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COMES NOW the undersigned the attorney in behalf of the petitioner, and unto this
Honorable Court, respectfully avers:

1. That the petitioner is of age, married, and resident of

_______________________ ;
2. That _____________________ , who is seized of real and personal
property situated in _____________________ , has been absent and unheard of for not
less than seven years;
3. That his property, especially the business known as _______________ is
in danger of being lost, removed, or materially injured, unless someone be appointed to
assume control of, possess, guard, and manage such property, and to take such steps
needed to protect the interests of such absent person;
4. That the only persons left by such absentee his wife and minor children,
who are all incompetent to take charge of his business;
5. That the petitioner is the (state relationship with the absentee) of the
absentee, and possesses all the qualifications to act as trustee.

WHEREFORE, it is respectfully prayed that, upon due notice and hearing, the
petitioner ______________________ be appointed trustee to assume control of, possess,
guard and manage the property and business of the absentee ______________________ ,
and to take such other steps as may be necessary to protect the interest of such absent
person as this Honorable Court may direct.

_________________ , this _________ day of __________________ , 19 ______ .

(Attorney for the Petitioner)