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(Oscar drew a circle that he split into 6 equal parts. Oscar shaded 4 part. What fraction of the circle did Oscar shade? Drag each digit to create the fraction of the part of the circle that Oscar shaded. You may use each digit only once. FPIPIE Robbie finished his math homework at the time shown on the clock. Use this clock to answer Parts A and B Part A At what time did Robbie finish his math homework? PartB Robbie started his math homework at 3:35. How many minutes did it take Robbie to complete his math homework? minutes Which questions can be answered by dividing 12 + 37, Select all that apply. _ There are 12 settings at a table. Each setting contains 3 utensils. How many utensils are on the table? __ Nelson bought 12 table tennis balls that come in packages of 3. How many packages did Nelson buy? Emily scored 12 points in her basketball game. Jasmine scored 3 fewer points than Emily. How many points did Jasmine score? _, Willa had 12 songs on a playlist. She decided to include 3 more songs. How many songs are now on Willa's playlist? __ Matt has 12 model cars on shelves. He has the same number of model cars on 3 shelves. How many model cars are on each shelf? Three shapes are shown. Decide if each sentence is correct. Choose True or False. True False Each shape is a quadrilateral. Each shape is a square. Each shape is a rectangle. Each shape is a parallelogram.