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I ______________________, Filipino, of legal age, designated as CONTROLLER of ABC
MANUFACTURING CORPORATION, with business address located at No. 275 A. Mabini
Street, Caloocan City, do hereby certify the following:

1. That, ABC MANUFACTURING CORPORATION with business address at No. 275 A.

Mabini Street, Caloocan City is duly registered corporation organized under the laws of
the Philippines;

2. That, the above-mentioned Corporation maintains Loose-Leaf Invoices, Billing

Statement, under Permit No.: LL-397-97 December 22, 1997, Debit and Credit Memos
under Permit NO.: LTAD-LL-09-489-15 issued at BIR LTAD Division on September 1,

3. That, the Receipt/Invoices or other related documents duly assigned with serial numbers
stated as follows have been consumed/cancelled for the taxable period covering 2018

Type of Accounting Documents. Series No. / No. of Pages__

1. Local / Export Invoices 95814 - 99140

2. Billing Statement 0000001-0000067
3. Credit Memos C0021212-C0023888
3. Debit Memos D002076-D0004161

4. That the above-mentioned Corporation maintains a Computerized Accounting System

(CAS) under Head Office/Branch Permit No. 1207-116-00028-CBA/AR issued at RDO
No, 043 on December 06, 2007

5. That for purposes of compliance under RMO 29-2002 dated 09-16-2002 the above
mentioned Corporation in lieu of hardbound computer generated books of
accounts/other accounting records/documents for taxable year 2012, hereby maintains
in CD-ROM form duly labeled with the name of taxpayer, taxable year, Serial Number
and Volume Number of books of accounts duly stamped “registered” and signed by the
Authorized Revenue Official or maintain the above mentioned Books of Accounts and
other accounting records/documents in an Archive Information form.

6. That the afore mentioned Books of Accounts/ Accounting Records stating the type of
book of accounts, and number of pages used and attesting the completeness, accuracy
and appropriateness of the computerized accounting books/records:

_Book of Accounts/ Accounting Records_____ Series No. / No. of Pages ___

1. Cash Disbursement Book 3, 397

2. Cash Receipt Book 154
3. Accounts Receivable Register 1, 915
4. Accounts Payable Register 19, 210
5. General Ledger 38,146

7. That the Books of Accounts, and other accounting records/documents of the above-
mentioned company is in the form of CD-ROM or in an Electronic Archive Information
which have the capacity to retain the information (read only and in report format)
installed and shall be kept for a period of not less than three (3) years and that the duly
authorized Internal Revenue Officer of the BIR shall be allowed access to the
aforementioned information.
In WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this day of _______________ in
the Republic of the Philippines.

(Affiant Authorized Representative)

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for and in Caloocan City
this ________________ affiant exhibiting to me her Driver’s License No. N25-12-003316

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Notarial Seal at
the date and place above written.

Notary Public

Doc. No. _____

Page No._____
Book No._____
Series of 2019.