You chose what suits Bleached your roots Coloured the heir to empower the fair skin You hid the darkness within Born into ignorance Raised on repression and denial Educated for intolerance and arrogance so vile Assuming authority Presuming superiority you dismantle the sacred temple Humanity A physical lock A metaphysical key beyond your reasoning capacity Decoding ancient mysteries by re-arranging histories A propagandist exercise taught you to despise all unlike your kind Deaf and Dumb but not colour blind You limit your mind to what you see A self-limiting philosophy You deny your Soul Give your ego too much control Half declares itself whole In delusion you hide Become a prisoner of a pride that comes before the fall You erected the wall Allow anger to thrive Keep the hatred alive Your demonic possessions steal to provide Like a take & drive No consideration Impassive Pathetic

Beyond explanation Attention seeker your grip is weaker You grasp what you don't deserve Skid & swerve Duck & dive Do anything to survive Take golden honey from the hive You act without consideration Little time spent on deliberation No thoughts of consequence influence your present tense You just don't think or contemplate on the missing link where awaits a discovery of knowledge for recovery recorded on spiral tapes No more than G.M apes if we deny our hidden truth Cut loose The bestial rapes the Mother Our Nature Offends the Creator You lose communication alike a distant relation Open to misinterpretation A polygenetic observation Straying from the course you disconnect from the Source Your vessel becomes a vacuum Opposites compete for the vacant room Equilibrium escapes No balance achieved Chaos is proffered Annihilation believed

Going back to the end or forward to the beginning where the flames are burning for all those returning to their original state Choice or fate Light or dark Love or hate.

© VERSO - 17/3/2K (D.N.Moule)

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