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Dear Mrs, Fox:
As you may know, we maintain complete up minute records of all service work we do for
our customers. We find that the last time we inspected your car was Thursday, June 21, of our
month 6 months ago. At that time your car was in excellent condition, and we had to make no
repairs. It may be able that it is still in excellent condition, of course, but we urge you to be sure.
Let us inspect it again. Do not make the mistake off waiting to bring it to us when something
actually goes wrong. That is the expensive time, Mrs. Fox.
Why not call us as soon as possible and make an appointment to have your car examined.
If anything is wrong, we will be able to repair it quickly. You will be taking a step that will assure
you of comfortable, trouble free driving.
Cordially yours,
Dear Mr. Sweeny:
Thank you for your note telling us that you have not been able to get goldence lemon ice
cream it your neighbourhood super market. This is one of the thrift flavours that we rotate
periodically because we want to give all our customers an opportunity to enjoy their favourite
However, we are happy to tell you that 10 days ago this flavour was again placed on the
In appreciation of your thoughtfulness in let us know how you feel about our products,
we are enclosing a coupon that entitles you to a free half gallon of goldence ice cream. We hope
that you and your family enjoy it, Mr. Sweeny.
Sincerely yours,
Dear Doctor Yale:
Ever since we opened are store 10 years ago, it has been I am to make the National
Supermarket one of the nicest places in town to shop. One of the ways we try to accomplish this
objective is to hire dedicated, competent people.
Our store managers are the best in the business. Our check out personnel are the most
efficient, the fastest, and the friendliest in the business.
Inspite of our efforts, however, we realise that we are not perfect. We want to do
whatever we can do to improve in the future. If you have any suggestions that will help to make
the National Supermarket even better place in which to shop, please send them to me as soon
as possible. When we receive your suggestions, I assure you we will act on them promptly.
Sincerely yours,
Dear Mr. Singer:
At the Brownsville Bank and Trust Company, we want to say is whenever a person applies
for loan. If you want a loan to make repairs in your house, to buy a car, or to take a two to three
week vacation trip, come to us. WE have been making loans to people for worthwhile purpose
for more than 10 years.
When you need a loan, stop in at any one of our 15 offices and let us show you how
quickly, easily, and expeditiously.
Sincerely yours,
Dear Mr. Harrington:
Last year the Reliable Oil Company spend almost 2 hundred million dollar on exploration.
About 71 percent of the oil we re-find was from new wills we had drilled within the past 5 years.
Unless something unpredictable happens, we will spend considerably more for exploration this
We believe it would be an indefensible mistake to depend almost completely on someone
ells to produce enough oil to keep or refineries running. The only sensible way to avoid this
mistake is to produce more our self.
Consequently, our engineers who want throughout the world. Our employees are
coincidently looking for untapped sources of energy. We won’t be satisfied until we have
improved substantially our raw material base.
If you would like to have further information about our efforts to increase our countries
future sources of energy, write to our directory of public relations, Doctor Frank Lang. He will be
glad to send you one of our descriptive booklets.
Sincerely yours,
Dear Mr. White:
The places where men can shop for clothes fall into two distinct types. First, there is the
impersonal has to shop for himself. No one offers to help him. Indeed, after he picks out what
he wants, he sometimes finds it almost impossible to find a person to take his money.
Then there is the store like the Harrisburg Men’s Shop where a man can get as much or
as little help as he desires. When he entries he is greeted immediately by a sales representative
who offers help. If he wants to browse, the representative disappears and reappears only after
customer has decided what he wants to purchase.
If this is the kind of service that appeals to you, come to the Harrisburg Men’s Shop at
421Worth Street. You will have a delightful, enjoyable shopping experience.
Cordially yours,
Dear Mr. Potter:
Because you are a successful interior designer, Mr. Potter, you will be interested in an
efficient way to reach the people who are in the market for your services. It is the designer
Directory which we issue every year.
We send this directory to more than 4 million of our regular subscribers. They are the
person who can afford to buy new home furnishings and to redecorate their homes. The median
annual income of our readers is over 20 thousand dollar.
Our rates are quite reasonable. 4-line listing costs only 60 dollar. To place your
advertising message in this directory, just type it on the enclosed form and mail it to us so that it
reaches us by August 14. We are confident you will impressed with the results you will ultimately
receive. We will bill you later.
Sincerely yours,
Dear Ms. Short:
As a progressive publisher of instructional materials, you need the most reliable, impartial
information about enrolment trends in the various school subject areas. To provide this
information, we have made by state study of school enrolments. This extremely valuable
research study will answer such important questions as these:
1. What is the actual size of the market?
2. Where is the market concentrated?
3. What subjects have substantially increase enrolments?
You can purchase a copy of our research study for 4 dollar. Copies will be printed and
delivered before the end of February. To receive your copy, please sign and return the enclosed
order from. When we receive you order, we will fill it promptly. You will be making no mistake
by ordering copy. Mrs. Short.
Cordially yours,
Dear Miss Greenbelt:
Thank you for your letter requesting permission to quote from our new book, Business
Correspondence Today, in the manual you are preparing. Your letter has been referred to me.
All permissions are handled by the business management department of our organization.
We are happy to grant you this permission provided you agree to these conditions:
1. You will included a credit line acknowledging that you are quoting from Business
Correspondence Today with the permission of the Birmingham Publication Company.
2. Your manual containing our material will be distributed only to your staff; it will not be
sold to the general public.
3. You will pay us a nominal fee of 10 dollar.
If these terms are accepted to you, please sign the enclosed from and return it to us with your
check for 10 dollar in the envelope we have provided.
Cordially yours,
Dear Mr. Greenville:
Lake Forrest is the one of the world’s largest, most beautiful lakes. It is so clear that you
can easily see the bottom 1 hundred feet below the surface.
The people who live at Lake Forrest wanted to keep it beautiful. Therefore, they took the
precaution of building one of the world’s most advanced sewage treatment systems to
protect it and National Equipment is a vitally important part of that pollution prevention
National Equipment also helps to protect water from industrial pollution. It removes
industrial chemicals from millions of gallons of waste water every day.
When you have a water pollution problem, call us. We are ready to help you.
Yours very truly,
Dear Mr. Denies:
We are sorry that a 10 dollar interest charge was added to your November bill. As you
know, your account has never been overdue, and we are grateful for the promptness with
which you regularly take care of your monthly bills.
Would you prefer to have us send you a check for 10 dollar or simply deduct this amount
from your December bill?
I assure you, Mr. Denies, that we will be more careful hereafter. We hope you will pardon
us this time.
Yours truly,
Dear Friend:
Today our store faces a serious financial crisis. The rapid rise in prices has curtailed our
sales considerably, and our steadily increasing costs of selling have created rather difficult
problem for us.
We have petitioned our creditors for relief in an effort to resolve our problems. To
implement our agreement with our creditors, we must raise cash immediately, and the only
source of that cash is the furniture we have on display.
Out store has a large inventory of fine furniture all of which must be sold quickly.
Beginning when, therefore, we are offering this furniture for sale at substantial discounts.
So come in soon and see for yourself the fine values you can obtain at low prices that will
actually amaze you.
Sincerely yours,