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POWERPLUS 100 ENGINE SERVICE MANUAL OFFICIAL FACTORY MANUAL OSes EYEE) INDIAN POWERPLUS™ 100 ENGINE SERVICE PROCEDURES Introduction ‘Component and Systems Description ‘Component Locations ‘Troubleshooting occ Symptom-Related Diagnostics, eres Basic Engine Tests Maintenance. Maintenance Schedule. Engine Maintenance Procedures Changing Engine Oil. il Fitter Replacement. Cleaning the Tappet Screen Spark Plug Replacement Engine Removal and Installation .. Tools required. .......- Removing Chassis Components and Engine Accessories. ee : Engine Removal pr A 10 Engine Installation, air : 13 Installing Chassis Components and Engine Accessories. ier mer Engine Disassembly and Assembly ms 7 8 ‘Tools required Rocker Box Procedures Pushrod and Tube Removal and Installation. Cylinder Head Procedures. Cylinder and Piston Assembly Procedures Alternator Rotor/Stator Removal and Installation. Lifter Block Removal and Installation Oil Pump Removal and Installation Ignition Cover Housing/Rotor Removal and Installation Cam, Breather Valve and Pinion Gear Removal and Installation, Crankease Disassembly and Assembly... 38 Specifications. 29 G 3 General po a 43 Fits and Tolerances. ee 3 Fastener Torque Values .. : eee 45 Lubricants and Sealants 46 Required Tools. 7 Available Special Tools . . 7 Tool Drawings 5 , 48