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In the praise of Hadrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

Mausoleum of Hadrat Lal shahbaz qalandar

In the praise of Hadrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

In love of the Hadrat Ali, Qalandars are lost

And they are faithful to the person of the crown
There is fame of your generosity in the world
Oh, Shah, you are kind to all who call you
You have great reach from earth up to the sky
You are famous as keepers of the secrets of God
There are pious, Qutub and Abdal in the world
But in the pomp and show, you are much different
There is grace in the tomb of Baba Laal Qalandar
He is the leader of all mystic persons of the truth
Here my every wish and desires were fulfilled
For me, you are a master of my wish and desire
I got happiness of love due to your kind love
There is help of the Shah of Anwar as always
Hafeez Anwar

Mohammed Abdul Hafeez, B.Com.
Translator of Tadhkirtal Auliya
of Farid Al-din Attar & Hasth Bahist