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Wtrich of the following entities eq>ericnce ]- An organisation described as having an
unlirnitcd liability? adapdve culture is one that
(A) L-ocal aurhorities (A) emphasises close relations *-ith
(B) Parurerships cuslomers
(C) Public corporatiorrs (B) focuses on cenrralised decision
(D) Pubtic tirnitcd comparues making
(C) discourages employees frorn taking
Which of tl.c following is a featurc ofa free (D) ncverchangcs
market system?

(A) State provides both goods and 6 Globalisation is a factor w.hich

services for all in sociegr.
(B) Discussiorrs regarriing production are (A) promotes Caribbean regional
based oe people's necds. integration
(C) Government has rotal control over (B) hinders Cari b bean regiona I
polh*icrr. intcgrafion
(D) Cornpetition and innovation is (C) prcvents 'brain-drain' frorn the
encouraged- Caribbean
(D) causes Caribbean goods ro be
One advantagc of a planned economy is

(A) moreequitabledisu-ibutionofinc<rme Which of tl.e following is an advantageof a

(B) efhsient provision of products by fi-arrchise to a fi-anchisee?
state cortrpanies
(C) ircrcased standard of living (A) T-he initial capital investrnent is
(D) moreefficierrtallaationof resqrrccs relatively low.
(B) Royalties are received from the
'ftre MAIN brancb ofCARICOM responsibie (C) Research and developnrent support
for impiemcrrtingpolicics is the is provided by the franchisor.
(D) The fanchisee exercises totel ccnto!
(A) HeadsofC:overr."unentConferErrce over the ft-anchise.
(lJ) CorrmronMarketCotrncil
((:) lnstir'don of Ministers
O)) CARICOMSecrerariat A firm practises ethical behawiotr when

(A) it delays paying its supplicr in order

to iryrove its liquidiryposition
(B) its social costs are subordinatc to
(C) it recalls a qrecific batch ofproducts
because of flaws in a few
G)) its executives are paid large s.laries
during a redundancy exmise
re t4

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Which of the following statements can be l3 Although a firm may be expcriencing
considsrcd a corporate objecriv€? diseconomies of scale, it may wish to contirnre
to expand. The MOST LII(ELy reason is to
tA) To be the mosr successful mobile
csmmunications group (A) increase its present ouput
(B) To iacrease rnarketshare by l}Yoper (B) become the marker leader
year (C) provide berter dividends ro its
(c) To mcet cusiomers'needs inboth the shareholders
domestic and regional areas (D) maxirnizeitsprofis
(1D) To provide a caring a:rd supponive
environment inthe service indust-y
l4 Which of the following BEST illustrates a
benefit of the 'brain drain' to the Caribbean?
A multinational corporation has decided to
relocate to a Caribbean country. Which of (A) A reduction in *re level of irnports
&e following is a potential benefit to tbe host (B) A rcduction in the training cost
country? (C) A posirive effbct on the balance of
(A) Increase in foreign exchange (D) An increase in trade
(B) Lowcr transportation costs for rhe
finishodp,rodrrcr 15 The objective of Khan and Sorx t,td
(C) Better access to local natural increase market share by 15 percent in the
resources next year." Wbat typ€ of objective is
(D) Better knowledge of consumers, projected by Khan and Soru Ltd?
- taste
(A) Medium-terrn
(B) Tactrcal
I1. Wtrich ofthe following facrors is thc MAIN (C) Short-term
caus€ of conlliict in an orgarrisation? (D) Long-term
(A) Absenteeism among workers
(E) High rate of staff turnover 16. The classical writers placed emphasis on
(c) An authoritative style of leadership worlg management and rationa.l behaviour.
\ (D) lnequitabtc allocation ofresowces
Which of ttre following theorists is NOT
associated with the classical school?
t2. Which of thc following facrors will influence
a country's exchange rate if it uses *re floating (A) F.W.Taylor
exchange rate q;stern? (B) H" Fayot
(C) S. Adams
(A) Cer*ral Bankpolicy (D) M- weber
fB) Dcrnand for foreign goods
{c) Supply offoreign goods
(D) Dernand for local goods


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t7. A 'paternalistic' leaderis one who 2t. Which of the following isNOT an objective
ofoccrpational safety ud health legislation?
(A) involves zubordinates and makes
'Io educate management on their
decisionsjointly (A)
(B) guidcs ernployees sd tends to decide reryonsfoifities
for them (B) To prevent accidents in the
(C) looks bcyond his or hcr self-interest
and instead places the goals olthe
(cl To ensure that worksrs are properly
oryanisation first
(D) etnphasizes the technical or task
(D) To irnpose a fine on managemenl if
ofajob they fail to prevent accidents

tt \\trich of the following is LEAST likely to

r8. At what stage of tealn development is *re
MAIOR emphasis on task accomplishment? influence the orgarrisational structure of a

(A) Founiry
(B) P€rforming
(A) Views of the owners or leadcrship
(() Achioring styl€s
(D) Norming
(B) The activities of informai groups
within the organisation
tc) Governrnent rcgulations and conhol
Which of the following is NOT a bcnefit of tD) Changesin tcchnologl

(A) Allows new ideas to bs created 23. Which of the following stalements BEST
(B) krcreases responsibility
describes a feature of centralized
(C) hrcreases podttctivity organization?

@) EncouragessPscializatien
(A) Employees are empowered to make
20. Commrurication between people on the same
(B) Decisioo*naking lics within thc ryper
levels of the oryanisation.
level ofa business organisation is classified
(c) Autonomy is given to those at the
(A) bcrizontal
(D) Managers delegate tasks to the
(B) pcriphery.
(c) technical
(D) equilateral
CA€'68€AN INTEFNArcNA! CO!!€GE liti
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24. Tbe MOST likely reason for establishing 26. A Personnel Manager gives her staff 1-
tcams is to instructioru on how to perform atask. What
form of communication flow does this
(A) form frierrdships and support repres€nt?
(B) solveproblernsardinprovedeciskrn-
malqqg (A) Downwald
(C) developncw ideas (B) Upward
:rli: :

(D) increase leaming of individual (C) I-atcral

members (D) Horizontal

25. Thc Board of Direcrors of a Public Limited Human Rcsource Management is important
Company needs to inform shareholders of a to all organisations because
special general meeting to discuss plaas for
an intendcd merger. Which nredium of (A) it is a legal roquirement
communication is BEST suited in this (B) they must engage in collective
sihntion? bargaining with t-ade unions
(C) it enables them to have open lines of
(A) Personal menro comrrsnication
(B) E-mail mcssage (D) peoplc determine the levels of
(C) Newspapr efficicncy
(D) Conpaay'sbulletinboard

Irera 28 refers to thc following diagraru ofan organization stucrure.

28. Wbat type oforganisational structure is illustrated in the diagram above?

tA) I\4atrix
(B) Iodcpcndence
(c) Burcaucratic
(D) Entrepreneurial

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A high-ly skilled group of w'orkers at a a1 A statement that gives the value of assets,
garme{rt facmry is NOT satisfied with the ciose liabilities and ow-nerb equity in a business at
supervision of their manager The Production a specified date is referred to as the
Manager is not satisfied with their level of
prodrrctivity. Whichofthe fotlowir4l is MOST (A) Trial Bala*cc
likely to irr,prove this sitr.ration? (B) BalanceSheel
(C) TradingAccount
(A) Increa-sing piece rates (D) WorkingCapital
(B) Less supervision of workers
(c) Encouraging autonomous work
grouPs The preparation of a company's arrnual
(D) Glwing workers time-off operatioual budgca begins with a

(A) sales forecast

A Sports Car Company purchased a race car (B) competitors'analysis
for $ I OO, OO0. In 5 years tirne the car will (C) corporate objectivc
have a salvage value of $2O, OOO. What is (D) variance analysis
the anmral depreciation?

35 Wtrich of the foUowing BEST explains the

(A) $16,000 u-seof the tcrm "internal rate of refirm"?
cB) s20,000
tc) $25.000 (A) It comparcs profitable invesunents.
(D) SAs,0Oo (B) It comparcs the size of net
(c) It compares retums under dsk.
3l_ Which of the following BEST' defines a (D) It compares tirning of cas5z flows.

(A) A longterm loan with fixed interest 36. Wtrich of thc following are examples of the
rate MAJOR accorff ing concepts?
(B) A short terrn loan with the principal
paid at maturity date I. Doublcentry
(c) A long term loan with variable II" Accnrals
interest rate Iil. Posting entries
(D) A bar* Ioan with fixed interest rate IV- Goingconccrn

(A) II and fVonly

32. Ttre buying ard selling of shares on the stock (B) I, tladlVonly
market bascd on a prcdictcd change inprices (C) I, III and IV only
is refcred to as (D) Il, III and IV only

(A) marketprice
(B) speculation
(c) cross-listed stock
(D) marketorder

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37 Tbe Managers of TML Ltd are sourcing Items 4l - 42 refer ro the graph below.
fi-nancc to devclop new products. Whar
factors should lhey consider before rnaking The graph illustrates the net preserrt values
thedecision? of an invesrneatt proj ect.

L Sourceoffinalcc
II. Tirx implicati<rns 20 000
IIi. Competitors
f!'. Riskinvofued l5 000

(A) I, Il and lll only

(B) I, II and IVonly 10 {no
(C) L III and fVonly

(D) II, III artd [V only 5 (X)0


38. Which of the following groups are MOST z o

lkely to use finaacial information to analyse
the performance of the business? (s fixl)
I. Goverrnnert
II. Owners (roofir)
UI. Bankers I)iscount Rete (%)
ry. Future investors

(A) I andII only 41. The discowrt rate at which the Internal Rate
(B) I, II and III only of Rchlm (l.R.R) occurs is
(C) I, II and rV only
(D) Il, tII and IVonly (A) 5vo
(B) tu/o
(c) tsys
39. ln which ofthe followrng accouDts is int€fest (D) l7o/o
paid on dcberrtures eharged?

(A) Ap,propriationAccount 42. What is the net pres€f,rt value of the investncnt
CB) CurrentAccount at arate of l5o/o?
(C) TradingAccount
(D) Profit and LossAccount (A) $ 5 OOO
(B) $ 6000
(c) $l00oo
40. Which ofthe follow'ing cooditions indicates a tD) $16000
higNy gearcd company?

(A) High l*els ofintercst

@) Increased bad debts
(c) Highlcvels ofdebtors
(D) Iacrcased sales



906-4493, 968-8427

Thc following information is anextract &om ;15. The extract below was taken from the
the {irm AIi and Sons Ltd at 3l December TradingAccount of a business enterprise .

CurrentAssets $160000 Sales
I-ong terrn Liabilities $200000 Purchases
FixedAssets $300000 Closing Stock
Current $ 60 000

The firm.'s capital as at 31 Decernber, 2007 The grossprofit of the firm is

(A) $ 200.00
(A) $200000 (B) $ 600.00
(B) $260000 (c) $1000.00
(c) $360000 (D) $r 600.00
(D) $s00000

The following information was extracted

from the books of Jimmy's Trading
Enterpriscs Ltd.

OpeningStockl/VA1 $ 600.00
Purchases $6800.00
Gross Profit $3 600.00
Sales $9 000.00
Closing Stock 3l/3/07 $t 400.00

What is the rate of turnover, to the nearest

whole number, forthe period?

(A) 2times
(B) 3 times
(c) 6times
(D) 9tirnes

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