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The 6 Ways of Practice

Trika Mahasiddha Yoga

 The Water Path

View, Daily Offerings, Devotion, the practice is centered around Personal Home Puja,
Prayers, Chants and Mantra repetition, Studying View, Contemplation, Reading Sacred
Texts, Attending Teacher’s Discourses online or in person when possible.

Naturally Inborn Aptitude for the Water Path:

 Patient, enjoys a slow progressive path of practice without urgency for
 Tends easily towards devotion.
 Enjoys making daily offerings and performing the mantras for the Mahāsiddhas,
deities, Nature Forces, Ancestors, etc.
 Enjoys the Art of Puja as a total practice of Body, Speech, Mind integration.
 Enjoys indulging in View Teachings, reading the tradition’s texts, attending
discourses with the teachers online and in-person.
 Enjoys meditation based on discovering and abiding in Natural Ease, and
contemplation of the Objects of Devotion and Icons of Essence.

 The Fire Path

The Emphases:
Overall inclusive orientation to practice (dual/non-dual distinction of the techniques is
unnecessary), Yogic orientation to Life and its Circumstances – Yogic conduct of the
Hero/ine Bhava, Strong Non-Attachment emphasis, Main emphasis on mastery of Yogic
Body-Energy Practice and Higher Meditation Techniques, Pragmatic Philosophy/View
(not comprehensive, not scholarly or academic), demonstrable results of practice
without doubts at each distinct stage.

Naturally Inborn Aptitude for the Fire Path:

 Feels a sense of wanting to be realized as soon as possible.
 Has an innate attraction to working with the body’s energy system of channels,
cakras, bindus, elemental lights, etc., working with the mind as an alchemical
process of inner development, and the body.
 Enjoys indulging in long sessions of Yoga, Breath practice, Kriya Yoga and
Progressive Alchemical Mind Training aimed at transforming limiting karmas and
energy blockages.
 Enjoys applying impeccability of lifestyle & conduct as integration practice,
combined with an intention to create ever-greater awareness in each moment.
 Enjoys experimenting with control over the various states of consciousness
(waking, dreaming, and sleeping) through relaxation techniques, meditation,
dream and sleep yoga practices, etc.
 Enjoys terse texts written by the lineage masters of great attainment in the
practices vs poetic instructions, story-based texts or overly philosophical texts.
 Goal of achieving stage 7 as a base from which to continue progressing up to
stages 9+. Aims towards realization of the Body of Light (stage 12).
 Desire to “die while living”. To cross the boundary and go beyond death while
still alive in order to unpack the full mystery of human life while still living.

 Way of Meditation
 Utilized in both the water and fire paths
 Also a stand-alone full path taking the practitioner to a stage 7 (of 12) minimum
 4 Levels of practice and realization journeyed through using 40 sequential
meditation techniques + relevant Teachings.
 NDT Śakta-Śaiva Yoga path of practice moving from Anavopaya through
Śaktopaya to Śambhavopaya and eventually resulting in the Great Display of the
Prakaśakaya – known as the Body of Wisdom-Light.
 Way of the Warrior

(A sub-path to Path of Fire)

 Guaranteeing stage 7 minimum result.
 Warrior Teachings on the Integration Meditations of Virtuous-Heroic Conduct.
 A small number of essential awareness training exercises & meditations from the
Way of Meditation and some specific only to the Way of the Warrior tradition.
 Physical training in Energy-Body making exercises.
 Training in the 3 Distances and martial arts for each.
o STAV – Norse weapon art for weapon’s distance training.
o Hybridized Pak Mei & Lung Ying Gong Fu with Western Boxing -for middle
distance training.
o Combat Catch as Catch Can Grappling (not sport) – for close distance


 Path of Ultimate Intimacy

(*This Path is open to any practitioner-couple wherein both partners are committed to
using any of the 4 paths (Fire, Water, Meditation, Warrior) to realization. This Path has
mandatory pre-requisite Preliminary and Phase 1 practices.)

Enlightenment or full and complete realization of our Essential Nature is an expression

of Ultimate Intimacy with the entire Universe including all sentient beings. The “Path of
Ultimate Intimacy” uses the “inner”, “secret” and “most profound” levels of the
teachings & practices applied in the context of a committed love relationship. Partners
are co-practitioners with the goal of a mutually shared fruit of realization.

A complete course: In-Person training only.

 Foundation teachings and practices giving the skills to utilize their Mirror-
Consort for mutual growth and development.
 Inner, Secret & Most Profound Cycle of Teachings & Practices specific to the
“Path of Passion”.
 Core Practices from Way of Meditation are performed daily.
 The Way of the Vajra
(*not offered at this time)