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ENGINE MECHANICAL — Cylinder Head (1G-€) ‘old Sta econ 16, 16, 1, [Wasnom Wome Wo ta pressure gua) 18. | oH vega] terpower steering) won) 4 INSTALL COLD START INJECTOR PIPE Install the cold start pipe with the gaskets andl union bolts. Torque: 180 kg-om (13 feb, 18 Nem) INSTALL SIX SPARK PLUGS. INSTALL DISTRIBUTOR (See page 1G-13) INSTALL WATER OUTLET HOUSING INSTALL PCV HOSE AND VACUUM HOSES INSTALL ALTERNATOR AND ADJUSTING BAR INSTALL POWER STEERING PUMP AND BRACKET ADJUST DRIVE BELTS DEFLECTION {See stop 14 on page EM-30) EM-70 ENGINE MECHANICAL — Cylinder Head (1-GE! CYLINDER HEAD (1G-GE) COMPONENTS ( Clinger Head Cover EX Side) Cylinder Hood Cover 2 casket Came camenatt sing CaP Comahat Beating a wae oe 500 Camahat © — gO ie —_ eu Valve Spr ‘Yates Stem 08 Seat mE SNS Siena Scat Eshoust Meifold casket valve ea wr. Camsatt Timing Paley (EX Sie) Upper nsuator Cylinder Head Ba= —cyinder Ree Cover Posey ON Side ee garkat® Gasiat —Ostary Plo “ining Bot No.2 Timing Bett Cover ‘# casket Intake Menfots oatket : No.2 Water Bypass Pipe “Tightening torque * Nen-rovsble part . ENGINE MECHANICAL — Cylinder Head (16-GE) M71 REMOVAL OF CYLINDER HEAD (See page EM-70) iy 1. IE VEHICLE HAS AIR CONDITIONING, REMOVE DRIVE BELT AND COMPRESSOR WITH BRACKET 2, REMOVE ALTERNATOR AND BRACKET (a) Loosen the water pump pulley sat nuts (0) Loosen the pivat bolt, Jock bolt and adjusting bolt and ramove the alternator drive belt {Remove the pivot bolt, lock bolt and alternator. [)_ Remove the bolt, nut and bracket. 3. REMOVE POWER STEERING PUMP AND BRACKET Bolt sss 4, REMOVE FLUID COUPLING WITH FAN AND WATER PUMP PULLEY (a) Remove the four nuts from the fluid coupling flange (bi) Remove the fluid coupling with fan and water pump pulley 5, DISCONNECT FOLLOWING HOSES: (al PCV hase from cylinder head cover (b) Vacuum sensing hose from pressure regulator (a) Power steering vacuum hose {dl No, 2 water by-pass hoses from ISC valve |e) Water by-pass pipe from throttle body and heator water outiet pips (6) Fuel return hose from pressure regulator 6, REMOVE AIR INTAKE CONNECTOR 7. REMOVE HIGH TENSION CORDS FROM SPARK Plugs