Employee Evaluation

Employee’s Name:

Rick Perry

Division: Office of the Governor

Review Date: November 2, 2010

Purpose of Evaluation
Annual Merit Salary Increase One-time Merit Payment Promotion Other TERMINATION

Abuses his boss, the Texas taxpayers. Failed to plan ahead, left $25 billion budget hole. Handed out millions of our money to his friends and campaign contributors with Texas Enterprise Fund and Emerging Technology Fund. Abused important partner of taxpayers, the teachers of Texas, by using their retirement funds to raise campaign cash. Thinks purpose of office is self-enrichment and audition for national audience.

Director’s Comments

General Factors
Factor Performance of assigned duties Attends work regularly Observes work hours Provides prompt and courteous customer service Uses OOG’s materials and equipment properly Follows safety rules & standards Collaborates and cooperates with others Shows initiative and problem solving skills Observes OOG’s policies, procedures, and standards of conduct Solves problems creatively & effectively Makes sound decisions based on facts Effectively assists & coaches others Exceeds Standards Meets Standards Below Standards Explanation (Required only for Failed to secure the border, let schools fall behind. Works less than 10 hours/week despite full time salary. Works less than 10 hours/week despite full time salary. Hides from tough questions, debates, accountability. Abuses taxpayer $, $10K/month mansion, $25B budget hole Dropped thousands of sex offenders from public registry. No. Cares more about political points than getting things done. No. $4M border cameras for 26 arrests. Hides $25B budget hole. Slipped $4.5 million of taxpayer $ to close friend, benefactor. Ignores whatever’s politically inconvenient. Hiding fiscal crisis, keeping comptroller locked in basement. Only with campaign fundraising staff.
Below Standards)

Employee’s Overall Performance:
Exceeds Standards Meets Standards Below Standards

Uh… I’ve been the governor for 10 years. Washington is worse than me. Don’t pay attention to the $25 billion budget hole and the fact that I’ve been running for office for 25 years. Uh…I’ve been the governor for 10 years.

Employee’s Comments

Employee’s Signature: Date: October 29, 2010

Director’s Signature: Date: October 29, 2010

This document is subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act of the Texas Government Code. Pol. Adv. Bill White Campaign


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