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Linux LiveCD Router and Firewall Contact us at CHANGELOG Version 2.0.12 Jan 2006 New linux kernel 2.4.32. Added crypto kernel api and modules. New version madwifi driver and utilities ng-r1390. Version 2.0.10 Sept 2005 New linux kernel 2.4.31. New SATA hard disks drivers. Ngrep debug utility added. New improved default config files. Version 2.0.9 May 2005 New linux kernel 2.4.30. Wifi driver ndiswrapper bug fix. Updated iptables. Version 2.0.8 Apr 2005 New linux kernel 2.4.29. Updated iptables. Base config save to hard disk or flash disk option. Version 2.0.6 Dec 2004 New linux kernel 2.4.28. Added scsi module for flash usb boot devices. Beta /root/ for usb flash devices. Version 2.0.5 Nov 2004 Minor code cleanup. Version 2.0.4 Oct 2004 New version of madwifi altheros driver for 802.11a/b/g universal NICs - either Cardbus, PCI, or miniPCI - that use Atheros chip sets (ar5210, ar5211, ar5212). Fixed bug on wpa supplicant.

New version hostap driver 0.2.5. Version 2.0.3 Oct 2004 Minor code cleanup Version 2.0.2 Sep 2004 New version of linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1pre22 wifi driver for prism 2.x and 3 wifi cards. New version of hostap-driver-0.2.4. Updated default shorewall and hotspot configs. Version 2.0.1 Sep 2004 Added madwifi altheros driver for 802.11a/b/g universal NICs either Cardbus, PCI, or miniPCI - that use Atheros chip sets (ar5210, ar5211, ar5212). Updated sesame for automatic redirect of web trafic to wifi login page (Hotspot version). Version 2.0 Aug 2004 This release no longer includes the free web interface. New linux kernel 2.4.27. Iptables, netfilter upgrade. Version 1.9.7 Aug 2004 Added NTFS (read only) file system support. DynDNS Webmin Module. Version 1.9.6 Jun 2004 Minor default config bugfixes Updated documentation Version 1.9.5 Jun 2004 New default language: English. New version of linux-wlan-ng 0.2.1-pre21 for Prism2 wifi cards. New usb webcam driver support, including ov511, ov51x, nw802, spca5xx, philips, pencam and more. New hotspot, samba and webcam server documentation. Version 1.9.4 Jun 2004 Added Frottle (Freenet Throttle) Packet Scheduling and QoS for Wireless Networks and Mesh WiFi at /opt/frottle New default config for MRTG graphical network statistics Updated Documentation

Version 1.9.3 Apr 2004 New webmin web interface version 1.140 New web modules for network configuration and log rotation Added ndiswrapper driver to use wifi windows drivers at /opt/drivers Minor dbdif config bugfixes Version 1.9.2 Mar 2004 Added new version of hostap driver 0.1.3 Added Sierra Wireless AirCard 7X0 driver and scripts Version 1.9.1 Mar 2004 Fixed bug mounting floppy drive New version of linux-wlan-ng 0.2.1-pre20 for Prism2 wifi cards Version 1.9.0 Feb 2004 Added Webmin Web Manager and Shorewall Firewall Linux Kernel 2.4.24 Driver for BeWAN PCI ADSL Updated documentation on /opt/doc Version 1.8.3 Dec 2003 New version linux-wlan-ng-0.2.1-pre16 drivers for Prism2 wifi cards New driver acx100-0.2.0pre6 for some DLink wifi cards at /opt/drivers Updated documentation on /opt/doc Version 1.8.2 Dec 2003 Added MRTG traffic grapher Added nmap utility ADSL default script bug fix Updated documentation on /opt/doc Version 1.8.1 Dec 2003 USB bug fix Added missing iwpriv command Version 1.8 Dec 2003 New Kernel 2.4.23 USB and PCMCIA upgrades 802.1Q VLAN support Bridging utilities 0.9.6 Fixed problem on autodetection of multiple ethernet cards New default config for /etc/logrotate.conf Version 1.7 Nov 2003 New adsl usb driver for Conexant AccessRunner

New driver for edimax wifi cards at /opt/driver-edimaxwifi Upgraded documentation and howtos on /opt/doc Upgraded wlan demo scripts for usb prism2 on /etc/wlan Added wavemon at /opt/wavemon Version 1.6 Nov 2003 New hostap driver version 0.2.1-pre14 New usb support for wifi driver wlan-ng Upgraded documentation and howtos on /opt/doc Shorewall available on livecdrouter branch Version 1.5 Oct 2003 New ADSL Driver for speedtouch usb adsl modem Version 1.0 Oct 2003 New Kernel Version to 2.4.18

LISTA GENERAL SOFTWARE INSTALADO Linux Slackware 9.1 Linux Kernel custom 2.4.23 webmin - administracion grafica por web dhcpcd - soporte cablemodem ppp - soporte acceso dial-up ppp-setup - menu configurador de acceso dial-up pppoe - soporte adsl adsl-setup - menu configurador de adsl netconfig - menu configurador de red ethernet ssh sshd - administracion remota por ssh dbdiff - guardar configuracion a floppy o usbflash key snmpd - monitoreo externo por SNMP bind - software DNS, con configuracion DNS Cache iptables - software firewall, masquerading shorewall - firewall administrado console - soporte console en el puerto serial 1 drivers wifi - hostap, orinoco, linux-wlan-ng drivers adsl - ethernet pppoe, usb Conexant AccessRunner y Alcatel SpeedTouch VERSIONES COMERCIALES webmin - administracion grafica por web administrador hotspot / cybercafe sesame - wifi splash autoconfigurator shorewall - firewall administrado pptp - vpn pptp portsentry - psionic portsentry qmail - servidor de correo

qmailscanner - anti spam y antivirus clam - antivirus squid - servidor proxy squidGuard - filtro de contenidos web

Indice de la Documentación