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Details for registration number: MOSJE/E/2019/00632

Name of Complainant Naresh Kadyan
Date of Receipt 02/04/2019
Received by Ministry / Department Social Justice and Empowerment
Grievance Description:
Intolerance about JAT in Haryana Khadi & VI Board during Congress Regime, needs immediate
attention for natural justice:
Subject: CWP No. 24352 of 2018 with CWP No. 25704 of 2016: Suspension without reason as on 5-
8-2014 along with No personal - Oral hearing was granted before decision as on 6-8-2014.
Kindly refer to the orders passed by the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court in both above said
CWP No. 24352 of 2018 with CWP No. 25704 of 2016 because:
1. I was compelled to move voluntary retirement under protest as on 5-8-2014 due to
UNAVOIDABLE CIRCUMSTANCES at the time of promotion before five years.
2. I was placed under suspension without any speaking orders of then Chief Minister as proposal of
then Administrative Secretary was seen only instead approving the proposal, besides it neither
reasons of suspension disclosed during 29-2-2013 to 5-8-2014 nor any charge sheet was issued,
keeping in view orders passed in CWP No. 25704 of 2016 by the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High
Court, suspension was unlawful & illegal.
3. Personal hearing was demanded before taking any decision on the three biased Inquiries, same
was granted to represent orally in person before the BoD as on 17-7-2014 but this hearing was not
granted, which became unlawful & illegal, keeping in view CWP No. 24352 of 2018.
It would also be pertinent to mention here that:
1. Sickness & fitness certificate issued by the competent Authority of Sarvodaya Hospital was
proved genuine by the Faridabad Police, besides it this Sarvodaya Hospital was approved by the
Govt. of Haryana for treatment & care, keeping in view both two different charge sheets for same
reason with Inquiry reports of two different Authorities, became unlawful & illegal.
2. Baseless charge sheet was issued, keeping in view the terms & conditions of the agreement,
executed between KVIB with supplier, revenue @5 was earned in good faith to the KVIB, keeping
in view Board Act section 33 -No suit, prosecution or other legal proceeding shall lie against any
person for anything which is in good faith done or purported to be done under this Act, Marketing
Inquiry report dated 1-4-2014 conveyed vide letter No. 4764-65 dated 29-5-2014 without re-
instated, suspension here after without reason till 5-8-2014.
3. Superintendent of Police, SVB at Gurgaon tendered affidavit before the Hon’ble Punjab &
Haryana High Court that corruption section were deleted in FIR No. 29 of 2009 upon me as all
quotations were found genuine by the Inquiry officer, hence biased Inquiry report submitted
became unlawful & illegal, keeping in view said FIR was quashed.
Hence, personal hearing may kindly be granted, keeping in view the position claimed as above,
besides it replies against all three bogus Inquiry reports were mishandled by the tainted officials of
the Board. It is further requested to get examine outside the officials of the KVIB being effected
party, their conflict of Interest.
Jat by birth: Cobbler by profession: Activist by mission: Humanitarian by choice Naresh Kadyan,
International renowned animal rights activist, suffered a lot.

Naresh Kadyan, TSL (Rtd)

Chief Executive, Haryana Khadi & VI Board.


Sr. Particulars Page
1. KVIB letter dated 9-7-2014: Personal hearing Bod July 17 3

2. Unavoidable circumstances VRS under protest 4

3. KVIB letter dated 7-8-2014 VRS, without personal hearing 5

4. CWP No. 24352 of 2018 orders related to Personal hearing 6-8

5. Proposal for suspension till Inquiry report, seen by Chief 9

6. Suspension order dated 29-4-2013 10

7. Subsistence allowances without 75% after 6 months with 11-12

example as past practices in KVIB
8. Marketing Inquiry dated 1-4-2014, supplied vide 4764-65 dated 13
29-5-2014 without passing re-instatement orders
9. CWP No. 25704 of 2016, suspension quashed without reason 14-17

10. Sickness – fitness proved genuine by Police 18

11 KVIB order 25-4-2013 dispatched on 4-6-2013 rejecting leave 19

12 SP, SVB affidavit in CRM-M No. 18704 of 2016 20-21