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A PORTION OF Confort | 100 COMMUNITY VALUE — CONTRIBUTION — Generous portions and that down-home feeling have been «2 part of aur values at Hoever's Cooking for 20 years, Every day, we strive to satisfy our customers as well as our family of conworkers Just ae we valua you a8 a patron, we want to de right by our team of cooks, sorvers, and support staff. An extra dollar right not seem like alot, But added to your bill you're helping provide Paid Time Off for each and every emplayee at Hoover's Cooking, It’s not going in my pocket. it's not being spent on rent, supplies, o equipment. ‘That dollar goes directly tothe smiling face that greats you, 2 thet employee can keep smiling, The extra portion off comfort and security PTO brings means that the staffer is healthier, happier, and they enjoy working at Hoover's because our patrons show they care. And that’s what makes usa better community ‘THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Hooner Alexander