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Welcome to Mooroopna Secondary Year 7!

It is wonderful to see a new cohort of young people

ready to embark on a most exciting chapter of their lives. There is a lot in store for you in the
coming years; learning, leadership opportunities, camps, excursions, SACs, exams, balls,
productions, BART awards, athletics days, music concerts, summer and winter sports, parent-
teacher interviews, swimming sports, House Tribes’ events and graduations. We’ll be keeping you
busy with all that needs to be done and these will be some of the most important years of your
At MSC you are all assigned to a House Tribe – Boronia, Banksia, Waratah or Heath. In your time at
the college will participate in lots of things that give you an opportunity to support your House
Tribe as best as you can to earn points in the yearly race to see who will be crowned the House
Tribe Ruler for the coming year.

One of the first chances you have to earn points for your House Tribe is at the annual swimming
sports carnival. It is a spectacle of a day, full of cheering, playing, parading, dressing up and, of
course, swimming. One of the highlights is seeing all the students coming dressed proudly in their
House Tribe colours. Boronia wears yellow, Banksia wears blue, Waratah wears red and Heath
wears green. Students have dressed up as M&Ms, bananas, Indians, Gumby and Vegemite jars as
well as many other wild and crazy guises.
 Dress up
 Develop your House Tribe’s chants repertoire
 Design posters and banners for the day

What ideas can your group come up with for costumes and wearing your colours on the day:

Draft some chants that your House Tribe could use on the day:

What sorts of things can you put on the House Tribe banners and chants posters you make:
Intro for school information feed –

At the start of each year we welcome our Year 7 students to MSC. It is exciting meeting them and
setting them up to know their way around 'high school'. Students have assemblies each day, before
each session to be eased in to getting to know their teachers and how to prepare for every subject. In
English this unit is completed to reinforce what they have been learning in the assemblies and build
further on what they are finding out as they find their way. Promotion of our school wide positive
behaviour philosophy is a key component of this unit. To finish the unit students learn about the
House Tribe they belong to and make posters and banners to promote House Tribe spirit at the
Swimming Sports, one of the biggest calendar events of the year for MSC.