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Campus Recruitment System

A college campus recruitment system that consists of a student login, company login and an
admin login. The project is beneficial for college students, various companies visiting the
campus for recruitment and even the college placement officer. The software system allows the
students to create their profiles and upload all their details including their marks onto the system.
The admin can check each student details and can remove faulty accounts. The system also
consists of a company login where various companies visiting the college can view a list of
students in that college and also their respective resumes. The software system allows students to
view a list of companies who have posted for vacancy. The admin has overall rights over the
system and can moderate and delete any details not pertaining to college placement rules. The
system handles student as well as company data and efficiently displays all this data to respective


 Automatic of placement procedure

 No need to do paper work

 There is admin login that can view and manage both students and company’s account and
also can put up notifications

 To save environment by using paper free work


System Analysis is the detailed study of the various operations performed by the system
and their relationships within and outside the system. Analysis is the process of breaking
something into its parts so that the whole may be understood. System analysis is concerned with
becoming aware of the problem, identifying the relevant and most decisional variables, analyzing
and synthesizing the various factors and determining an optional or at least a satisfactory
solution. During this a problem is identified, alternate system solutions are studied and
recommendations are made about committing the resources used to the system.

3.2 Existing system

Presently campus recruitment is done manually. That is if a company or organization

needs employees they make an announcement through newspaper. People who are eligible send
application to the organization or company. From these applications they are called for
interviews or tests. After tests company has to do short listing manually. From these shortlisted
candidates, they are called for interviews. After interview short listed candidates are employed.
So it’s all a time consuming procedure.


Recruitment is done manually. These tasks are time consuming. It may take one month or
long. People around the world cannot apply. Campus Recruitment system very convenient
because in the manual system there are lot of difficulties in conducting and managing a
recruitment exam, short listing, maintaining staff etc.


Campus Recruitment is aimed at developing a web-based and central recruitment Process

system for the HR Group for a company. Some features of this system will be creating vacancies,
storing application data, and Interview process initiation, Scheduling Interviews, Storing
Interview results for the applicant and finally hiring of the applicant. This project is an online
website in which students can register themselves and also apply the vacancy. People all around
the world can apply and register. It has made all the process easy.


 The company can view all students’ detail and system can shortlist students
according to their criteria instead of doing manually.
 There is admin login that can view and manage both students and company’s
account and also can put up notifications.
 Student can register online instead of going to placement department for
 This system saves time and efforts.

 There will be no need of putting up notice or emailing every student about the
company coming in college.

 The students can keep updated themselves through this software.

Hardware Specification

1. Processor : Intel Dual Core Processor

2. Clock Speed : 2.20 GHz
3. Ram : 1 GB
4. Hdd : 80 GB
5. Key Board, Mouse : PS2 or USB
6. Monitor : SVGA Color Monitor
7. DVD Ram : 16X

Software Specification

8. Operating System : Windows 7/Vista/Windows 8

9. Front End Tool : Php Storm 8.0.2
10. Language : HTML, CSS, PHP
11. Back End : MYSQL

Description Of Modules
 Administrator:

Administrator has the full authority over the website. He can view all the
registered users and have the power to delete them. He can edit the web pages and update
them. He can view all the company details also.

 Student:

A student can register himself. After registration, he will be directed to his

homepage. Here he can update his profile, change password and see the jobpost
details and can apply for posts.

 Company:

A company can register itself, company gives the interview call to the candidates and based on
interview they select the right candidate .Company can also view the applied job students.
company can update their details easily.


Level 0

Level 1.3