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Moving on to the next aspects that we use to hear which is ethic.

We might have heard this word

thousand times already during public speeches or whenever we attended any short courses or seminar, be
it related to the government or even in the private sectors in Malaysia. Little did we realize the real meaning
behind this word is truly what we should bear in our mind and start practicing it to be a much proper, decent
Malaysian. Ethics is derived from the Greek word, ethos which carries the meaning of the character, spirit
and attitudes of group of people or culture (Khalidah et al., 2014; Rahman, 2013). This can be explained
more as a set of principles that contains behavioral codes to determine the right and wrong act and assess
whether they are just or fair from different perspectives be it individually, organizational or social
perspective .On the other hand, referring to narrowing to the part of Islamic Principles of Business
Organization and Management book written by Hanafi and Hamid Salam, ethics may be defined as model
behavior that should be followed in order to harmonize human relationship an minimize abuse and work
for the welfare of society (Faridi, 1997). We can now clearly see how ethics might play a great role in
ensure the prosperity of our life.

Referring to a real life scenario of the Bright Sparklers 1991 incident, there is a lot of ethical problems that
we can look into that actually contributed to be cause of the incident to happen. Ethics in life existed for a
greater cause which one of them is to solve moral problems resulted from many choices where individuals
is require to ponder for a while before committing his next act. During this carefully thinking process, many
questions will be asked to himself regarding what is the good and bad, pros and cons of his action and even
what is right and wrong prior to make an decision even when there would be so many options and choices
lies ahead of him . This is where knowledge and awareness on ethics will be implement for the best decision
making. When a decision is made, that person is fully responsible for it. With such a great responsibilities,
one should not practice any unethical behavior when working, for example; negligence that closely related
to the Bright Sparklers 1991 incident. Negligence of the worker in charge that ignored the safety instructions
and did not do the firework testing at the designated place. When testing gone wrong, thus creating series
of fatal explosions that causes the loss of 86 innocent lives.

Meanwhile in business field, a company should be properly equipped and established which meets all safety
requirements. Poor administration of the Bright Sparklers Sdn. Bhd. in providing proper workplace for their
business was an unethical act that may seems like a trivial matter but little that they know their act is the
starting of their doom. These acts are clearly wrong and highlighting how crucial it is to comprehend and
enact the true ethics in Malaysia. With ethics, we are able to differentiate between good and bad, either
right or wrong. This is important as their act would be a reflection on their selves. Role of ethics here help
in making better choices by considering right and how the decision affects others surrounding us. (Zuehlke,

In this shocking rapid growth of nowadays modern world, rules and regulations are not that scary enough
for the people to really abide by the law. Ethics is seen to help in securing and safeguarding the society
from breaking rules and doing any wrong act. During the investigations of the incident, the factory was
reported to be so old and in dire state that required renovations. It also did not have any proper safety
precautions with the lack of fire equipment. On top of that, the company also recruited illegal workers
which is clearly breaking the law. Dealing with chemicals and producing firecrackers that is clearly in a
high risk of catching fire, well trained workers should be recruited with a proper safety training as well
instead of those illegal workers that surely know nothing regarding safety precautions. In this case, the law
would be impossible to stop every single wrong act from happening but only ethics have the higher chance
to a stop to it. Lawyers and public interest litigations may not be a great deal to the society but the society
will be controlled and secured by ethical and moral rules instead. Ethics may stop organizations from
harming the society and environment by really abiding to the law and fully responsible with their act. With
all these elaborated above, we can never deny ethics in our life and how salient it is to have an ethical
society that is responsible to their act so that they would not dare to do anything unethical that would cause
any harm as it would not just affecting one person but also causes destructions to the environment.