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March 26, 2019

To Whom it May Concern:

Cira Davis has worked directly under my supervision as a camp counselor and camp director at the Glen
Ellyn Park District’s since May 2015. Cira originated as a camp counselor in our Turf & Surf program,
then moved into the camp director position after just one summer. As Camp Director, her main tasks
included developing engaging activities for a variety of ages, providing a safe environment for
participants, handling any problems/issues with parents, following safety procedures (accident reports,
etc.), and communicating day-to-day information with parents/guardians in our Turf & Surf program.

Cira is a very determined and thoughtful individual, she knew she would one day want to work in the
Elementary School setting and asked to switch to our all-day camp program, Camp Caravan, for more
experience and a change of pace. Cira did an exceptional job as the Camp Caravan co-director the
summer of 2018. She faced many challenges throughout the summer not only learning a new position,
but we also experience our highest enrollment in years! Cira was always willing to help not only our
campers on a tough day, but her communication and direction with staff made for a very successful

In the time Cira has been with the Glen Ellyn Park District, she has done an exceptional job fulfilling
her job description and continually goes above and beyond for the kids and families in our camps. She
utilizes her background in education to effectively manage her groups as well as the staff she works
with. She consistently brings new and exciting ideas to our daily activities and field trips and her
creativity and passion for her craft shine through. Cira is very professional, and her people skills are
outstanding. She is very flexible with her hours and is always punctual. When needed, she comes in
early, or stays late, to the benefit of the program. She also has great leadership skills and is extremely

I hold Cira’s character in high regard. She has been an asset to our organization and our camp programs
for several years. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Cira Davis. As a dedicated and
knowledgeable employee and all-around great person, I know that she will be a successful teacher at
whichever school is lucky enough to have her.

Please feel free to contact me at 630-942-7264 should you like to discuss Cira’s qualifications and
experience further. I would be happy to expand on my recommendation.


Jessica Marquez
Jessica Marquez
Recreation Supervisor