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T-OFFSET . TOK/TOM Maintenance and Repairs o-2 PREFACE TO THE MECHANIC. We have compiled for you the most important check-ups/ adjustments on T-Offset presses in this concise repair manual. These hints shall be a help for the Heidelberg service technician to enable him to localize and eliminate any malfunctions fast. The electrical part of the press, including the electronic system, is explained in detail in the "MANUAL - ELECTRONICS TOK/TOM" (HDM no. 22.100,0022), which is supplied with every press delivered. Wie are entrusting this important information to you on loan, commending it to your special care. Please note the property clause on the cover sheet. The present manual should remain usable for a long time to come. This is why we have put it in a loose-leaf binder. Individual sheets may easily be exchanged as per our instructions. Supplemental sheets may be inserted at any time in the order of the table of contents (subject index). Each sheet has its own classification number in the upper corner, This refers to the table of contents (subject index) and indicates successively - main chapter (letter) ~ subchapter i (number), and - page number within the subchapter (number) « Example: 2 - 3/4 = IMPRESSION/BLANKET/PLATE CYLINDER Adjusting the printing pressure Setting blanket cylinder - plate cylinder page 4 Supplemental sheets should be inserted according to the classification number in the upper corner. Maintenance and Repairs NUMBERING AND ORDERING