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------------------------------------------------------ Earth is our dear Mother, don’t pollute it,

Good morning… She gives us food and shelter, just salute it…
Judges, teachers and my fellow friends, With Global Warming, it’s in danger,
Let’s save it by becoming a strong ranger,
Hi! My name is _____ and _____ is my name.
With dying trees and animals, it’s in sorrow,
My name is _____ and _____ is my name. Make green today and green tomorrow…
Trees are precious, preserve them,
Today, we are going to recite a poem entitle “Save Water is a treasure, reserve it…
Our Earth”
Save the earth,
Have you ever taken the time? Save our planet,
To see what was around you? Save our hearts and souls.
Taken the opportunity, Or forever be lost,
To gaze, at every little detail of your In a pit of death and regret.
Or have you closed your eyes stubbornly, Save our home,
Because you prefer to be blind? Save our air,
Save our lives,
In the truth, Save Our Earth.
You don’t want to admit that our precious earth,
Is falling apart,
Its beautiful skirts of grass, Is dying…
Its garden of stunning plants,
Is running out of air.

And us,
Us, the ones who made it this way,
Will one day perish into a dark hole,

In a way,
We are all selfish murderers,
Killing the soil we walk upon,
With our trash and disgrace,
Our ungratefulness…

Lives are crying because it’s not clean,

Earth is dying because it’s not green,

Slowly it shall fade,
Slowly we shall perish.