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STEAM@ SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT ‘Table of contents: 1. Registration as a subscriber; application of terms to you: your account 2 Licences 3 Bil 2 subsri 4, Online conduct, cheating and ilegal behavior 5. Third party content 5. User generated content 7, Disclaimer. imitation of labily: no guarantees; Imited warranty 8. Amendments fo this agreement 8. Term and termination 10. Applicable lawlursdiction 11. Dispute resoluion/binding arbitrationiclass action waiver 12. Miscellaneous This Steam Subscriber Agreement "Agreement i a legal document that explains your rights and obligations as a subscriber of Steam from Valve Corporation (Valve"), Please read I careful ‘SECTION 11 CONTAINS A BINDING ARBITRATION AGREEMENT AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER. IT MAY AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. PLEASE READ IT. IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER WITH RESIDENCE IN THE EUROPEAN UNION, SECTION 11 DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. 1, REGISTRATION AS A SUBSCRIBER; APPLICATION OF TERMS TO YOU; YOUR ACCOUNT = ‘Steam is an online service offered by Valve, ‘You become a subserber of Sloam ("Subscriber") by completing the registration of @ Steam user account. This Agreement takes otfect as soon 18 you indicate your acceptance ofthese terms. You may nol become a subscriber ifyou are under the age of 13. Steam isnot intended for children under 13 and Valve will not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. ‘A. Contracting Party For any interaction with Steam your contractual relationship is with Valve, Except as otherwise indicated atthe time ofthe transaction (such as in the case of purchases from another Subscriber in @ Subscription Marketplace), any transactions for Subscriptions (as defined below) you make fon Steam are being made from Valve. 8. Subscriptions; Content and Services ‘As a Subscriber you may obtain access fo certain services, software and content available to Subscrivers. The Steam client softwara and any other sofware, content, and updates you download or access via Steam, including but not limited to Valve orthire-party video games and in- {game content, and any vstual tems you trade, sell or purchase in a Steam Subscription Marketplace are referred to inthis Agreement as “Content and Services’ the rights to access andlor use any Contents and Services accessible through Steam are refered to inthis Agreement a8 "Subserptions." Each Subscription allows you to access pariular Content and Services, Some Subscriptions may impose additional terms spect to that, ‘Subscription (‘Subscription Terms") (for example, an end user license agreement specific toa particular game, or torms of use specific toa particular procuct or feature of Steam). Also, adetional tems (for example, payment and bling procecures) may be posted on / or within the Steam service (‘Rules of Use"). Rules of Uso include the Steam Online Conduct Rules hntpssteampowored,comindex.php?area=online_conduct and the Steam Refund Policy hitslore steampowored.comisteam_rofunds. The ‘Subscription Terms, the Rules of Use, andthe Valve Privacy Policy (which can be found at hitp:mww.valvesoftware.comiorivacy him) are binding on you once you indicate your acceptance of them or ofthis Agreement, or otherwise become bound by them as described in Section & (Amendments to this Agreemen}) Your Account \When you complate Steam’s registration process, you create a Steam account (‘Account’), Your Account may alsa inelude bling information {you provide to Valve forthe purchase of Subscriptions, Content and Services and any physical merchandise offered for purchase through Steam (Hardware). You may not reveal, share or otherwise allow others to use your password or Account except as otherwise specially authorized by Valve. You are responsible fr the confidentiality of your lagin and password and forthe security of your computer systom. Valve Is not responsible forthe use of your password and Account or forall f tne communication and activity on Steam that results from use of your login namie ané password by you, by any person to whom you may have intentionally or by negligence disclosed your login andor password in Violation ofthis confidently provision, Unless it results from Valve's naglgence or ful, Valva isnot responsible forthe use af your Account by « porson who fraudulently used your login and password without your permission. I you beliave thatthe confidentiality of your login andlor ‘password may have been compromised, you must nafy Valve va the suppor form (hps:/supper sleampowered,cominewtieket php} without any delay, ‘Your Account, including any information pertaining toi (e.g: contac information iting information, Account history and Subscriptions, etc), is ‘trey personal. You may therefore not sell or charge athers forthe right to use your Account, or otherwise transfer your Account, nor may You sel, cnarge others for the right o use, or transfer any Suoseriptions other than if and as expressly permitted by this Agreement (incluing any ‘Subscription Tarms or Rules of Use) or as otherwise specially permitted by Valve, ©. Payment Processing Payment processing elated to Content and Services andior physical goods purchased on Steam is performed by either Valve Corporation rectly or by Valve's fully cwmed subsiciary Valve GmbH on behalf of Valve Corporation depending an the type of payment method used. I your card was issued outside the United States, your payment may be processed via @ European acquirer by Valve GmibH on behalf of Valve Corporation. For any other type of purchases, paymont will bo collected by Valve Corporation dlrocty. In any ease, delivary of Contont and ‘Services as wal as physical goods is performs by Valve Corporation 2. LICENSES = A. General Content and Services License ‘Steam ane your Subscripton(s)requie the automatic download and installation of Content and Services onto your computer, Valve hereby rants, and you accept, non-exclusive license and right, to use the Content and Services for your personal, non-commercial use (except where commercial use is expressly allowed herein orn the applicable Subscription Terms). This liconse ends upon termination of (a) this Agreement or (0) 2 Subscription that includes the canse, The Content and Services are licensed, not sold. Your icense confers na tile or ownership in the Content and Services To make use ofthe Content and Services, you must have a Steam Account and you may be required to be runing the ‘Steam clent and maintaining a connection to the Internet For reasons that include, without limitation, systom secur, stably, and muliplayerInteroperabilly, Steam may need to automaticaly update, pre-load, create new versions of or otherwise enhance the Content and Services and accordingly, the system requirements to use the Content and Services may change overtime. You consent to such automatic updating. You understand that this Agreement (including applicable ‘Subscription Terms) does not entile you to future updates, new versions or other enhancements ofthe Content and Services associated with a particular Subscrinton, although Valve may choose fo provide such updates, et. iis sole discretion. 2. Bela Software License \Valve may from time ta time make software accessible fo you via Sleam prior fo the general commercial release of such sofware (“Bela Software"). You are not required to use Beta Software, but if Valve offers it, ou may elect o use it under the following terms. Beta Software will be deemed to consist of Content and Services, and each lom of Bela Software provided wil be deemed a Subscription for such Beta Software, ith the follwing provisions specifi to Beta Software: + Your right to use the Bela Software may be lined in ime, and may be subject to addtional Subscription Terms; + Valve or ary Valve affiliate may requestor require that you provide suggestions, feedback or data regarding your use ofthe Beta Soltware, which will be deemed User Generated Content under Section 6 (User Generated Content) below, and + In addtion to the waivers and limitations of lability forall Software under Section 7 (Disclaimers; Limitations on Liability: No Guarantees; Limitee Warranty) below as applicable, you specifically acknowledge that Beta Software is only released for testing and improvement purposes, in particular to provide Valve with feedback on the qualiy and usablly of sald Bota Softwaro, and therefore contains erors, is not final and may create incompatilies or damage to your computer, data, andlor software, I you decide t install andlor use Beta Sofware, you shall only use it in compliance with ts purposes, ic or testing and improvement purposes and in any case not on a aystem ofr purposes whore the malfunction of the Beta Software can cause any kind of damage. In particular, maintain full Backups of any system that you choose to instal Beta Software on C. License to Use Valve Developer Tools ‘Your Subscrpton(s) may include access to various Valve tools that can be used to create content (Developer Tools). Some examples include: the Valve software development kt (the "SDK") fora version ofthe computer game engine known as “Source” (te “Source Engine") and the associated Valve Hammer editor, The Source® Filmmaker Software, or in-game tools through which you can edit or create derivative works of a Valve game. Paricular Developer Tools (for example, The Source® Filmmaker Software) may be cistributed wth separate Subscription Terms that are different from the rules set forth in tis Section. Otherwise, you may use the Developer Tools, and you may use, reproduce, publish, perform, display and distribute any content you create using the Developer Tools, however you wish, but alely ona non-commercial bass. Ifyou would tke to use the Source Engine SDK or other Valve Developer Tools for commercial use, please contact Valve at 0. License to Use Valve Game Contentin Fan At. Valve approciates the community of Subscribers that creates fan ar, fan fiction, and audio-visual works that reference Valve games (Fan Ar") ‘You may incorporate content from Valve games info your Fan Art. Except as otherwise set forth inthis Section or in any Subscription Terms, you may use, reproduce, publth, perform, display and dsirbule Fan Ar that incorporates content fom Valve games however you wish, but golaly on ‘2 non-commercial basis Ifyou incorporate any thire-party content in any Fan At, you must be sure to obtain all necessary rights from the owner af that content Commercial use of some Valve game content is permited via features such as Steam Workshop ora Steam Subscription Marketplace, Terms applicable fo that use are set forth in Section 3.0. and 6 B. below and in any Subscription Terms provides for hose features. To view the Valve video policy containing additional terms covering the use of audio-visual works incorporating Valve intellectual property or created with The Source® Filmmaker Software, please cick here: htp/vww valvesofware.convideopolicy. html E. License to Use Valve Dedicated Server Software ‘Your Subscrption(s) may contain access tothe Valve Dedicated Server Software. Ifo, you may use the Valve Dedicated Server Software on an Unlimited numberof computers forthe purpose of hasting online multiplayer games of Valve products. Ifyou wish to operate the Valve Dedicated Server Software, you will be solely responsible for procuring any Internet access, bandwicth, or hareware for such actives and will bear all costs associated therowith F. Ownership of Content and Services Al tile, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and tothe Content and Services and any and al copes thereof, are owned by Valve ‘andor is or its afilates' licensors. All ights are reserved, except as expressly stated hersin. The Content and Services is protected by copyright las, intemational copyright reaties and conventions and other laws. The Content and Services contains certain icensed materials and Valve's and is affliates' censors may protect ther rights in the event of any Violation ofthis Agreement, G. Restrictions on Use of Content and Services ‘You may not use the Content and Services for any purpase other than the permitted accass to Steam and your Subseriptions, and to make personal, non-commercial use of your Subscriptions, except as otherwise permilied by this Agreement or applicable Subscription Terms. Except ‘8 otherwise permitted under tis Agreament (cluding any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use), or under applicable law notwithstanding these restictions, you may no, in whole or in part, copy, photocopy, reproduce, publish, dsibute, Vanslte, reverse engineer, derive source code ‘rom, modily, disassemble, decompile, create darivalive works based on, orremave any propristary notices or labels from the Content and ‘Services or ary software accessed via Steam without the prior consent, in wtng, of Valve ‘You are entitled to use the Content and Services for your own personel use, but you are not ented to: (sal, grant a secur intrest in or transfer reproductions ofthe Content and Services to other parties in any way, nor torent, lease or license the Content and Services to others without tne prior written consent of Valve, except lo the extent exprassly peril elsewhere in tis Agreement (ineluding any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use: (i) host or provide matchmaking services forthe Content and Services or emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by Valve in any neler feature ofthe Content and Serviews, tough protocol emulation tunneling, madiying or adging ‘components tothe Content and Services, use ofa utlty program or any other techniques now known or hereafter developed, for any purpose Including, but nt limited to network play over the Intemet, network play utlzing commercial or non-commercial gaming networks of as part of content aggregation networks, websites or services, without the prior writlon consent of Valve; or (i) explo the Content and Services or any of its pars for any commercial purpose, except as expressly permitted elsewhere in this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use), 3, BILLING, PAYMENT AND OTHER SUBSCRIPTIONS ~ {All charges incurred on Steam, and ll purchases made with the Steam Wallet, are payable in advance and final, except as descrived in Section ‘Tbolow and in the Steam Refund Policy hp:store.steampowored comisteam refunds ‘A. Payment Authorization \When you provide payment information Valve or to one of its payment processors, you represent to Valve thal you are the authorized user of ‘he card, PIN, key or account associated with that payment, and you authorize Valve to charge your credit card orto process your payment with the chosen third-party payment processor for any Subscration, Steam Wallet funds, Hardware or other fees Incurred by you, Valve may require you to provide your address or athe information In order to meet thei obligations under applicable tax la. For Subscriptions purchased based on an agreed usage perlod, where recuring payments are made In exchange for continued use Recuring Payment Subscrptions’), by continuing to use the Recurring Payment Subscription you agree and reff that Vale is authorize to charge your erect card (or your Steam Wale, i funded), orto process your payment with any other applicable third-party payment processor, for any applicable recurring payment amounts. I you have purchased any Recurring Payment Subscriptions, you agroe to notify Valve promlly of any changes to your creditcard account number its expiration date andlor your iling address, or your PayPal or other payment account number, and you agree to notity Valve promptly if your credit card or PayPal or other payment account expires or is canceled for any reason. If your use of Stoam is subject to any type of use or sales tax, then Valve may also charge you for those taxes, n addon tothe Subserpton or ther fees published in the Rules of Use. The European Union VAT (‘VAT") tax amounts collected by Valve reflect VAT due onthe value of any Contant and Services, Hardware or Subscription ‘You agree that you wil not use IP proxying or other methods to disguise the place of your residence, whether to circumvent geographical restrictions on game content, to purchase at pricing not applicable to your geography, orf any other purpose. Ifyou do this, Vale may terminate your access to your Account, 8. Responsibilty for Charges Associated With Your Account [As the Account holder, you ar responsible for al charges Incurred including applicable taxes, and all purchases made by you or anyone that uses your Account, including your family or fends. Ifyou cancel your Account, Valve reserves the right ta collact fees, surcharges or casts incurred before cancelation. Any delinquent or unpaid Accounts must be settled before Valve wil allow you to register again.