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TPGP Proposal

Goal Initial Resources Context How and When Achieved
• Coalbanks
• “The Highly Effective
School Goal. I observed a number of experienced
Research and Set up Teacher” by Jeff C.
• Teacher teachers and took notes. I read a
implement appointments Marshall.
Quality number of resources, and watched
different to observe •
Standard videos. I compiled the knowledge
student colleagues teach • www.centergrove.k12.
(TQS) #3: gained on the website for my PIP
engagement at least once a
Demonstrating project (https://strategies-student-
strategies week. • Search on the
a Professional
Body of
I applied the information I gained
Set up from studying a number of
• “The first days of
Research and appointments resources and observing other
school how to be an TQS #4:
implement to observe how teachers. My lesson pacing and
effective teacher” by Establishing
different colleagues transitions have improved greatly.
Wong and Wong. Inclusive
classroom manage their Above all, I think in my classroom
•, Learning
management classrooms at there is a good teacher-student
• Search on the Environments
strategies least once a relationship. My students respect
week. me and I have established a good
presence in the classroom.
I wrote comments on student
• Search on the progress. My teacher mentor
Internet/Pinterest provided suggestions on improving
TQS #3:
Talk to my TM • the comments and showed me how
Reporting on Demonstrating
and two other • Ensuring I have to enter the comments on the
student a Professional
teachers at the differentiation in my report cards. I had good
progress Body of
school. lesson plan template so conversations with parents during
that I am reminded of it the “Celebration of Learning”
for each lesson. night. I was glad to hear positive
feedback from parents.
My Math class was comprised of
students from other classes.
Initially I found it challenging to
teach this group of students. I
worked together with other teachers
and my teacher mentor to find a
solution. Now I can say that the
Set up situation has improved a lot. I feel
appointments TQS #2: that I have a good handle on the
to observe Engaging in classroom. I also benefited greatly
with other Colleagues
colleagues teach Career-Long from one teacher who would update
at least once a Learning me on how one of her students with
month. behaviours was doing on particular
days. I have also attended district
wide PL days to modify team
long-range plans, and also to
become more familiar with the New
Alberta Curriculum. I have also
attended social functions organized
by other teachers in the school.

Rational for my goals
1. I have chosen this goal because many schools in developed countries are focusing on strategies that promote 21st
century skills. The focus is to equip students with skills that will enable them to succeed in the 21st century and
beyond (
2. I believe that learning takes place when students feel safe in the classroom environment and are not distracted by their

3. Students, parents and other stakeholders require data on students progress for various reasons. I believe that a teacher
should be able to gather data on student progress through valid and reliable assessment methods, and be able to present
it appropriately and clearly to various stakeholders.
4. I chose this goal because I believe that there is a lot to be learned from those that have been in the teaching field for
a long time. I like the quote from Benjamin Franklin that says “Experience is the best teacher, but a fool will learn
from no other”.