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Republic of the Philippines

Laguna State Polytechnic University

Province of Laguna

College of Nursing & Allied Health

OB Clinic &
Lying-In Proposal

Submitted by: Gutierrez, Abigael Patricia M.

Group 1
Submitted to: Ma’am Conchita Villamin, M.A.N.
INP – Clinical Instructor
Baby Steps Children’s Clinic & Lying-In

Maternity Clinic (Outside View)

Reception Area
Waiting Area

Ob-gyn’s Office
Location: Brgy. Patimbao (Along the Highway), Santa Cruz, Laguna
Capacity: (1) Delivery Room with 2 delivery table
(2) Rooms with 2 beds each room = total of 4 beds
Delivery Room:


Admitted a case of name, age, sex, GP from address due to labor pains/premature
rupture of membranes/pre-eclampsia/eclampsia/severe bleeding/IUFD/placenta
previa/transit delivery.
F: Labor pains/Altered comfort
D: grimaced face noted, kept on massaging her back, strong regular contractions
observed, profuse perspiration noted, full cervical dilatation and effacement noted,
increased respirations noted.
A: ushered to delivey room, mounted on the delivery table, positioned in lithotomy
position, perineal preparation done, aseptically placed leggings and baby's receiver on
mother's abdomen, coached on how to bear down properly, assisted resident on duty
during episiotomy, supported perineum properly, delivered an alive baby gender at
time, delivered the placenta in Duncan/Schultz mechanism at time, assisted resident on
duty on the manual exploration of the uterus, postpartum BP taken:reading (admistered
Methergine 1 amp IM as ordered), put on a diaper and clean duster, encourage
to breastfeed baby, placed ice pack over hypogastrium, monitor vital signs.
R: with well contracted uterus and slight vaginal bleeding, still for continuous
postpartum care

One of the strategic thrusts of the Maternal Health Program in the Philippines
includes the launch and implementation of the Basic Emergency Obstetric care or
BEMOC in coordination with the DOH. The BEMOC strategy entails the establishment
of facilities that provide emergency obstetric care for every 125,000 population and
which are located strategically. The strategy calls for families and communities to plan
for families and communities to plan for childbirth and the upgrading of technical
capabilities of local health providers.

4 Essential Newborn Care

1. Immediate and thorough drying to stimulate breathing after delivery of the baby
2. Provision of appropriate thermal care through mother and newborn skin-to skin
contact maintaining a delivery room temperature of 25-28 degrees centigrade
and wrapping the newborn with clean, dry cloth.
3. Properly timed clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord, (1-3 minutes or until
cord pulsation stops)
4. Non-separation of the newborn and mother for early breast-feeding. Immediate
latching on and initiation of breastfeeding within first hour after birth.
Organizational Chart

Nursery Room