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In this study is framed the sedentary lifestyle what it´s affected to the drivers of the Factory
PINTADO S.A.S in retalion to the few physical activity by the long time of exposition and the
secundary effects that can trigger in cardiovascular diseases. This research is done under the
process of sedentary behavioral observation of the drivers through the design of a poll with mixed
focus. The objective of this proyect is provide to the company a solution to get better the lifestyle
and the negative effects that generate carry a sedentary lifestyle in the workers., projecting a
better expectation to the life quality and promove the benefits of the physical activity to the
health. Being necessary aply this instrument to the 40 workers of private transport since the
current situation of the company doesn´t count with enough information process to mitigate the
risk factors of the sedentary with a alternative on the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases,
inviting to the reflection and the recognition of the behaviors and consequences of the a not
healthy lifestyle.

Key words