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1. What did you learn new about SIOP and about content and language objectives?

Content objectives refer to identifying what students needs to know & are able to do it. Content
objectives must be supported clearly by the lesson delivery. It can be stated orally or written in
board so that everyone can see. The purpose of content objective is to remind students about lesson
focus and provide structure to the classroom procedures. Content objectives include academic
standards which students have to achieve in their grade level. It should be written in friendly terms
so that students are able to understand easily. Language objectives refer to lesson objectives which
specifically outlines language type in which students want to learn and accomplish their goals of
lesson. Language objectives are used to articulate learners about academic language skills and
functions which they need in order to master in lessons and meet ‘grade-level’ content standards.
It is beneficial not only for the language learners but also students in class gets clarity with teacher
in outlining academic language.
2. Is there anything that surprised or confused you from the readings/video for this
Although the reading was designed efficiently in order to motivate students and foster their
intellectual ability. But somehow there were some things that confused me. Like from reading, I
was not sure if students will achieve the objective efficiently. Also, I was not sure if the reading
will effectively improve content and learning of the students. As the students are from different
backgrounds, one another thing that confuses me is the linguistic challenge experienced by the
students. When students speak in different languages, will they be able to cope with the classroom
procedures and structures.
3. So far, do you see yourself using SIOP at all? All of it or do you envision only some
I have been using SIOP as it is an effective tool for English lesson plans. The goal of using SIOP
is help teachers in integrating ‘academic language’ development in their lessons and allow students
to practice English. I use SIOP because it consistently improves my ability in order to incorporate
all learning elements in the lesson plans. Using SIOP helps in covering of eight areas: preparation,
structuring background, comprehensive inputs, key strategies, interaction, application, delivery of
lesson, and assessment. Therefore, using SIOP makes me think that I am using the best practices
for my lessons. In the end, I would like to conclude that not every criteria fulfills the requirements
of the lesson. There are some things which students gets more quickly through reading or sharing
with friends and peers.