GROUP OF CHICAGO. 2422 North Halsted Street, Chicago 14, Ill. Printed in the United States of America for this pamphlet, at $1 per copy postpaid, will ho welcomed and filled promptly. FOREWORD Late in 1948 the Free Socicty Group of Chicago decided to mark its quarter of a century of existence by issuing a pamphlet expressing the comments of comrades in various countries about the world scene, as viewed in the light of libertarian philosophy. Request for articles to carry out this purpose were sent to a select list of writers. Publication of such a symposium was planned for the early part of 1949, but for several reasons, which we need not go into here, its issuance was delayed until now. Yet it will be found that the articles contained herein generally have quite as much point as if they had heen published at the intended time—for world conditions today, except for the greater tension caused by the war in Korea, are but little different from what they were then, And the Free Society Group feels that these commentaries have definite historical value. Our cherished comrade G. P. Maximofl (whose untimely death on March 16, 1950, was an irreparable loss to the Libertarian movement throughout the world), was a prime mover in the planning of this pam- phlet—hence it is fitting to dedicate it to his memory, The Free Society Group takes this occasion to extend its cordial thanks for financial and moral support given to it by the Freie Arbeiter Stimme Group of Detroit, Michigan; the Washington, D.C., Group; the Russian Group of New York: Kropotkin Branch 413, Workmen's Circle, Los Angeles; the Boris Yelensky Sixtieth Jubilee Committee, Chicago; and many individual comrades throughout the country. Especially do we want to thank Carl Goldberg of Chicago for faithful fulfilment of the last wish of his mother, Celia Goldberg, who died on April 25, 1949. By virtue of that wish, expressed orally and not in a written will, her whole estate was generously given to the Free Society Group and the Industrial Workers of the World. With deep affection and zratitude we salute the memory of Celia Goldberg, who for many years was a valiant and uncompromising fighter for freedom and liberty.