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The Influence of Vocal Lesson for Pronunciation

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Name : Daud Teras Panjaitan

Class : R5I
NPM : 201512500811


The Influence of Vocal Lesson to Pronunciation for Students in SMAN
8 Depok, West Java


A. Background

Starting from 3 years ago I registered as a choir teacher at SMAN 8.

During the teaching I have gotten a lot of things in teaching, one of that is how to
pronounce the lyrics with English. I think the influence of singing on a good
pronunciation will fluent faster, because we listen to a song as an example for us to
follow. When the songs in a playlist, they listened to one verse and repeated until
they can. I also exemplifies the words one by one until they can.

Almost no difficulties on this way, but some people are just

embarrassed to do this, because there are some difficult words to pronounce.
I think this way is very easy and quick to be able to use, for practicing with
rhythm, it is easy to memorize. I did some research to student choir, after
memorizing the song, I told them to pronounce the lyrics without notation, and
they are able to pronounce it properly. Then I give them the question, "what is the
influence of the singing on the expertise to pronounce?”, they replied "Through
singing, make it easier for us to learn how to pronounce well, singing adding to the
knowledge on the new vocabulary we know”.

The reason why I chose this title because I was really feeling great
influence on pronunciation practice with singing. Then I would advise my students
to keep singing, as singing gets us quickly through doing the correct pronunciation
B. Scope of Problem

Time and hobbies is still a barrier to run this way, because not all of
the students love to sing, there are more than happy to whatch the movie to
develop the ability of pronunciation

C. Formulation of the Problem

In accordance with the restrictions above problems, the researchers

formulate the problem as ;

Is there a significant influence on the use of Listening audio on improving the

Pronunciation skills?

D. Research Purposes

To know whether or not there is a significant influence on the use of

singing to Improve Pronunciation.

E. Benefit of Research

 Theoretical Benefits
As other options and input materials for education to learn to
pronounce properly

 Practical Benefits
For students who follow the choir to learn about learning
strategies and choices, the right teaching medium is aimed at the
ability to pronounce well.