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English 4


Homework 3


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Santiago De Los Caballeros

República Dominicana.

Exercise D. Page 73
Circle the correct Word
1. My back hurt / hurts. I think I need to rest.
2. His legs hurt / hurt. He needs aspirin.
3. I think there is a problem with the food. My stomach hurt / hurts.
4. The doctor says I have the flu. That is why my head hurt / hurts.
5. I am reading a very long book. My eyes hurt / hurt.
6. I am walking to school. It is difficult because my legs hurt / hurts.
7. Jason's ears hurt / hurt. I think he needs to see to see the doctor.
8. I am wearing new shoes and my feet hurt / hurt.

Exercise E and F. Page 73

E. Read the information.

Gilberto Marie Hiep

Pain: legs, hips, back Pain: throat, ears, head Pain: head, eyes, sinuses, chest

F. Write sentences about Gilberto, Marie and Hiep.

1. Marie's throat hurts.
2. Her head hurts.
3. Hiep's sinuses hurt.
4. His back hurts.
5. His head hurts.
6. Gilberto's legs hurt.

Exercise D. Page 75
Circle the correct word
1. Guillermo's head hurts. He has / have a headache.
2. Omar's back hurts. He has / have a backache.
3. My throat hurts. I has / have a sore throat.
4. We need a doctor. We has / have stomachaches.
5. My children are sick. They has / have earaches.
6. I don’t need a doctor. I don’t has / have a headache.
7. She is very healthy. She doesn’t / doesn’t have any problems.
8. I think it is a cold. You don’t have / has a fever.
Exercise E. Page 75
Rewrite the sentences in the negativo simple present.
1. They have a fever. They don’t have a fever.
2. She has a sore throat. She doesn’t have a sore throat.
3. We have colds. We don’t have colds.
4. I have a stomachache. I don’t have a stomachache.
5. Marco has a headache. Marco doesn’t have a headache.
6. You have the flu. You don’t have the flu.

Exercise G. Page 75
Write sentences using the information in exercise F.
1. Guillermo has a sore throat three times a year.
2. Antonio has headache twenty times a year.
3. Maritza has runny nose eight times a year.
4. Guillermo has fever one time a year.

Exercise D. Page 77
Complete the sentences
1. She should eat (eat) after taking this medicine.
2. You should get (get) a lot of sleep and rest.
3. They shouldn’t take (no/take) the medicine if they have the flu.
4. Nancy and Margie shouldn’t drink (no/drink) alcohol when taking this
5. I shouldn’t go (no/go) to work. I am sick.
6. We should take (take) two tablets three times a day.
7. Karen should take (take) cough syrup for her sore throat.
8. He should see (see) a doctor right now.

Exercises A and B page 78

A. Read the paragraph
There is a house on fire at 2245 Adam Street in Costa Mesa. It is an
emergency. There are three people in the house, and the fire fighters are
helping them. The fire is very hot. The three people are Jim, Kathy and Lucy
Hamilton. It is now 3:30p.m., and the fire is intense!

B. Complete the sentences about the fire.

1. Jim, Kathy and Lucy Hamilton live at 2245 Adam Street.
2. The fire is in the city of Costa Mesa.
3. It is 3:30 in the afternoon.
4. Three people are in the house.
5. The fire fighters are helping Jim, Kathy and Lucy Hamilton.
Exercise D 79.
Fill in the blank with the correct word. Use Who, What or Where.
1. Where is the fire? It’s on First Street, next to the market.
2. What is the problem? My son has a broken arm.
3. What is the emergency? We need assistance. There is a car accident.
4. Who is in trouble? My brother is having a heart attack.
5. Where is the accident? It is on the corner of Maple Street and Birch
6. Who is calling? My name is Roger Dunn.
7. What is the matter? My house is on fire.