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Web Engineering 12-02-2019


Ali Irfan
Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science,
Bahria University Islamabad

Rules of Engagement (ROEs)

Weapons of Attention Destruction (WAD)
Web Engineering 12-02-2019

Word of Wisdom

“There is a difference in knowing the path and walking the path.”


Brief Course Plan

• Web Engineering/Development Overview
• Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
• Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
• Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
• Client Side Script (JavaScript & Jquery)
• Responsive Web Designs
• Server Side Scripting (ASP.Net)
• ADO.Net (Database Connectivity)
• Configuring ASP.Net Web Applications
• Web Application Performance

• Term Project (A Full-Fledge working website)

Web Engineering 12-02-2019

Learning Material

What is Web?

• An information space where documents/resources are:

• Identified by a URL,
• Linked by Hypertext,
• Accessed over the Internet

• Internet born in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee

• First website in 1991
Web Engineering 12-02-2019

Unified Resource Identifier (URI)



Unified Resource Locator (URL)

https/ftp  describes the protocol

www/ftpservername  service requested  domain name (IP)
/buic/cs/  location (on host) of the resource requested
Index.html/timetable.pdf  document or resource requested (message)
Web Engineering 12-02-2019

How Browser Understand You?

IP Lookup IP Lookup
Local ISP

Display Content

Resource Request (e.g.

Requested Content (e.g. HTML)

Web Server:

Importance of Course (Web)

• More than 1 billion websites

• Reveals your “EXISTANCE”

• Make money either:

• direct (e.g. Ecommerce) or
• indirect (e.g. advertisements)

• Business process reengineering

• And much more…..

Web Engineering 12-02-2019

Perception of Web Development

Web Project Planning & Management

Web Based Systems

Website Design

Web Page Design

Web Page Construction

What’s Difference?
• Constant evolution, short development cycles

• Content and User Experience

• Emerging tools & technologies

• Performance Optimization & Security Considerations

• Legal, Social & ethical issues

Web Engineering 12-02-2019

• Introduction to HTTP