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Nitoflor FC150 constructive solutions

Slip resistant epoxy resin floor coating

Uses Properties

Nitoflor FC150 provides a slip resistant, hard wearing, o o

Ambient Temperature: @ 20 C @ 30 C
chemical and abrasion resistant floor finish. It also provides Pot life: 40 min. 20 min.
a high build top coating to the Nitoflor SL slip resistant range Cure time: 24 hrs 18 hrs
of products. Maximum time between coats: 36 hrs 15 hrs
Light traffic use after: 24 hrs 18 hrs
It is ideally suited for use in wet areas where a high degree of
Full traffic use after: 48 hrs 24 hrs
chemical resistance is required e.g. dairies, soft drinks
Resistant to chemical spillage: 7 days 5 day
production, chemical manufacture etc.
Mixed Specific Gravity: 1.63 ± 0.05
Typical uses include food and beverage production areas, Compressive strength:* 70 N/mm
hygienic clean rooms, high density traffic warehouses, Flexural strength:* 40 N/mm
workshops, car production facilities, showrooms, Tensile strength:* 20 N/mm
pharmaceutical industries, and as a traffic deck protection Volume of Solids: 100%
system. Impact Resistance
(ASTM D 2794 : 1996: 9.85 Joules
Surface Hardness
Advantages ASTM D 2240 :1996: 85 Shore D
Abrasion Resistance 100 mg / 1000 cycles
 Hard wearing: Durable, low maintenance costs. ASTM D 4060 : 1996 (C10 wheel)
Bond strength to concrete*: Greater than the
 Chemical resistant: Proven against a wide range of cohesive strength
industrial chemicals. of concrete
* Obtained on resin system only.
 Solvent free: No odour during application.

 Slip resistant: Different textures available to suit Chemical resistance

Nitoflor FC150 has been tested for resistance to a
 Seamless: Liquid applied providing complete protection. comprehensive range of industrial chemicals. The results
below were obtained after constant immersion for 3 months
o o
 Attractive: Available in wide range of colours to improve at 20 C and 35 C. Samples were visually inspected and
the working environment and identify slip hazard areas. tested in accordance with ASTM D-2240 (Shore ‘D’
 Locally produced: Specially formulated for use in
Middle East conditions. Acids Concentration Resistance
Hydrochloric: 36% Excellent
Description Nitric: 25% Good
Sulphuric: 50% Excellent
Nitoflor FC150 is a solvent free system based on epoxy Phosphoric: 50% Good
resins and curing agents specially selected for their ability to Acetic: 10% Excellent
withstand chemical attack. The system consists of pre- Lactic: 10% Excellent
weighed base, hardener, and colour pack components. Citric: 10% Excellent

The optional slip resistant texture is provided by the use of Alkali

one of a range of Nitoflor Anti-slip Grains which have been Sodium hydroxide: 50% Excellent
carefully graded to ensure an even surface. Ammonia (0.880): 10% Excellent

Colours Solvents
Petrol: Excellent
Nitoflor FC150 is available in the following standard colours; Oil: Excellent
Brick-red, White, Sage Green, Off White, Buff, Silver Grey, Kerosene: Excellent
Dark Grey. Acetone: Not resistant
Butanol: Good
Skydrol: Good
Industrial Methylated Spirits: Good

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Nitoflor FC150
Others ponding or over application. The primer should be left to
Bleach (5%): Excellent achieve a tack-free condition before applying the top coat.
Bleach (concentrated): Poor
Saturated sugar solution: Excellent Mixing the topcoat
Urea (saturated): Excellent
In a separate mixing vessel, use a slow speed drill and
At elevated temperatures or where mixtures of chemicals are paddle to mix the base, hardener, and one color pack for 3
involved, please consult our technical department. minutes. Mix these components in the quantities supplied
taking care to ensure all containers are scraped clean. Do
Specification clause not add Solvent Thinners at any time.

The epoxy resin floor coating shall be Nitoflor FC150 from Laying
Fosroc. The total dry film thickness of the coating shall be
500 microns and shall have a compressive strength of 70 The first coat of Nitoflor FC150 should be laid using a
2 2
N/mm , flexural strength of 40 N/mm and a tensile strength medium haired 3/8” pile roller, or squeegee to achieve a
of 20 N/mm . The floor shall be prepared and the coating continuous coating. Ensure that loose hairs on the roller
mixed and applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s are removed before use. A minimum film thickness of 200
current data sheet. microns should be applied. This can be increased where
specifications demand. The top coat can be applied in the
same manner within 8 to 15 hours of the application of the
Application instructions
top coat.
Surface preparation Antislip Grains
The long term durability of any resin floor system is If the option of using Antislip Grains has been chosen, the
determined by the adhesive bond achieved between the base coat should be dressed with the chosen Nitoflor
flooring material and the substrate. It is most important Antislip Grains as soon as possible after laying of the base
therefore that substrates are correctly prepared prior to coat. The recommended procedure is to completely blind
application. the base coat i.e. apply excess dressing aggregate to
completely obliterate the base coating.
New concrete floors
Alternatively, the Nitoflor Antislip Grains can be broadcast in
These should normally have been placed for at least 28 days a light random dressing to provide a less dense finish, or
and have a moisture content of less than 5%. They should the product can be used to obtain a smooth finish by
be sound and free from contamination such as oil and omitting the Antislip Grains.
grease, mortar and paint splashes or curing compound
residues. Excessive laitence can be removed by light When the base coat has reached initial cure (after 12 hours
mechanical scabbling, grinding or grit blasting. Light laitence o o
at 20 C or 5 hours at 35 C), the excess aggregate should
can be removed by acid etching followed by thorough be vacuum cleaned from the surface.
washing with clean water, vacuum cleaning and then allowing
the surface to dry. The top coat can now be applied by medium haired roller.
Care should be taken to ensure that a continuous film is
Old Concrete floors
achieved and the rough surface caused by the aggregate is
completely sealed. This topcoat must be applied within 36
Where deep seated contamination has occurred mechanical o o
hours at 20 C (15 hours at 35 C) of the application of the
methods such as blasting, grinding or scabbling should be resin base coat.
used to provide a suitable clean surface. Any necessary
repairs should be carried out using Nitomortar S or Expansion Joints
Nitomortar FC (see separate data sheets).
Expansion joints in the existing substrate must be retained
Priming and continued through the Nitoflor FC150 topping. Fosroc
have a range of joint sealants specifically designed for
Priming is not normally required provided the substrate is flooring (see Nitoseal 280, Thioflex 600 and Colpor 200
sound, untreated (no curing compound) and good quality non product data sheets).
porous concrete. However, if concrete surface is porous, or
w/c ratio is >0.5 it is recommended to use Nitoprime 31. Cleaning
Nitoprime 31 should be mixed in the proportions supplied. Tools and equipment should be cleaned with Fosroc
Add the entire contents of the hardener can to the base can. Solvent 102 immediately after use. Spillages should be
When thoroughly mixed, preferably using a slow speed drill absorbed with sand or sawdust and disposed of in
and paddle, the primer should be applied in a thin, accordance with local regulations.
continuous film using rollers or stiff brushes. Work the primer
well into the surface of the concrete taking care to avoid

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Nitoflor FC150
Estimating Some people are sensitive to epoxy resins, hardeners and
solvents. Gloves, goggles and barrier creams, such as
Supply Kerodex Anti-solvent and Rozalex Anti-paint, should be
used. Ensure adequate ventilation, and if working in
Nitoprime 31: 1 and 4 Litre packs enclosed areas use suitable breathing apparatus.
Nitoflor FC150: 4.5 Litre packs
Nitoflor Antislip Grains: 25 kg bags If mixed resin comes into contact with the skin, it must be
Fosroc Solvent 102: 4 litre cans removed before it hardens with a resin removing cream
such as Kerocleanse Standard Grade Skin Cleanser or
Coverage Rozaklens Industrial Skin Cleanser, followed by washing
with soap.
2 Should accidental eye contamination occurs, wash well with
Nitoprime 31: 8 m /Litre
Nitoflor FC150 (base coat): 2
5 m /Ltr @ 200 microns plenty of clean water and seek medical advice. If
Nitoflor FC150 (top coat): 2
5 m /Ltr @ 200 microns swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. Do not
induce vomiting.
Optional use of Antislip Grains, top coat coverage of
Nitoflor FC150 becomes: Fire
On Antislip Grain No. 2: 4 m /Ltr
2 Fosroc Solvent 102 is flammable. Do not expose to naked
On Antislip Grain No. 3: 4 m /ltr flames or other sources of ignition. No Smoking.
Containers should be tightly sealed when not in use. In the
Nitoflor Antislip Grains event of fire extinguish with CO 2 or foam.
(m /25 kg bag on 250 micron base coat)
Flash Points
Antislip Grain No. 2: 1.25 - 3 m / Kg
Antislip Grain No. 3: 1.25 - 3.5 m / Kg Nitoprime 31 is not flammable.
(Abel closed cup method IP33)
Over all system thickness with Nitoflor Antislip Grains: o
Nitoflor FC150 Base: Above 50 C
Nitoflor FC150 Hardener: Above 50 C
Nitoflor FC150 system - final Estimated Fosroc Solvent 102: o
30 C
thickness thickness
With Antislip Grain No. 2: Medium 1.50-2.0mm Shelf life
With Antislip Grain No. 3: Fine 0.75-1.5mm
Nitoflor FC150 has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in
The above coverage rates are given for guidance only. warehouse conditions below 35 C in unopened packs.
Actual coverage rates will depend upon substrate
Additional information

Technical service Nitoflor FC150 in only one of the Nitoflor FC range of floor
coatings which also includes polyurethane sealers as well
The company provides a technical advisory service as water and solvent based epoxy coatings (see Nitoflor
supported by a team of specialists in the field. FC110, Nitoflor FC130, Nitoflor FC140 and Nitoflor FC145
data sheets).
In addition the Nitoflor range includes concrete hardeners,
Health and safety self-levelling resin floors and heavy duty resin screeds to
meet the requirements of most industrial environments.
Nitoflor FC150 Base and Hardener, Nitoprime 30/31 and
Fosroc Solvent 102 should not come in contact with skin Ancillary products include repair products, surface dressings
and eyes or be swallowed. Avoid prolonged inhalation of and joint sealants. For information or any of these products
solvent vapours. please contact your local Fosroc representative.

Important note:
Fosroc products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject to its standard Conditions
for the Supply of Goods and Services, copies of which may be obtained on request. Whilst Fosroc endeavours to ensure that
any advice, recommendation, specification of information it may give is accurate and correct, it cannot, because it has no direct
or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the
use of its products, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation of information given by it.

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