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Ben Maynard

Classroom Management Strategies

If a group of students are not focused after coming into the classroom or in between a
transition in class, these are strategies that can be used to calm the classroom without
yelling at students:

1. Breathing Exercises: Have students stand up, turn on the metronome, and
have students breath in and out in various increments.
2. Stand up/Sit down in one motion: Count to three and have every student stand
up in one motion, give directions, count to three have have every student sit
down in one motion.
3. Raising of the hand: Create a policy and routine where the teacher raises their
hand, then students will raise their hands. This is a way to communicate to
students that silence is needed in the classroom and that the teacher is ready to
move on with class.
4. Focus Pointing: Have students point to various objects or people in the room.
This is another strategy to focus students and serves as an indicator that the
teacher is ready to resume with class.
5. Communicate by Typing: If the classroom has a projector with a projector
screen, open word processor on the screen and begin typing for students to
read. This is a way to relay announcements, instructions, and calm the students
6. Waiting Patiently: Stand in the front of the room, off the podium, and wait for
students to calm down to continue with class. I have found that students will
notice this action sooner than one might think.