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Title of the Training

Skill Improvement of power plant personnel.

Person/Section in charge
Superintending Engineer/ Executive Engineer/ Engineer Having 8+ Experience in O&M of
power plant.

Things that have to be considered in implementing the Training.

- Venue: - Power Plant Training Centre of concerned organization.

- Facilities, equipment etc.: Presentation Projector, Snacks, hard copy and soft copy of
training materials. Test kits (in applicable cases like model, dummy parts of blade,
turbine/valve/pump with sectional cut off structure, analyzer, practice simulator),
Honorarium for Lecturers.

- Lecturers: Executive Engineer and Sub Divisional Engineer. (Or Any B.Sc Engineer
having 5years of Experience in Power Plant O&M)

- Financial source: Company’s Own or GOB.

- Risks (possible obstacles):

a) Manpower, Participant and Trainer Management sparing within or after regular

O&M works.
b) Arrangement of Test kits, model, analyzer, practice simulator etc.
c) Active field implementation and follow up of the training.

Target Group of the Training

- Entry-level engineers with less than 3 years of Experience in Power Plant O&M
- Intermediate-level engineers with 3-6 years of experience in Power Plant O&M
- Advanced-level engineers with more than 6 years of experience in Power Plant O&M

Schedule With Outline & Time Frame Remarks:-

Total duration for

implementation shall be
24 months.
JICA ACtion Plan.xls

Action Plan ①Training

Action Plan ② Improvement of Training Facility

Overall Goal:
Maintenance work is done efficiently

Project Purpose:
Maintenance personnel have enough technical knowledge/ skills

Outputs/ Activities:
Improvement of Training facility

Person/Section in charge
Top Management/ Chief Engineer

Things that have to be considered:

- Venue: -
- Facilities, equipment etc.: Experimental equipment’s
- Lecturers: Trained and Experienced in specialized sector.
- Financial source: Company Own Fund or Sponsored by Third party or Govt. of
- Risks (possible obstacles): Cost, Lack of experienced persons, Lack of proper
planning for training

Actions (with timeframe) Time Frame

1. Make a proposal for improvement of existing training

1.1 Making a complete list of experimental 1.1 Two months
equipment’s available in our different training
centers/ academy. Based on the above list
making proposal for repair of disordered items
(if any).
1.2 Planning and procurement of such kind of 1.2 Depends on approval
tools/ equipment’s if higher management from the
agrees. management.
2 Make a proposal for establishment of a Parts/ 2. Six months
Equipment display learning hall, Modern Vibration
analysis lab and Advanced NDT equipment’s.

Action Plan③ Utilizing Experienced Personnel

Overall Goal:
Maintenance Work is done efficiently.
Project Purpose:
Maintenance personnel have enough skills/ knowledge.
Personnel are to be utilized based on their field of experience/ specialization.

Person/Section in charge: Management Team of Power Plants

Things that have to be considered:
- Venue: All state owned power plants of Bangladesh.
- Facilities, equipment etc.: Skill Human Resources.
- Lecturers: N/A
- Financial source: Organizational Own Fund.
- Risks (possible obstacles): Approval by the Top Level Management.

Target Group of the Training: Technicians/ Engineers of State Owned Power Plants
Actions: Time Frame

Proposing that the personnel is to be utilized based on their One Month

filed of experience/ Specialization to the management:

1) After completion of Training program against Newly Installed

Power Plant Project conducted by OEM, the Trained
Engineers/Technicians must be posted to the respective Power Plant
for at least a certain period of time.

2) In the case of sophisticated Maintenance Works in any power

plant, the soundest Technical personnel from all power plants of
Bangladesh could be attached with that works with that of local
technical group to enhance work quality & knowledge share.

3) During Such sophisticated Maintenance Works, the

procedures of work including expertise comments could be kept as
record as education material for all other power plants of the country.
Such document might be submitted to Member, Generation, BPDB by
the respective Power Plant’s Manager.
4) As a mother organization, BPDB (Member, Generation) may
maintain a list of such expert’s; inform and request all power plants’
management to utilize those experts in the best level when needed.

5) All power plants’ management needs more kind attention to

transfer/ posting such experts to his/her relevant field.