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Miguel Vargas

ISSN Reflection Poverty and Technology

Our assignment was to to create a video whether technology helped reduce poverty or
took negative effects on it. The purpose of this project was to understand how technology can
make improvements of the lives of families below the poverty line. When I received this project
I was intrigued as to know the success technology can bring to many families and the advances it
can do to benefit the health of these families. I believed it would be interesting to see the
negative effects as well and see what can be done so technology can just have its positive effects.
One goal I had for this project was to gather as much information to share these stories with my
other peers.
Before I started my presentation, I needed to form a group of four and decide which
topics of technology we wanted to present about. Our group members decided to choose the
positive effects of technology and how much it has helped to reduce families from being in
poverty. I then researched the varieties of ways technologies has helped improved the health
status of these families. I started on a layout that would prepare me to set up my presentation on
imovie and create a brief skeleton of how I wanted to display the video. I wanted to address the
information in a sequence that described the issue of poverty and slowly make my way to how
technology has helped the lives of these families across the world.
Throughout this project I learned that there are constant approaches to reduce poverty
with technology. There have been ways to decontaminate water and help provide clothing. With
that I learned that I was able to connect these individuals to people I see in my everyday life
knowing there are ways to help. I excelled working with Imovie and making sure my
presentation came out to be professional as well as appealing to my audience. Next time I would
like to know how to export the Imovie onto the correct format so it can be displayed correctly for
the whole class to see.
I communicated ideas by selecting appropriate digital media to share my insights and
collaborate with others. I created this presentation to demonstrate the life of families who are in
poverty and demonstrate the technological advances that are a part of our world to eliminate
poverty.. I also recognized and weighed perspectives, by understanding the struggles faced by
these families and realizing our everyday use of technology can really benefit those who really
need it. It was something every student could connect to and understand where these people are
coming from.