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Design Innovation Center (DIC)

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
(A center under the scheme “National Initiative for Design Innovation” of MHRD, Government of India, New Delhi.)

List of Faculty Mentors for DIC Summer Internship Scheme 2019

S.No Name of the Mentor Department Area of Expertise/Preferable Topic

Dr. Vimal Chandra
1 Srivastava
Dept. of Chemical Engg. Chemical or Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor

Dr. Yogesh Vijay Hote

2 Associate Professor Electrical Engineering Department Tuning of PID controller

Algorithm Design and Computer Architecture, Algorithms for

Department of Computer Science & Chip Design, Microfluidic Biochips, Electronic Design
Engineering and Automation (EDA) and CAD for VLSI, High-Level Synthesis
Dr. Sudip Roy
3 Center of Excellence in Disaster and Physical Design, Cyber-Physical System Design, IoT-based
Assistant Professor
Mitigation and Management Systems, Smart Systems and Automation, Embedded
(CoEDMM) Intelligence and Design Automation for Microfluidic System
for Lab-on-a-Chip applications
1.Experimental Nuclear Physics/Engineering, Radiation
Detection, its Measurment and Applications, Instrumentation &
Applied Physics: Non-Invasive / Non Destructive Imaging, X-
Dr. Mayank Goswami
4 Department of Physics Ray and Gamma Ray CT Scanners, 3D Non-Invasive and Non-
Assistant Professor
Destructive Imaging / Testing / Evaluation, Cancer
Nanotheranostics, Material Testing
2.Additive Manufacturing, CAD Files optimization
Dr. Vimal Kumar
5 Rheological behavior of water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions
Associate Professor Dept. of Chemical Engg.
stabilized with Ethoxylated emulsifying agents
Dr. K.S Suresh Department of Metallurgical and Microstructure control of as-cast material - without external
Assistant Professor Materials Engineering additions
Dr. Partha Pratim Roy
Department of Computer Science &
7 Assistant Professor Text detection and recognition in scene image
Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Nontraditional Micro-
Dr. Akshay Dvivedi Department of Mechanical & machining Metal Matrix Composites, Primary and Secondary
Associate Professor Industrial Engineering Processing of MMC, Quality Management, QFD for service
Mineral Processing, Extractive Metallurgy, Recycling,
Dr. Nikhil Dhawan Department of Metallurgical and Microwave & Particulate processing, Electronic waste
Assistant Professor Materials Engineering recycling, CFL, Magnets, Lithium ion battery, Microwave
processes and Recycling of electronic waste
Dr. Sateesh Kumar Peddoju
Department of Computer Science &
10 Associate Professor Implementing Fog Computing for IoT-Cloud Applications
Blending and characterization of PMC's and MMC's, Synthesis
Department of Mechanical and and Modification of nanofillers, Friction Stir Processing;
Dr. Kaushik Pal
Industrial Engineering, Welding of Polymers; Non-conventional machining, Fracture
11 Associate Professor,
Joint faculty, Centre of mechanics and fatigue mechanism of PMC's and MMC's,
Nanotechnology, Sensor, energy storage and supercapacitor application of
PMC's, Nano tribology of PMC's and MMC's,
Control Systems, Sliding Mode Control, Networks and Multi-
Department of Electrical
Dr. Sohom Chakrabarty, agent Systems, Integrated Systems Solutions, Multicopters and
12 Engineering,
Assistant Professor, UAVs for various applications, Modelling and Simulation,
Biological System Modelling and Analysis
Composite Materials; conceptualization and development,
Dr. Inderdeep Singh Department of Mechanical and
13 Manufacturing of Polymer and Metal Matrix Composites,
Associate Professor Industrial Engineering
Natural Fiber Based Green Composites
Dr. Gaurav Raheja Department of Architecture and Universal Design, Visual Communication, Design Pedagogy,
Associate Professor Planning Sustainable Design
Nanoscale devices and circuits, Nanowire MOSFET modeling
Department of Electronics and and circuit design, 3D NAND , Performance Enhancement of
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Manhas
15 Communications NAND Memories, MEMs, Cantilever based MEMs and
Associate Professor
applications, Reliability, MOS device reliability, Nano scale
DRAM, Novel Techniques for Improving Refresh and
Reliability, Sensors, CNT based sensors, Nanofabrication,
Nanoscale CMOS process and VLSI technologies
Micromachining, Fabrication of Microchannels, Microholes,
their characterisation. Advanced Manufacturing Processes,
Dr. Apurbba Kumar Sharma Department of Mechanical and Hybrid Finishing Processes, Microwave Material Processing,
Associate Professor Industrial Engineering In-situ Microwave Casting, Joining of Bulk Metal, Microwave
Cladding, Surface Engineering, Cladding, Wear
Dr. Indranil Lahiri Department of Metallurgical and
17 Developing material system for tissue engineering/regeneration
Associate Professor Materials Engineering
Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Quality
Management, Inventory Management, Manufacturing strategy
Dr. Rajat Agrawal IPR, Innovation, Business Models, Entrepreneurship , IP
18 Department of Management Studies
Associate Professor Management, Marketing Management, Green Marketing,
Cocreation, General Management, Indian Models of
Management, Ethics in Management, Spirituality.