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1 Introduction

Ice ceream is considered to be a delicacy in our country and becomes a bare necessity
in time of social and religious celebrations. Thanks to Walls’ expertise in this genre,
Magnum offers safe and pure dessert with a pleasant taste for all the family.

Safety and Purity – from the source to the consumer

Magnum is guaranteed by a specific production process, carried out under very strict
hygienic conditions, which ensures that the product is pure and safe right up to the
point packing. Throughout the process, several ongoing quality control measures are

Great and natural taste which suits all the family

Thanks to the face Magnum is enriched with chocolate in its content, it carries a taste
liked by both the gendres. This enables all the family to cherish the taste any time of the

Produced locally, close to the consumer

Magnum is manufactured in the country combining the benefit of a local production

and the strength of a worldwide brand.

Meeting all needs…

Magnum will be available in a wide variety variety of packaging formats to suit all
consumer needs and consumption occasions. The range extends from **************.
The positioning strategy to be employed by Magnum is in accordance with
the local market; as a source of expression of celebrating a moment.
Magnum is a pure sensual chocolate indulgence that both tempts and sooths
your desire of a chocolate ice creame.
The quality of Magnum is better than the competitors- it tastes better; it is
more hygienic and totally unique. The image of Magnum is that it is the
purest and the most delicious form of INDULGENCE and has the most

The secondary or underlying positions of Magnum - globally and for the

upcoming market in Pakistan are the Highest Standard of Luxury and a
Reputation for Taste.

The tag line, as mentioned above, personifies the positioning of Magnum as
the ecstatic chocolaty experience and a delight for sense. This certainly
magnetizes more and more people to go for Magnum.

Unique Selling Proposition:

It is a selling brand with its own set of USP’s, a success in gratifying the
desires. Magnum is totally unique in a class of its own chocolaty dessert.
The USP of Magnum is its enriching experience of chocolate indulgence.

Unique Perception Points:

Rich and thick chocolate with a hint of sweetness.

Levels of a product

• Core Level: Chocolate Ice Cream

• Actual level: Actual Level contain five things which are as follows:

1. Features: Magnum will simply be a chocolate ice cream brand with --

Design: For Design strength, it will be like a regular Ice Cream bar.

Packaging: -- Packaging is an essential protection. It guarantees product

safety and quality from manufacturing through warehousing and distribution
up until the end consumer. It is particularly crucial in preserving the ice
cream over time.
Environmentally-friendly packages: This will be recyclable and will not
impact the environment a negative way.

2. Labeling: Usually labels contain three main things such as:

 Ingredients.
 Logo of Walls and the ice cream.
 Trademark.
Tag line
 Pure indulgence.

3. Branding

 We use same brand name as it contains name as it is already a known

 Same logo and style which is different from others brands in the market.
 Building long-term relationship with customers in order to build Brand

Walls conclude that its brand ‘Brand’ is the “base of operations to meet the need of the
country’s emerging need for a chocolate dessert in convenient sizes and packages to satisfy
a family's requirements. To systematically and cost effectively manufacture and supply
consistently high Quality products and services thus achieving customer satisfaction
profitably and there by ensuring the financial well being of the company and maximum
returns to the stakeholders.

Marketing Objectives
1. Maintain positive, steady, growth each month.
2. Highest market share in ice cream market in Pakistan.
3. Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long-term customers.

As the basis of its target market Magnum strives to appeal to all young
adults but we also have kept the families in mind. Male and female, all
consumers are bound to be satisfied by their array of choices. The product
variety is designed specifically to cater to the tastes, preferences and the
quality of the ice creams that satisfies the most discerning of tastes.

Market Segmentation:
For the purpose of defining the target market, the following market
segments were established based on the product idea and the clientele of
already established in other countries.

Economic Profile: Middle Class

Upper Middle Class
Privileged Class

Age Groups: Teenagers 16 - 19 years

Young Adults 18 - 25 years
Adults 25 – 50 years
Mature 50 and above

Professional Classification: Students

Young Professionals
Mature Professionals

Marital and Familial Status: Single

Single with Dependants
Married with Children
Married with Dependants

Ethnic and/or Religious Classification: Christen, Muslim, Hindu Other

Asian, Caucasian, African American, Latin-
American, European
Market Targeting:
While evaluating the consumer market the conclusion was that the ideal
consumer’s economic profile will be

• Upper Middle Class

While the age demographics will be:

• Students and Youngsters

• Professionals

i.e. both lying between 18 and 30 years of age. Gender and Ethnic/Religious
Background was researched to have minimal or no effect on the choices
concerning ice creams made by consumers. In addition to this the filtering of
the masses is done on the basis of three aspects:

• Cities
• Gender
• Family size

Normally middle sized families are pursued with respect to the product range
of Magnum. Though the target market comprises of both men and women,
but our entire marketing campaign revolves around women with respect to
the positioning for the pleasure seeking behavior.

Our vision is “touching hearts, changing lives”. Magnum is a brand of
Walls ice creams that pursues the same vision as theirs. We aim at changing
the tastes, preferences and the living of people using our products.

Walls mission is to add vitality to life. We meet every day needs for
nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel
good, look good and get more out of life.

• Growing the profitability, scale and market share in the Pakistani

• Developing new products that have the potential to reach significant


• Covering at least 60% of the market share by 2011;

• Distinguish Magnum from the other brands of Walls;
• Distinguish the brand from competitors

Moreover, we aim at working to meet our responsibilities to the commercial

partners and the communities in which our brand operates.

Market Definition:
Economic Profile:
We aim to achieve the vision as “touching hearts, changing lives.” We will
continue to use the same formula of chocolate indulgence that is unique to
Magnum. The focus will be on providing a sensual experience with pure
indulgence. Unlike any other ice cream, Magnum has its own class and the
enriching chocolate experience that is perfect in every bite of Magnum. We
say that every time you choose Magnum, it is the desire that arises with in
rather than just the image used by the competitors. Additionally, Magnum
attracts a number of female audiences, from varied backgrounds and classes
of society, one but all having one thing in common; “the independent
feministic approach of the 21st century, revealing that every women is
independent and posses a desire to discover life; to unleash their secret

Age Demographics:
• Students and Youngsters i.e. young men and women in the age
bracket of 18-24 years are estimated to form 75% of the target market. This
group will patronize Magnum for the taste and the corporeal experience as
well as the class. Due to the burgeoning desire for femininity in the youth,
they are flocking towards Magnum. The international presence, reputation of
treat and the image of class associated with Magnum is bound to attract this

• Professionals belonging to all careers and in the age bracket of 24 –

30 years are anticipated to form 25% of the clientele. These will be up and
coming, dynamic persons who will appreciate the delicious taste, sensual
occurrence and the pleasure experience.

Market Segmentation

25% Students &


Since Walls it covers 85% of the market share, with Magnum having around
30% of the total currently, the external competitors have had a very limited
response. Most of the competition lies internally. The major internal
competitor of Magnum is Cornetto. It covers around 42% of the total 85%
market share. According to our objectives we aim to cover 60% of the share.
The retailers’ response is increasing to get negative due to the danger of
preference shifts. We are providing added incentives for that.
• Lack of brand awareness / support
• Premium offering / positioning
• Pricing strategy / portfolio mix
• Local sensitivity to communication
• Chocolate consumption habits
• Availability & Visibility
• Health and wellness credentials

• Establish chocolate credentials, indulgence
• IC off-season (winter) = chocolate season
• Product, Place, Promotion @ Point Of Purchase
• Alternative channels


Brand Name:
The brand name is a signature itself. The name of Magnum signifies luxury,
excellence, pleasure and the fulfillment of desires all over the world. In
today’s market environment, along with quality, Image and Status are also
all important. The quality and excellence that Magnum has have made this
brand name a trademark that is recognized and pursued by the mature self
assured people around the globe.



The image of Magnum is pleasure. The theme has been designed specifically
with the consumers in mind. The emphasis is on the craving for contentment
in the adolescents’ with uniqueness. The scuttle message of lust portrayed
by Magnum invites consumers to enjoy a blissful time without the tacky flash
and glitter.

Color Scheme

The theme of Magnum, from the brand logo, the color scheme of the
hoardings, the deep compelling colors signify a rich chocolaty extravagance.
The dominant color in the logo and the hoardings is black with touches of
browns and gold. The color theme is chosen for a scuttle and mature look
and deep undertones of pleasure.

Product variety:
The creations of Magnum encompass a varied range. Introduced in
Pakistan are only few of them including Magnum Classic, Magnum
caramel and nuts bar, Magnum Death by Chocolate, Magnum Almonds
and Magnum Tub. The exotic flavors and the entrenching experience
are unique to the array of Magnum. They all deliver the same message
of sensual arousal and pleasure.
Magnum Classic: The thick chocolate coated vanilla ice cream melts in
the mouth, leaving an exotic flavor and the yearning for more.

Magnum Almonds: Under the hard and uneven layer of dark chocolate
and almonds lies a soft rich vanilla ice cream.

Magnum Death by Chocolate: the strong chocolate cover when breaks

open, leads to yet another luscious enhanced evil chocolate
experience; Pure Indulgence!!

The premium price point for Magnum is indexed to indulgent parallel
categories. The pricing objectives to be pursued are:

 To maximize profits with keeping the pricing in an affordable

 Maximize the outreach and availability;
 Establish and own the quality benchmark for ice cream.

The prices allocated to each of the products mentioned above are:

• Magnum Classic Rs 30
• Magnum Tub Rs. 175
• Death By Chocolate Rs. 50
• Magnum Almonds Rs. 50
• Magnum Caramel & Nuts Bar Rs. 30

Bar and Classic will have same price because of the differential in gram
mage. Death by Chocolate and Almond will serve as value drivers while
Classic will serve as economy driver. Magnum Tub will be for bulk chocolate
consumption. On the whole, Magnum will serve as a middle layer between
Cornetto and In-Home range.

The prices of a few products are comparatively higher. But this is offset by
the outstanding quality and discerning tastes of Magnum. One of the reasons
for choosing the privileged and higher middle classes in the target market is
the prices.

Our Locale / Setting:

After thorough research, and competitive analysis the perfect locations in
terms of exposure, accessibility, ideal target consumer proximity and
competitive edge have been acquired. There is a specific criterion which is
followed while selecting sampling site. Our retailers are divided into four
categories; A, B, C and D. The retailer category is defined according to the:

 Sales generated
 Refrigerators used
 Location of the retailer

The most preferred retailers for us are the ‘A’ category retailers, which are
the Modern Trading outlets, e.g. Agha’s and Motaz. Our priority channels
include bakeries, pharmacies, institutions and MT’s.

The sampling sites for the major cities have been chosen as


• Ebco, Forum
• Aghas
• Select, Sunset
• Select Model, Sharea Faisal
• Amy’s Kh-e-Shamsheer
• OZ
• Nahid, PECHS
• Shell Askaril
• PSO Kh-e-Etihad


M.T. Outlets
• Ayesha Mart, Peco Road
• Ahsan Mart, College Road
• Swera Departmental, Shadman
• ARY Cash n Carry, Saddique Trade Center, Gulberg
• Best Buy Departmental Store, Cavalry Ground
• Grace Shopping, Wapda Town
• International Bakers, Garden Town
• Good Luck Bakers, Johar Town
• Rahim Store, Allama Iqbal Town
• Decent Departmental Store, Wahdat Road

Petrol Pumps
• PSO, Cavalry Ground
• SHELL, Link Road, Model Town
• PSO, Defence Ghazi Chowk
• CALTEX, Block R, Defence
• PSO, Tufail Road, Cantt


• PSO Star Shop, Melody Market, G6-2 Islamabad

• Shell Select Shop, F-07 Markaz
• Harold’s Super Store, Jinnah Super F-07
• Right Way Super, F-11 Markaz
• Al Rehman Medicos, G-11 Markaz


• Zam Zam Bakers

• Shell Shop, Cherry crossings
• Labaik Super Store
• Valley Way Super Store
• PSO Shop near motor way


Retail Outlets
A Category 35%
B Category 25%
C Category 6%
D Category 0%
Trikes 16%
Colleges Canteen 8%
Bakeries 10%

We normally spread out distribution over a wide area therefore; we focus on

the “Web Strategy” for our distribution channels. The entire distribution
area is spread out. We don’t focus on any specific locations; instead we cater
to all locations with respect to our criterions. Extreme focus is laid on visual
liveries. The whole idea of Magnum is to develop an indulgent occurrence
for its customers, and for the purpose we need strong and vibrant visuals. In
addition to this, 10% percent discount is also offered to the retailers on the
purchase of 10 cartons.

The Shop Keeper Units (SKU’s) are dealt with separately, regarding
distribution issues. All the products are not placed at all the outlets. It varies
from location to location according to the retail category and product prices.
The promotional strategy for Magnum encompasses a wide range of
activities. With increasing affluence & changing attitudes, pleasure seeking
behaviour is on the rise. From cosmetics to clothes, travel & leisure to foods,
evolved consumers are looking for occasions to treat themselves, & live their
lives to the fullest. Entry of premium brands like Godiva, Haagen Daaz, is on
the rise. Premium ice creams can provide high indulgence sensorial
experiences to reward one.

Hence a very extravagant promotion has to be done. The main aim of the
promotional activities is to enforce upon the customer the idea of high
indulgence and sensorial experience they will get from Magnum.

For this purpose all the different types of promotional activities will be
utilised including, PR, Personal selling activities, Advertising and sales
promotional activities.

Public Relations

Being a part of an Islamic state ethical issues and government

regulations need to be given due importance, with respect to its
controversial global positioning of women having sexual desires.
The promotion, in Pakistan, has to be done in a way so that it is
accepted by the masses along with the correct portrayal of its pleasure
driven image, with due considerations to the moral issues.
We don’t focus a lot on public relations, the reason being unwanted
highlighting of the controversial global positioning. It is only
prominently seen when any such issue arises. Mostly donations and
charity schemes can be seen.

Personal Selling

Personal selling has a wide scope with Magnum. The sales force can:

 Give incentives to the shopkeepers to avail a certain percentage

of discounts for a given number of sales.

 On a certain amount of stocks purchased the retailers are

provided with special refrigerators for Magnum.
 If the retail store is identified as a Magnum Brand Point, Magnum
branding is done.

In addition to this, trikes and employees at spa’s and salons also play
an important role. The Walls jingle is very appealing and also attracts
the masses.

Sales Promotion

Discounts, prize offerings, refrigerator provisions, sales at institutions

and bakeries are all included in the sales promotional activities.

 Shopkeepers are given incentives

 Refrigerators are provided on high sales
 Discounts on purchase of large amount of cartons


Hoarding Sites

Everyone has to be made aware of the fact that eating a Magnum ice cream isn’t an
ordinary experience. It has its own ritual -- biting into the luscious, luxurious Magnum
chocolate and encountering the contrast of delicious smooth ice cream.

Since magnum is launched in three major cities of Pakistan, the hoarding sites within
these cities are selected keeping in mind the magnum marketing strategy, specifically the
target market and the consumers’ perception about the magnum ice cream

The hoarding sites are filled with hues of blacks and touches of brown with dull gold to
keep up to the rich chocolaty color. Also the darker colors signify pleasure and pure
The table 1 shows the hoarding sites chosen in Karachi.
• The sites are limited to Karachi because of our limted knowledge of other cites and
handicap of mobility.
As mentioned earlier, the hoarding sites are chosen according to the target audience i.e.,
males and females in the age bracket of 18-30. The hoarding sites in Karachi for instance
Shahra-e-Faisal, Marriot Signal, National Stadium Karsaz are inhabited by the target
audience and so the sites are placed and designed to appeal and attract the ideal segments.
Obviously, these segments are developed after through marketing research!
Television Advertisements

No wonder, television advertisements are the most effective medium to communicate

with the target audience as they create the utmost impact on the audience. The Television
advertisements inshort TVC’s of magnum are designed to keep up to the rich, exclusive
image of Magnum icecream. Infact the Magnum name itself signifies luxury, excellence,
pleasure. The TVC’S are aired on channels whose viewership comprises of Magnum’s
target audience. Also, the timing of showing TVC’s is scheduled according to teenagers
and adults most preferred watching time.

The TVC’s are aired on the following Channels

S.NO TV Channels
2 Sindh TV
3 Music Channel
4 TV One (Celebrities Programming)
5 Ary Digital (Loose Spots after 11:00 pm)
6 HUM TV (Loose Spots after 11:00 pm)
7 Aag Tv
8 HBO (Late night shows)
9 Cable (Loose spots between 7-8

The list of channels indicates its most likely viewers. Magum TVC’s are shown on these
channels because their viewers are the ideal patrons of Magnum ice cream.

Print Media

The print media of Magnum’s advertising campaign includes International and National
Daily Newspapers, Magazines, Weekly Magazines and Special Editions. Again, the print
media is chosen that caters specifically to the target audience.

The following Newspapers and Magazines are chosen in print media plan.
Magnum Campagin 27 x 4 Color Dawn Images
Magnum Campagin Full Page Color Jang Sunday Magazine
Magnum Campagin 27 x 4 Color The News Instep K/L/R
Magnum Campagin 27 x 4 Color Nawa-i-Waqt Combined
Magnum Campagin 27 x 4 Color Daily Times K/L
Magnum Campagin 27 x 4 Color Men
Magnum Campagin Full Page Color She
Magnum Campagin Full Page Color Fashion Collection
Magnum Campagin Full Page Color Daily Times Sunday Magazine
Magnum Campagin Full Page Color Good Time
Magnum Campagin Full Page Color Mag
Magnum Campagin Full Page Color Mag
Magnum Campagin Full Page Color Kitchen

The newspapers such as Dawn, The News and Nawa-i-Waqt are read by masses. The
readers comprise not only of target audience but the whole nation. The reason for printing
in these papers is to create awareness in the masses. To pass on the rich classy image of
Magnum and horde them towards inducing preference and acceptance of Magnum

The magazines list comprise of the most selling Men and Woman Magazines of Pakistan.
Magazines such as Men, She, Fashion Collection, The Mag are circulated exclusively
among the target audience.

While choosing the newspapers and magazines the size of the ad stills is also taken into
consideration. Most of the ad stills are of full page color to portray the true essence and
concept of Magnum ice cream. Also, a large image is eye-catching, gives a greater
impact and arrests the reader’s attention.
Launch Activities:
The launch activities play a crucial part in an advertising campaign. It provides the initial
thrust to the product while bringing it infront of the target audience and are then
continued to keep the audiences abreast to the products presence in the market. The
launch activities of Magnum are divided into three categories

Primary Activities:
Primary activities are designed to provide information about the product. Its
primal motive is to create awareness of the product among the target audience. The
primary activities are also called Above the Line Activities (ALA) that includes
Television ads, newspaper and magazines ads etc.

Secondary activities:
Secondary activities are performed only after the target audiences have become
aware of the products existence and the product is demanded via consumers, retailers,
and wholesalers chain. These activities include distribution of Magnum ice cream at
selected retailers, shopping malls, and hangout lounges.

Support activities:
Support activities are additional promotional acts to give boost to the whole
advertising campaign. They are performed to make consumers think, see, hear, and talk
about the products. Sampling in supermarkets, malls, and restaurants, billboards, VIP’s
home delivery list are all included in support activities. The table 3 shows the launch
activities of Magnum icecream.
Table 3. Launch Activities of Magnum
Launch Activities Dec 2007 Jan 2008 2008

Wk 5 Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 1
Primary x

Secondary x x
Sampling in Supermarkets 11-Aug x x x
Sampling in rest and malls 19-Aug x
Print Ads - Major
broadsheets 11-Aug x x
VIP-List home delivery 19-Aug
Billboards 12-Aug x x

The TVC’s will be aired in the 5th week of December. Once the target audience gets an
idea of what Magnum is all about they will show the response. The response time is
approximately two weeks. Within this time walls will come to know whether Magnum
will be successful in the market or it won’t by inferring target audiences response. As the
awareness stage finishes, the acceptance stage begins. At this stage consumers accept the
product and buy it. If they like Magnum they will develop a preference to it and will
continue to buy it. If their experiences ain’t good they will not buy Magnum again.

The budget is described as allocating expenditures for each type of advertising and each
medium. It is an essential part of advertising campaign as it determines how much can be
achieved from how little we could spend. The budget is finalized after through research
in various advertising channels and mediums, placement costs, costs of using alternatives
etc. several methods are used to prepare a budget such as:

 All-you-can-afford Method
 Competitive Parity Method
 Percentage-of-sales Method
 Objective-and-tasks Method

The budget allocated for Magnum is prepared by percentage of sales method


The advertising budget will be directly affected by the choice of media. The
TV Channels chosen for the purpose include (along with the airing time):

 AAJ TV (Loose Spots between 6-7 pm)

 The Muzik (Loose Spots between 7-8 pm)
 TV One (Celebrities Programming)
 ARY Digital (Loose Spots after 11.00 pm)
 HUM TV (Loose Spots after 11.00 pm)
 Aag TV (Loose Spots between 7-8 pm)
 HBO (Late Night Shows)
 Cable (Loose Spots between 7-9 pm)

The expected cost for these is as under:

Table 4. The budget for TVC’s

S.NO TV Channels Cost in Rs. GPRs

1 AAJ TV 2300000 8.5
2 Sindh TV 1725000 6.5
3 Music Channel 345000 5.8
4 Tv One (Celebrities Programing) 1380000 7
5 Ary Digital (Loose Spots after 11:00 pm) 1500000 6.8
6 HUM TV (Loose Spots after 11:00 pm) 1500000 8.5
7 Aag Tv 1265000 7.6
8 HBO (Late night shows) 1500000 8
9 Cable (Loose spots between 7-8 657500 3
cost 8,750,000

Print Ads:

Table 5. The budget for Print Media Plan

Product Size Publication Rate(000)

Campagin 27 x 4 Color Dawn Images 350
Magnum Full Page
Campagin Color Jang Sunday Magazine 530
Campagin 27 x 4 Color The News Instep K/L/R 256
Campagin 27 x 4 Color Nawa-i-Waqt Combined 115
Campagin 27 x 4 Color Daily Times K/L 158
Campagin 27 x 4 Color Men 178
Magnum Full Page
Campagin Color She 87
Magnum Full Page
Campagin Color Fashion Collection 56
Magnum Full Page Daily Times Sunday
Campagin Color Magazine 112
Magnum Full Page
Campagin Color Good Time 56
Magnum Full Page
Campagin Color Mag 115
Magnum Full Page Mag 117
Campagin Color
Magnum Full Page
Campagin Color Kitchen 53

Total cost in Rs 2183

Bill boards
The budget for bill boards varies according to their size and location. The
approximate costs are shown below:


100*30 1 1400 4,200,000
90*30 3 1300 10,530,000
60*30 1 1250 2,250,000
60*20 1 1100 1,320,000
50*25 1 1000 1,250,000
45*15 3 950 1,923,750
27*6 5 900 145,800
20*6 3 800 288,000
20*10 5 800 800,000
12*6 3 700 151,200
11*6 5 700 231,000
10*10 1 700 70,000
10*7 3 600 126,000
10*6 3 600 108,000
TOTAL 19,613,750

The costs incurred on these are as under:

Advertising Agency Rs. 1,700,000

Models Rs. 400,000
Director Rs. 2,500,000
Producer Rs. 1,000,000
Director of Photography Rs. 350,000
Ice creams Rs. 5,000
Transport & Others Rs. 45,000

• Build awareness and image via integrated 360 campaign which

includes above and below the line activities, hoardings, press and TVC’s. The
Top Of Mind image to be positioned in consumer minds “Is the best
chocolate experience”

• Build appetite appeal at profiled Point Of Purchases with right portfolio

mix. Total awareness needs to be created.

• Identify and exploit alternative channels (e.g. salons / spas / clubs,

universities, offices, etc.) for distribution and visibility revealing the uniquely
indulgent attribute of Magnum, which will make the consumers feel special.

Further more, Magnum has always pursued a “Larger than Life” approach.
The consumer buying behaviors regarding Magnum basically focus on the
impulse buys. Hence we wish to compete with all sorts of impulse buys that
will include beverages, chocolates, desserts, Dunkin Donuts etc. Our major
competitors will hence include:

• Pepsi
• Coca Cola
• Tapal
• Lipton
• Dunkin Donuts
• Other dessert brands