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Evidence of the Galactic Centre’s disastrous INFLUENCE on Earth: The Major Transits of the Moon to the

Galactic Centre and the Events of 2010
S. Seymour Hedke The major aspectsi between the Sun, Moon and heavenly bodies in relation to the Galactic Centre have a decisive role to play when disasters occur on our planet Earth. In this article I will show how this is reflected in the events of 2010. For simplicity I will use graphs showing only the Galactic Centre and the Earth with the positions of the Moon and occasionally, where relevant, also the Sun.

In 2005 I discovered that the magnitude 9.1 Mw Indian
Ocean Earthquake of December 2004, with its consequent deadly tsunami, was causally related to the centre of our galaxyii. the Sun was in a wide conjunction with the Galactic Centre close to the winter solstice while the almost Full Moon was opposite them both on the other side of the Earth at 27°24´ of the tropical sign Gemini near the summer solstice point.

On 26 December 2004

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
This led to the discovery of similar patterns in all the worst disasters in history.

In 2010 iiiI began following the disasters more
persistently and noting particularly the Sun and Moon’s position in relation to the Galactic Centre.

On January 12 2010 the first conjunctioniv of the
Moon to the Galactic Centre brought a magnitude 7 earthquake to Haiti resulting in about the same number of fatalities than the Indian Ocean of December 2004! At the time of the Haiti earthquake (4.53 am EST Port Au Saidv) the Moon was in 28° 26´Sagittarius.

2010 Haiti Earthquake

In February the conjunction of the Moon to the Galactic Centre coincided with the Second North American blizzard of 2010
There were 3 fatalities.

On February 18 2010 a 6.9 earthquake
occurred as the Sun was sextile the Galactic Centre (0° Pisces) and the Moon was in trine from Aries. However, more worthy of mention is the largest earthquake of the year (to the time of writing).

On 27 February 2010 the M 8.8 earthquake
in Chile occurred. There were 521 registered fatalities. On this date there was also an exact trine aspect of the Moon to the Galactic Centre. At 6:34 GMT, the Moon was in 27°05´Leo. Significantly the Moon was almost full, as had been the case in the Indian Ocean Earthquake.

2010 Chile earthquake ********

2010 Chile earthquake - Building destroyed in Concepción

On March 8 2010, 2:32 UTC (4:32 Local
Time), the next conjunction of the Moon to the Galactic Centre brought a magnitude 6.1 earthquake to the Eläzig Province of Turkey. The Moon was in 22° 32´Sagittarius (4°28’ to exact conjunction). There were 42 fatalities.

2010 Elâzığ earthquake ********

On April 4 2010, with the next conjunction
of the Moon to the Galactic Centre, the Baja Earthquake struck the area bordering California and Mexico. At 15:40 pm P.D.T. (22:40 UTC) the Moon was in 27° 42’ Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Centre in 27° Sagittarius (0° 42´from exact conjunction). The magnitude 7.2 earthquake caused 4 fatalities.

2010 Baja California earthquake

******** On April 14 2010, as the Sun and Moon were exactly conjunct in the fire sign Aries and trine the
Galactic Centre (2° 32’ to exact trine), a magnitude 6.9 earthquake in China caused 2,698 deaths.

2010 Yushu earthquake Also on 14th April, the Iceland volcano that
had begun erupting as the Sun was square the Galactic Centre (20 March),vi now began the second and more powerful phase of its eruption. Planes were grounded all over Europe.1

2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull
The last phase of the trine of the Sun to the Galactic Centre was further marked by the explosion of Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 20 2010.

Interesting to this event is that the worst ever eruption in recent records was Mount Tambora in Indonesia back in 1815. Then also both Sun and Moon were conjunct in Aries and also in trine to the Galactic Centre.


******** On May 1st to 2nd the Moon was
conjunct the Galactic Centre as a thousand year flood swamped the state of Tennessee in the USA.

2010 Tennessee Floods ******** On May 9 a magnitude 7.2 earthquake
occurred in North Sumatra at 12.59 pm local time. The Moon was in 22° 08´Pisces square the Galactic Centre.

******** On May 29 2010 the Moon was again conjunct the Galactic Centre and just past full as volcanoes
erupted in Central and South America. One erupted near Guatemala City as the Moon reached full in early Sagittarius just before conjunction to the Galactic Centre on 27-28 May. A further eruption followed in Ecuador on the 29th, where thousands were forced to flee. A storm formed also on the 29th and dissipated on the 30th causing floods in Guatemala that resulted in the deaths of over 300 people.

Tropical Storm Agatha (2010)
The Tropical Storm Agatha is thought to have triggered the creation of a huge sinkhole in Guatemala City.

Tropical Storm Agatha blows a hole in Guatemala City


In June 2010 the Sun moved to oppose the Galactic Centre. The first large earthquake occurred as
the Moon joined the Sun.

On Saturday 12 June 19:26:35 UTC (Sunday
13 June 2010 Sunday at 01:26:35 local time ) a magnitude 7.5/ 7.7 earthquake shook the Indian Ocean near the Nicobar Islands, close to the area where the Tsunami of December 2004 had been triggered. The Moon was in almost the exact same position as in December 2004 in 26°31’Geminivii and conjunct the Sun in 21° 43’ Gemini that was likewise in an early opposition to the Galactic Centre. Another June 13 earthquake that would have been with the Moon opposite the Galactic Centre as well was also a magnitude 7.5 that hit Vanuatu. Together they are so far the fourth largest of the year The Sun’s June passage through the plane of the Milky Way triggered a huge number of floods! Among the notable ones were, on June 11 the Arkansas Floods, then the Var Floods in the south of France on the 15th (25 fatalities), from mid to end of June 2010 there was widespread flooding in Brazil, where at least 51 were killed, the American Canada border area was also affected by river flooding, a highway was washed away. In late June there were the Romanian Floods, and there was also a longer period of flooding in Chinaviii. A further ten or more floods could be added to this list of floods from June 2010.

On June 20, as the Sun was within 1° of exact
opposition to the Galactic Centre, the largest solar flare of the year occurred.

******** On June 26 the Full Moon was again conjunct
the Galactic Centre and opposite the Sun. In the central part of the American continent three storms had developed including one that became the first tropical storm in the Atlantic and the first hurricane of 2010. Although Celia and Darby did little damage, Alex, that formed as a tropical storm in the Atlantic on the 25th, developed into the first Hurricane of 2010, and the first to occur as early as June since 1995, and that too was an isolated incident. On the opposite side of the globe, in the Indonesian area, two earthquakes hit the news, one in the Solomon Isles and the other off the coast of Java.

For the Solomon Isles quake the Moon was at 1° 38’ Capricorn and the Sun at 4° 32’ Cancer. The initial 7.1 report was revised to a 6.7 by USGS. Also, less specifically stated, but seeming to stem from this date, anomalies began in the Sun which were hidden for two weeks as the Sun turned away. Yet on Earth many areas were beginning to suffer from a heat wave. For me in my area of Germany the heat wave could be dated from 26 Juneix.

On July 10 A 6.2/ 6.3 earthquake struck south of the Mariana Islands as the Moon was opposite the Galactic Centre. The next passage of the Moon over the Galactic Centre, on July 23 2010 coincided with a very definite peak of major earthquake activity in the Philippines: three earthquakes with a magnitude over 7! The Moon was in 6° 56´Capricornx as the first of the earthquakes occurred: a magnitude 7.3. The local time for the first was 6:08 am, July 24 2010. This was followed within the next hour approximately by the other two of 7.6 and 7.4. The universal time was 22:51 on July 23 2010 for the largest 7.6 earthquake.

Three Earthquakes Moro Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines ********
The next conjunction of the Moon to the Galactic Centre on August 20 UTC (or 21st local time 3:56 am) brought a 6.5 magnitude earthquake to the Bourganville region of Papua New Guinea. For some of these preceding earthquakes and other disasters I had predicted the liklihood by type and often by area among friends in Facebook, in articles, or on my website, but the first time I decided to write an article predicting a precise date and type of disaster, was for the 3

September 2010.
The first newsworthy earthquake that occurred on the 3

September was at 2 am (11.16 am

UTC) up in Adak, Alaska: it was a magnitude 6.3. A Green Alert was given in the Indonesian area also, for an earthquake that I believe was initially given out as over magnitude 6 but is later recorded as a magnitude 5.6.

Storm activity was certainly present On the 2nd I counted six cyclonic storms and fears were present. certainly roused by Hurricane Earl that reached peak intensity on the 2nd and came closest to the United States coast on the 3rd but then failed to really deliver. Nevertheless there were 6 deaths and damages of $43.3 million (2010 USD) caused by Earl.

These expenses were topped by a typhoon in the Korean area Typhoon Kompasu , active at the area: pasu rd same time and lasting till the 3 September; Kompasu caused at least 29 deaths and a made total damage of $58.3 million (2010 USD). However, as suspected, the storm danger died out and I was left to wait and have faith in the correctness of what I was doing until the opposition between the Moon and Galactic Centre was nearly over. But then the worst and more expensive damage came: an earthquake in New Zealand.2

2010 Canterbury earthquake
arthquake, The Canterbury earthquake, also known as the Christchurch earthquake, hit the south , island of New Zealand at 16:35 on

3 September UTC, (or 4:35 am on 4
September 2010 local time). It was given out as a 7.5, or 7.4 soon after, and then it sank to a 7.1Mw (Wiki) being in most places now thought of as a m 7 (USGS) (USGS).

Still it had quite amazing effects on the landscape and it was bordering on abnormal that no one was killed, as pictures may remind, as it occurred at a time when most people would still have been asleep, Nevertheless 160,000 houses were damaged or destroyed and t cost of repairs has been the estimated at NZ$2bn ($1.44bn; £930m) £930m). Mark Quigley, a geology professor leading a team investigating the cause of the quake, is claimed to have said: “One side of the earth has lurched to the right…(and) Up to 11 feet in some places p has been thrust up.”xi
Storm drain pushed up through road in the 2010 Canterbury earthquake Cancer, so 8° 25’ The Moon was in 5° 35’ Ca

In an earlier article I also predicted the correct zone for this earthquake.

from exact opposition to the Galactic Core, but still within the used orb as the earthquake occurred.

For the 30th September I also felt
there might be some storm or earthquake activity so I gave the matter air in any other two articles.

Prediction of a Possible DisasterLarge Earthquake or Storm - 30 September to 1st October 2010
Of course it was only a part of the reason that the Moon would again be opposite the Galactic Centre. Still I was correct, perhaps not in any very dramatic or deadly way, but there was storm damage and two large earthquakes occurred. The storm damage came from the tropical storm Nicole with $153.8 million (2010 USD) worth of damage and at least 13 deaths. On the 30th particularly many were cut off from their homes as rainfall flooded roads and emergency centers were set up. The large earthquakes came early, on the 29th September 17:10 and 1711 UTC, or 30


2:10 and 2:11 am local time in Papua, Indonesia. Of course the correct prediction has

not interested many people as first it occurred in an uninteresting area of the world, imagine what publicity it would have had if the earthquake had occurred in California! Second there were no great numbers of deaths. Still the causal principle for these earthquakes storms and floods is the same. Originally the largest earthquake on the 30th September 2010 was a magnitude 7.4 but USGS changed that. Of course there are many ways of measuring magnitude but USGS has lowered a large number of earthquakes this year from their original measurement. As these two originally over magnitude 7 quakes occurred, the Moon was in 18° 10´Gemini, so just moving toward the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagittarius and at 8°.50’ to exact opposition. As the earthquake occurred in a supposedly unpopulated area there were no registered fatalities. October has continued to bring earthquakes connected to the position of the Moon and other bodies in relation to the Galactic Centre and I hope to re-do this article at the end of the year. To summarize the findings I thought Id place the main charts of each month together.



MARCH 8 2010

APRIL 4 2010


MAY 1 - 2

MAY 29






The most deadly earthquake of the year in January showed the Moon conjunct the Galactic Centre. The largest in February showed the Moon trine the Galactic Centre, the second most deadly showed the Moon and Sun trine the Galactic Centre...and so on. Five Moon transits over the Galactic Centre have brought significant earthquakes ( either magnitude 7 or over, or deadly), while all months so far have brought, through the conjunction or opposition of the Moon to the Galactic Centre, some kind of large earthquake or other catastrophic event. As to the purpose of these events we usually see as disasters, or the emotions that such knowledge may bring, there is no space here for comment. But surely this is a truth that is worth knowing about?

S. Seymour Hedke
26 October 2010

To understand more about the aspects: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrological_aspect The centre of our galaxy is a large area! The Galactic Core at Sagittarius A is the one used by astrologers and astronomers as the absolute centre.



In 2010 the Galactic Centre is at 27° Sagittarius of the tropical calendar, close to the winter solstice .



The aspects of conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile are the major aspects in astrology. These are the ones included here. The aspects to the Galactic Centre with the major lights of Sun and Moon should be given a wide orb for the Galactic Centre. Here I give an orb of 10° to each side for conjunctions and oppositions, though only 5° to each side for squares, trines and sextiles. v Here is one independent astrological chart with which one can check this data. vi Its eruption began on the very day the Sun entered the fire sign Aries, having just passed conjunction with Uranus. The year before that same passage of the Sun into Aries moving over Uranus in square to the Galactic Centre had triggered the eruption of Mount Redoubt on 22 March 2009. vii The Moon was less than half a degree to the exact opposition to the Galactic Centre and less than 1° to the Moon’s position in December 2004. viii The whole year of 2010 has been filled with floods additionally because of the position of the South Node of the Moon in Cancer: a sign of water associated (by me) with floods.

A longer term reason for increasing heat on planet earth is the entry of Uranus into the sign Aries in 2010. Aries is a spring fire sign in which yearly temperatures increase when the Sun enters it in the northern hemisphere. x I am here allowing an orb of 10° which this earthquake falls within, but an orb of 12° would be also supportable. The reason why the earthquakes tend to occur when Sun or Moon or other body is placed in Capricorn is because Capricorn is an earth sign and associated with earthquakes. It is in fact the increasing proximity of the Galactic Centre to this sign that is triggering the earth changes. Also Pluto is in Capricorn at this time and for a number of years and at present as the earthquake occurred conjunct the North Node of the Moon and square the ruler of Capricorn: Saturn.



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