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Ben Maynard

Teaching the Dotted Quarter Note with Multiple Ways of Representation and an Interdisciplinary

Multiple Ways of Representation:

1. Visual: Writing in the count structure of a measure that includes a dotted quarter note.

**The lines represent the duration of the dotted quarter note in eighth notes**

2. Auditory: Echoing back and forth counting, singing, and playing a dotted quarter note.
3. Kinesthetic: Clapping the rhythm of a dotted quarter note rhythm while tapping eighth
notes with the toe.

Interdisciplinary Approach:

Describing a dotted quarter note rhythm in math terminology. The dotted quarter lasts for the
duration of three eighth notes, or ¾ of a measure of 2/4. The eighth note lasts for ¼ of a measure
of 2/4. This can be indicated by a pie graph.