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Cosmetic Surgery: Is It Absolutely Necessary?

A lot of people seek for cosmetic surgeries to improve the form and the aspect of their
bodies and believe that it is necessary to be accepted by a society. Those people in many
situations do not absolutely need this type of surgery. However, they are amenable to pay a lot
of money to become people with “perfect bodies”. They feel that it is the most important
requirement that they have to fulfill if they want attention from others. On some occasions,
cosmetic surgeries are necessary for health reasons. For instance, women who need a cosmetic
surgery to reshape their breast because of cancer. In these cases, practicing cosmetic surgeries is
reasonable in my point of view, but just as a way to reform the body after a disease. Nevertheless,
in cases where it is practiced for vanity it is not justified. There are a lot of risks in these surgeries
that may have adverse effects on the body. Thus, I think that it is not necessary to change the
form of the body just to look better in our society. Instead of that, people should love their
bodies as they are.
In fact, statistics confirm that currently more people want to reshape their bodies.
Between 2002 and 2003, the British Association of Cosmetic surgeons performed approximately
10.700 cosmetic surgeries, but after 10 years they performed 50.000. The most common was
breast augmentation in women. These statistics show that recently people are more influenced
by society to become beautiful and improve their body making use of these procedures because
for them it is the easiest way to get their objectives. Most people think that the best way to do it
is by a cosmetic surgery. I believe that it is not true because in many cases cosmetic surgeries
have a negative effect on human body because of implant rejection, blood clots, nerve
damage, between other risks associated to this type of surgery. According to El Tiempo, the
number of deaths from cosmetic surgeries procedures in 2017 increased 130% in comparison
with 2016, because people was attracted by false promises. In addition, this type of surgeries are
usually expensive. In Colombia it costs approximately 10 million of pesos according to
Colombian Society of Cosmetic Surgery, and if something is wrong in the middle of the surgery,
the body will be affected seriously. Finally, in my opinion, people should accept themselves as
they are. In fact, the effects of this type of surgery will not last forever. In our current society,
people should be accepted because of their abilities and what they do rather than the attributes
of their body.

For that reason, there are a lot of stereotypes that people believe. In addition to beauty
patterns, which are extended in social consciousness, there are also age patterns. It means that
people want to resist the passing of the time in body because in social mind there is a fear of
aging. Nevertheless, people forget that the body ages by a natural process, and it is not a justified
to undergo a cosmetic surgery just to look younger. There are also many options to keep the
body from aging by natural ways that can be used to have a healthy, young and beautiful body.
In spite of the effect which pass of the time has in body, practicing sports, not smoking, eating
healthy food, reading and even smiling are activities that can make the body look healthy and
young. In a second place there are medical options such as creams or medicines that can be used
instead of cosmetic surgeries, this choice depends on the necessities of each person.

In conclusion, I believe that it is not necessary for a person to undergo a cosmetic surgery
if it is practiced just to look better or satisfy the beauty patterns without any medical reason that
justifies it. Rather people should accept themselves exactly as they are. Studies confirm
consequences that cosmetic surgeries may in human body are unexpected. Most of them are
dangerous and painful and even cause death. Besides, these procedures sometimes are expensive
and there are new alternatives such as creams or medical products which are made currently to
help with these type of issues. Nevertheless to have a health style of life is also crucial. It is
completely important to have a huge self-esteem and avoid believing in beauty patterns. Making
a balance of the issues explained before anyone can make his/her own conclusions: is it
completely necessary to overcome a cosmetic surgery?