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System Performance Sheet

Now Upgradable to BT 4D GCxGC

Ionization Source Electron Ionization (open style)

Electron Energy 40eV to 200eV (default setting is 70eV)
Emission Current 0.5 to 5 mA (default setting is 1mA)
• Dual ribbon-style EI filaments (switchable between runs)
• Fast and easy filament replacement design
Ion Source Temperature 100oC to 300oC
Transfer Line Temperature 50oC to 350oC
Mass Analyzer Time-of-Flight with industry-leading single mirror, dual stage reflectron
Mass Accuracy < 0.10 Da for entire mass range
Mass Drift < 0.10 Da for 24 hours without calibration
Mass Range 10 to 1500 m/z
• Resolution ≥ 1500 for m/z 1500
Mass Resolution • Resolution ≥ 1100 for m/z 219
• Mass peak width ≤ 0.2 Da FWHH for m/z 219
• 1 to 50 spectra/second
Spectral Acquisition Rate
• 35,000 native spectra/second (maximum)
• Signal to Noise (S/N) ≥ 10 for injections of 50 fg of OFN on column
Detection Limit • 10 replicate injections of 50 fg of OFN on column with Instrument Detection
Limit (IDL) ≤ 20 fg
Precision ≤ 5% RSD for 15 replicate injections of 1pg OFN on column
Library Match
OFN (NIST 2014) similarity score of > 800 on 1pg on column
Linear Dynamic Range 105
Supported GC Options Agilent 7890
• Agilent 7683B/7693A/7650 Auto injectors and 100-/150-Sample Trays
• LECO L-PAL3 Liquid/HS/SPME/ITEX and Automatic Tool Exchange
Supported Auto Injector
Autosampler (ATX)
• Other autosamplers can be used via contact closure and 3rd party software
ChromaTOF® brand software version 5.x for Pegasus BT Mass Spectrometry Data
Instrument Control Software System with integrated instrument control, acquisition, processing, and reporting
software operating under 64-bit Windows® 7 or Windows 10

Delivering the Right Results

Serviceability Features Designed for serviceability; easy access to filaments, detector, and electronics
Carrier Gas and Flow Rates
Helium—recommended optimal flow rate: 1mL/minute Min. – 5mL/minute Max
Operating Temperature 60o to 80oF (16o to 26oC)
Storage Temperature 32o to 122oF (0o to 50oC)
Mass Spectrometer
20 in H x 21 in W x 32 in D (50.8 cm H x 53.3 cm W x 81.3 cm D)
• Pegasus BT: 200 lb. (91kg)
Weight (approximate)
• Total Shipping: 650 lb. (295 kg)
Safety & Regulatory • CE Certification
Certifications • ISO 9001

Now upgradable to GCxGC, see the Pegasus BT 4D specification sheet 209-267-001.

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Patents pending: US PAT. NO. 9,123,521; US PAT. NO. 7,501,621

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